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Summer knittingKnitting pattern for a poncho with lace pattern and fringes

We left the winter behind with our winter clothes. As a substitute, for example, we would have to offer this poncho in suncolors!

With its yellow color, the poncho is perfect for the summer.
Photo: DROPS Design A / S

Size: S / M - L / XL - XXL / XXXL

You need this for the poncho:

  • DROPS MELODY from Garnstudio (belongs to yarn group D) 250-300-350 g color 14, vanilla
  • DROPS ESKIMO from Garnstudio (belongs to yarn group E) 50-100-100 g color 01, natural
  • DROPS ROUND NEEDLE (40 or 60 and 80 cm) No. 7 - or the needle size needed to obtain the following stitch sample: 13 stitches and 15 rows of plain right = 10 cm in width and 10 cm in height.

Notes on the instructions:

If desired, the poncho may be worn other than shown in the dimension sketch. Turn the poncho aside so that the perforated strips sit on each side of each shoulder.

DECREASE TIP-1 (evenly distributed):
To calculate how to decrease evenly distributed, divide the total number of stitches on the needle (eg 63 stitches) by the number of decreases to be made (eg 3) = 21. In this example, decrease each one by approx 20th and 21st stitch to be knitted together.

On both sides of each marker is increased (= 8 stitches increased in the round).
Increase as follows:
Start 1 stitch in front of the marker, 2 envelopes, 2 stitches to the right (the marker sits between these 2 stitches), 2 envelopes. Repeat on all remaining markers. In the next round, drop the first of the 2 envelopes and knit the other one on the right (= 1 st, making a larger hole).

In order to avoid that the Abkettkante tense, can be chained off with a needle, which is thicker 1 needle strength.

KRAUSRIPPEN (in rounds):
1 garter = 2 rounds on the right = 1 round on the right and 1 round on the left.

And this is how it's done:

The work is knitted in rounds on the round needle, from top to bottom. TIP TO WEAR. Stroke: 63-72-78 stitches on circular needle no. 7 with Melody. Work in the rib pattern (= 1 stitch on the right / 2 stitches on the left). After 3 cm rib pattern continue right. Knit 1 round and evenly spread 3-4-2 sts - DECREASE TIP-1 = 60-68-76 stitches. Work the next round as follows: * 15-17-19 stitches on the right, 1 marker attached *, work from * - * a total of 4 times. In the next round, increase 1 stitch on each side of each marker - READ INCREASE TIP = (8 stitches increased in the round). In this way, increase in every 2nd round until the work has a length of about 65-68-71 cm (measured along a marker) - NOTE THE MESH TEST! Then knit 2 KRAUSRIPPEN (= 4 rounds on the crotch, see above). Cast off loosely - read DECREASE TIP. The work has a length of about 67-70-73 cm.

Cut 1 thread á 20 cm. Double the threads and thread the closed end from the front through a loop of the edge. Then pass the open end through the loop and gently tighten. The fringes at a distance of about 2 cm at the bottom of the poncho attach.
In order for the fringes to hang well, they should be moistened, shaken and dried.

Knitting diagram for the poncho.
Photo: DROPS Design A / S

Here are the instructions with diagrams as PDF for download.

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