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Knitting patternWarm wool socks knit

With these warm wool socks you will not have cold feet anymore. Here's what you need for your socks.

Photo: Lana Grossa

Shoe size 38/39

You need this:

  • Lana Grossa quality "100% Cashmere Fine" (100% cashmere, LL = approx. 87 m / 25 g): approx. 100 g each Camel (Fb. 5) and Rauchblau (Fb. 19)
  • Playing Needles No. 4


Knit 2 sts, 2 sts in a row.

Smooth re:
Reverse, reverse R str. In Rd only re str.

Pigtail rib pattern:
After the knitting str. The numbers on the outside indicate the Rd. In the Rd continue the MS = 7 M between the arrows. At the top the 1st - 8th round sts, repeat the 5th - 8th rounds.

34.5 M and 30 Rd braid ribbed pattern with Nd. No. 4 = 10 x 10 cm; 24 sts and 31 rs stocking sts with nd. No. 4 = 10 x 10 cm.

Cast on 56 sts on needle size in the appropriate color. The M evenly to 4 Nd. divide [= each 14 sts per day] and close to Rd. For the waistband 4 cm = 12 Rd ribs str. Then proceed in the braid rib pattern, dividing the M so that the 1st st of the 1st Nd. 1 re entangled M [= later heel center] is. After 12.5 cm = 37 rounds from waistband divide the sts as follows: 1. nd. 13 M, 2nd Nd. 15 M, 3rd Nd. 16 M and 4. Nd. 12 sts. Now the heel over the sts of the 4th and 1st nd. arb. For the heel wall, work 6 cm = 20 rows in stocking sts. Then the cap arb. Divide the M into 3 parts: beids. 8 sts each and in the middle 9 sts. In the success. Hin-R up to the penultimate sts of the mid. Sts third, then the last st with the following sts overmounted. [= 1 M as to right. dep., which succeed M. and pull the lifted M over it]. Turn the work and remove the 1st M li. Until the penultimate M of the med. Third left, then the last st with the following stitch. Turn the work and remove the 1st M li. As often wdh, until the M of the 1st and 3rd third used up and only the middle. 9M are left. Then, from the right edge of the heel wall take up 11 sts, then pull off 9 sts, pick up 11 sts from the left side of the heel wall = 31 sts. Then continue round in sts, taking the 31 sts of the 2 sts over the foot and 3. Nd. continue the braid rib pattern logically and across the 16 sts of the 1st and 15 sts of the 4th nd. smooth the sole of the foot. = 62 sts. For the gusset, dec 1 st on every other round 3 times as follows: on the 1st round. the second and third last rounds are added together, on the 4th rounds the 2nd and 3rd sts. If on the 1st Nd. again 13 m and on the 4th nd. again only 12 m are available, for the foot straight in the current division weiterstr. [= 31 sts in pigtail rib pattern, 25 sts sole smooth = 56 sts. In 20 cm foot length including heel or 14.5 cm from heel end [the plait strips in the foot leaf are crossed a total of 20 times], the ribbon tip is only smooth re arb., but the M from the middle of the sole again to divide = each 14 M per nd. In success. Rd the second and third last M of the 1st and 3rd Nd. re. str., the 2nd and 3rd st. of the 2nd and 4th nd. Coated together .. Take 4 sts in the round. These decreases in every 2nd round still 5x and in each success. Rd 6x wdh. After the last pick-up round, add the remaining 8 M with the working thread, doubling the thread. Sew thread end carefully.

Here you can download the complete instructions with embroidery font.