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Free Online-SeminarPatrick Heizmann: How to reach your desired figure diet-free in 7 steps

Photo: Healthmedia Nutrition coach & bestselling author Patric Heizmann invites you to a free online seminar. Patric Heizmann already helps many thousands of women with his unique and uncomplicated method to successfully lose weight. Patric Heizmann personally reveals which principles are behind this in a free online seminar that he offers on some dates over the next few days


Instructions Speckled tablecloth

You need this: Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS Cotton fabric, dimensions according to table size (fabric store) Textile spray (craft shop, marabou, dark blue, about 8 €) Disposable gloves (drugstore) And this is how it's done: 1. Iron the fabric and place it on a foil-covered surface. 2. Using the textile spray on the long sides, spray the edge about 30 cm towards the middle.


TrendsScandinavian fashion: Bet that you do not know these labels yet? Until now!

Scandinavian fashion is always in demand everywhere. We introduce you to some of our favorite labels that you may not have known yet. You will also learn what makes the style of the Scandinavians. Scandinavian fashion is super comfortable and always totally chic Photo: iStock / g-stockstudio What do Scandinavian trendsetters like Pernille Teisbaek or Victoria Törnegren have in common?


Knitting instructionsThus you knit the most comfortable slippers in the world

How do we relax after a hard day? Just slip into these cozy wellness slippers, go up to the sofa and relax. With these slippers, we immediately get into a wellness mood Photo: Deco & Style The slippers are made of comfortable knit and fit our feet perfectly. The slippers look absolutely great with their pattern of black and white knitwear


Knitting PatternCardigan knitting: Here's the guide to our new favorite piece!

You are looking for a warming cardigan for autumn? Then just knit one yourself with our guide! Our new favorite cardigan? We knitted ourselves! Photo: Deco & Style It's easy with our instructions , I promise! A part that we do not want to do without in the fall? On a cardigan! The cuddly jackets keep us warm and fit just about anything you can wear in the fall so: jeans, dress, skirt with shirt


Combine accessoriesWhich earrings match which dress?

Your favorite dress is already ready, but you still missing the matching earrings? How to combine the accessory to match your style! Not every pair of earrings fits every dress. With this guide, nothing can go wrong when styling! Photo: iStock / Andry5 content 1. Fancy earrings for simple dresses 2. Simple earrings and stud earrings for extravagant dresses 3


Perfectly dressed for office shoes - you can handle a long day in comfort

You are looking for comfortable shoes that still fit stylistically into the office? The solution: fabric shoes - and this one! Such a day in the office can be very long without comfortable shoes that intercept Photo: iStock / AleksandarNakic Your feet hurt because you've been limping from meeting to meeting in high heels all day


Feel good in sportsThese are our favorite among yoga leggings

During the exercises you concentrate on many things at the same time - your yoga leggings should not be one of them! Still looking for a good yoga leggings that does not annoy? These three are our favorites Photo: iStock / Monoliza21 When you do yoga , you have to keep a lot of things in mind at the same time


Dress Trendy and comfortable: The matching shirt dress for every taste

In the search for the perfect garment, there is no way around it: the shirt-shirt dress! We have picked out exclusively for you our three favorite models that belong in every wardrobe. Whether on the beach or in the office: In the shirt dress you always make a good figure Photo: Kathrin Ziegler / getty images content The striped shirt dress The special shirt dress The oversized shirt dress We love it cozy


Jewelry as an accessoryMala necklace - prayer medium, fashion accessory and good luck charm in one

A Mala necklace is a piece of jewelry that also serves as a prayer necklace and thus has a practical background. Especially nice examples can be found here. A Mala chain can have many functions and help us mentally. Photo: Happinez The term Mala comes from Sanskrit and roughly means " meditation wreath"


Jewelry with meaningThis is behind the yoga jewelry

Not only does yoga jewelry look pretty, it also has a spiritual meaning. Here are some nice examples. Yoga jewelry can have many meanings - which suits you? Photo: Happinez For many people, yoga is not just a sport but a philosophy. It is similar with yoga jewelry : Here, not only the optics is in focus, because his wearer often has a higher, spiritual goal in mind


Spiritual accessoriesThus diverse can be Indian jewelry

Indian jewelry is not only appealing because of its appearance. Often the chains, bracelets and rings have a deeper meaning. Indian jewelry can be very different - these are our favorites. Photo: iStock India - a country with a millenary culture, beautiful landscapes and the cradle of great world religions, especially Hinduism


Cuddly scarf knitting pattern for a wool scarf

Since it is getting colder outside, this scarf comes as called. With this guide, you can easily knit it yourself. With this scarf, the cold days are welcome. Photo: Vitali Gelwich You need this for the scarf (size: 33 cm wide x 203 cm long): Knitting Needles No. 8 Crochet Hook No. 7 Lana Grossa Lala Berlin Lovely (52% alpaca, 18% cashmere, 18% pure new wool, 12% polyamide, running length 90 m / 50 g) For color position A: 150 g light gray mottled (Fb 6) 100 g pink mottled (Fb 1) 100 g beige (Fb 2) For color position B: 150 g light gray mottled (Fb 6) 100 g pink mottled (Fb 1) 100 g anthracite (


Jewelery for the soul So many lucky charms can be

Good luck is said to bring happiness, prosperity and health and are especially popular with romantics. Here are some nice examples. We always want to carry our good luck charms with us - this is especially good with jewelery. Photo: Happinez Traditional lucky charms come in many variations - from the four-leaf clover to the lucky penny to the horseshoe


Cozy autumn fashion knitting instructions for a poncho

This poncho not only keeps you warm, but also perfectly matches the autumn color. Just knit it yourself with this tutorial! This poncho is a real eye-catcher in autumn. Photo: Nicolas Olonetzky c / o Basha Kicki You need this for the poncho (size 36 to 46): Lana Grossa quality "Cloud Dégradé" (48% alpaca, 37% wool, 15% polyamide, LL = approx.


For the cold days, knitting instructions for a triangular scarf

With this cuddly triangle scarf the cold days can come easy. We'll show you how to knit it yourself step by step. You want to wrap yourself in this cozy triangle scarf. Photo: Nicolas Olonetzky c / o Basha Kicki You need this for the triangular scarf (about 78 x 144 cm): Lana Grossa quality "Silkhair" (70% mohair (superkid), 30% silk, LL = approx


Knitting patternWarm wool socks knit

With these warm wool socks you will not have cold feet anymore. Here's what you need for your socks. Photo: Lana Grossa Shoe size 38/39 You need this: Lana Grossa quality "100% Cashmere Fine" (100% cashmere, LL = approx. 87 m / 25 g): approx. 100 g each Camel (Fb. 5) and Rauchblau (Fb. 19) Playing Needles No


Knitting patternWrap cardigan knit

Click here for instructions with knitting. WRAP JACKET · ALTA MODA ALPACA Size 36/38, 40/42 The figures for size 40/42 are in brackets. Photo: Lana Grossa / Nicolas Olonetzky If only one statement is made, this applies to both sizes. Material: Lana Grossa quality "Alta Moda Alpaca" (90% (baby) alpaca, 5% virgin wool (merino), 5% polyamide, LL = approx.


Knitting PatternLong Vest Knit

Fancy a nice self-knitted long-waistcoat? You can wear them soon with this simple guide. Photo: Lana Grossa / Nicolas Olonetzky Click here for instructions with knitting. LONGVEST • CLOUD Size 36/38, 40/42 and 44 The figures for size 40/42 and 44 are in brackets. If only one statement is made, this applies to all sizes.


Energy JewelryThis meaning is behind the chakra chain

A chakra necklace is a piece of jewelery that especially yoga fans wear. What meaning they can have and you can find a nice example here. A chakra chain can have many meanings - but first and foremost it is a kind of energy supplier Photo: ToscaWhi / iStock content The perception of beauty, devotion and need for harmony Buy a chakra necklace Which types are there


SchmuckGlücksarmband: Jewelry with message

Fortune bracelets are supposed to bring good luck - that's what the name suggests. But what do these yogic jewels look like and what exactly is the idea behind it? Here all information and beautiful models. Photo: Bandolinata / iStock Metal or fabric ribbons, metal or stone pendants: There is not one design for a lucky bracelet


Energy JewelryThese are the pendants on the chakra bracelet

Chakras are energy centers. But what is a chakra bracelet? You will find out here. We also provide you with nice examples for shopping. A chakra bracelet is a true energy supplier - that means it exactly The chakra bracelet and its meaning A nice example of what a chakra bracelet can look like, we have here for you