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DIY sewing instructions for a linen bag

This small canvas bag is perfect for storing important travel documents while on vacation. Here is the sewing instructions. This small linen bag is perfect for the holidays Photo: deco & style What you need for the linen bag: white DIN A3 paper Linen fabric (about 1 m) Sprühstärke Sewing machine and matching yarn about 40 cm lace band a few buttons scissors ruler pencil fabric scissors Iron pins sewing needle Here you will find the template: And that's how easy it is: Download template.


Ukraine: Mother lets her two children starve for 9 days - son dies

In Kiev, Ukraine, a mother locked her two children in a room for nine days without food alone. While the 23-year-old was having fun with her boyfriend, her son died. Now the woman has to answer in court. In Kiev, Ukraine, a mother is in court. She locked her two children in a room for nine days without food alone


Warm and fashionableThe most beautiful dresses for autumn

In summer dresses we feel beautiful, carefree and free. In autumn and winter, we often exchange our outfits for thick pants, because the dresses with bare arms are then just too cold. It does not have to be that way! With the right autumn dress the summer feeling really goes into prolongation - without any cold


TrachtenmodeDirndlbluse - These are the fashionable models of 2019

Whether lace, stand-up collar or a high-necked model - the selection of dirndl blouses is huge. We reveal which models are announced in 2019 and what you should pay attention to when buying. In 2019 we will choose transparent fabrics and lace for our dirndl blouse. Photo: PR / Limberry Costumes lovers know it long ago: summer time is dirndl time


Dirndl & Co.The most beautiful high-necked dirndl for 2019!

Buttoned? Yup! Frank? Was yesterday! In 2019, traditional, high-necked dirndls are in fashion! We show you the most beautiful clothes and reveal how you best stylst them! Frank was yesterday - in 2019 we wear high-necked Dirndl! Photo: PR / Ludwig & Therese It's getting traditional again - the colors and patterns of the dirndl dresses are covered and the cut of this season is high-necked


Dirndl & Co. Flower wreath hair - the most beautiful models for dirndl

A flower wreath for the hair fits perfectly with the dirndl. Whether half-open, as a boho headband, as a headband, opulent or subtle - we show the most beautiful flower crowns for hair to order. Also this year, floral corsets will once again wear dirndls as an accessory. Photo: iStock / Kajdi Szabolcs The essentials in brief: Floral decoration in your hair is not only something for little girls - whether festival, Oktoberfest or summer party: Flower wreaths in the hair are pure summer feeling


Great bargains! Cheap Dirndl - the best clothes to order

You are looking for a pretty dirndl dress, but do not want to spend any fortune? Then you will find cheap Dirndl in all colors, lengths and sizes. Also a couple of dirndl for little girls are there. Whether cotton, silk, lace or velvet pretty dirndl is also available in favorable! Photo: iStock / Nikada So that you grab the most beautiful Dirndl dresses - just before they are all out of stock at the beginning of the Oktoberfest - we looked around for you in the net and show you a fine selection of beautiful and at the same time cheap Dirndl


UnderwearDirndl Bra - The best bras for a nice cleavage

More important than the dirndl itself is a seductive neckline. We show you the best Dirndl bras for all cup sizes and reveal why you need these underwear for your dirndl. With the right dirndl bra, you can skillfully stage your décolleté! Photo: PR / Ludwig & Therese Oktoberfest, forest festivals or fairy-tale - soon starts the festival season and without a dirndl goes in southern Germany, nothing is known.


Character pieces Timeless jewelry: That's why this silver necklace fits all outfits!

Always season have puristic jewelery in silver! At the top of our wish list is this silver necklace with followers of the newcomer label Space Jewels. Dynamic and flowing inspiriert inspired by this curved silver pendant by Space Jewels! Photo: PR / Space Jewels You are a fan of timeless and puristic jewelry


Crochet fish as a tablecloth weight

Each fish is about 14 cm long Photo: deco & style Simple crochet instruction It's so easy to crochet small fish and use them as tablecloth weights. Have lots of fun with it! We love Amigurumi and crochet little fish this time. Here you will find the instructions - just click on the link below and get to the needles: -> For instructions Have lots of fun with it


Crochet animals: Instructions for funny geese

How sweet! The geese couple is about 44 cm high Photo: deco & style Ran to the needles Oh how sweet! Do you already know these funny geese? No, then it will be high time! And with our simple crochet instruction, you can easily get the geese couple home. Here you can download the guide for the funny geese


Summer knittingKnitting pattern for slippers in the patent pattern

It does not always have to be tops or scarves - so how about knitting a pair of slippers? With our instructions, they are made easy! Not everyone has such beautiful slippers. Photo: DROPS Design A / S Size: 35/37 - 38/40 - 41/43 What you need for slippers: Garnstudios DROPS MERINO EXTRA FINE 100-100-100 gr


Summer knittingKnitting pattern for a scarf with stripes and stripes

If it is too hot for a jacket, but also a little too cold, this cloth comes as called. Try it with this guide. The pattern makes this cloth stand out of the crowd. Photo: DROPS Design A / S Dimensions: Length at the side at which stitches are struck: approx. 170 cm Height from the stop edge to the edge at the side where the cloth is widest: approx


Crochet in summer Crochet pattern for a poncho

Fancy new crocheting ideas? Then this poncho might be just right for you. Just try it with this guide. This poncho is both chic and fast. Photo: DROPS Design A / S Size: S / M - L / XL - XXL / XXXL You need this for the poncho: DROPS BRUSHED ALPACA SILK from Garnstudio (part of yarn group C): 200-200-250 g color 08, erika DROPS CROCHET NO


Summer knittingKnitting pattern for a halter top

Knitting works, too, when it's really hot! So maybe try this neckholder top? Thanks to pure alpaca, it is also very comfortable. Airy and light: this top is perfect in the heat. Photo: DROPS Design A / S Size: S (M / L / XL) That's what you need for the top: Lamana Piura (100% alpaca, LL approx


Summer knittingKnitting pattern for a poncho with lace pattern and fringes

We left the winter behind with our winter clothes. As a substitute, for example, we would have to offer this poncho in suncolors! With its yellow color, the poncho is perfect for the summer. Photo: DROPS Design A / S Size: S / M - L / XL - XXL / XXXL You need this for the poncho: DROPS MELODY from Garnstudio (belongs to yarn group D) 250-300-350 g color 14, vanilla DROPS ESKIMO from Garnstudio (belongs to yarn group E) 50-100-100 g color 01, natural DROPS ROUND NEEDLE (40 or 60 and 80 cm) No


Crochet for the summer Crochet pattern for a poncho with lace pattern

It gets warmer outside and the clothes we wear are more airy. So how about this coming summer, with this poncho with lace pattern? With its color, the poncho can be wonderfully combined with other garments. Photo: DROPS Design A / S Size: S / M - L / XL - XXL / XXXL You need this for the poncho: DROPS PARIS by Garnstudio (belongs to the yarn group C), 900-1100-1300 g color 29, light ice blue (to find alternatives in the PDF of the manual under the article) DROPS CROCHET NO


Summer knittingKnitting pattern for a jacket with egyptian feather pattern

With the Egyptian feather pattern of this jacket you are always in the trend! Just try it on her with this knitting pattern. Chic and summery: This jacket is perfect for balmy summer nights. Photo: DROPS Design A / S Size: S - M - L - XL - XXL - XXXL (see dimensions in the dimensional sketch, to find in the PDF of the manual under the article


Shopaholic on the looseMinimal fashion experiment: Confessions of a fashion victim

I am a real fashion victim. Fashion is my drug and like every addict I am torn between my guilty conscience and shoes. And clothes. And blouses. And jeans. AND handbags ... But you know what? I'm just standing by and I'll tell you why. I am a #wonderbarECHTES Fashion-Victim - and from now on, I'm just on it


Yoga for me yoga pants - the best leggings in the test

Loved and for many, much more than just an accessory for daily Asana practice: the yoga pants. We've tested some of the hottest leggings for you and revealed which models will meet our needs. Soo casual and soo comfortable: We love our yoga pants, which we also like to wear in our free time. Photo: SolStock / iStock content The best yoga pants - the cut The yoga pants - the material The yoga pants - the design The material My personal conclusion It has to be comfortable


Sustainable fashion for tomorrow: The best labels for vegan clothing

Vegan clothing is chic and fair produced - both fits perfectly together. The pieces that we have picked out for you score especially in terms of design and function. Living mindfulness also means shopping sustainably. In the article you will learn how good that looks - we introduce you to three great labels for vegan clothing


Feel goodFrom these fabrics, the best cuddly sweaters are knitted

No matter if cashmere, cotton and lambswool: Our cuddly sweaters will never freeze you again - and all this with a maximum of cosiness! Never again without cuddly pullover! Photo: iStock / gpointstudio No matter for what reason you have earned the name "frostbite" from your family and your friends - your loved ones do not know what privilege this brings

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