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Christmas So sweet: This cat gets babies under the Christmas tree!

Christmas surprise: Stray cat "Tink" surprised her owner with four kittens, who were born directly under the tree.

KatzenTink got babies under the Christmas tree

That sounds almost like a real 'Christmas miracle': About three months ago, 17-year-old American Danielle Lopez 'adopted' her cat Tink, who was still traveling as a stray.

"If we had not taken her home, she would have died, she was just skin and bones, " says the teenage girl. Now unexpectedly even more family growth has come about!

Just over a week ago, Danielle Lopez heard a meow from the direction of the Christmas tree, which had already been set up in the living room. Danielle saw Cat Tink lying there and fell from the clouds when suddenly another kitten - one in four kittens - began to meow.

"I was pretty shocked, " the 17-year-old told Buzzfeed because she had no idea of ​​the pregnancy. The joy over the four unexpected Christmas presents was then all the greater, as one already hears the name alone. The kittens were christened Noel (French: 'Christmas'), Joy, English, Christmas and Faith.

Danielle shared her joy on Twitter, where the photos of the Christmas kittens spread instantly . We are not surprised. Even the XXL-500g-Schoki-Santa Claus will not fare against this sweet gift.

My cat just gave birth to our Christmas tree.

- Danielle (@WeTheDanielle) December 14, 2016
Katze 2
Mama Tink takes care of her babies.
The Christmas kittens are now one week old.
Katze 4
What a sweet family!