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Jewelry with meaningThis is behind the yoga jewelry

Not only does yoga jewelry look pretty, it also has a spiritual meaning. Here are some nice examples.

Yoga jewelry can have many meanings - which suits you?
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For many people, yoga is not just a sport but a philosophy. It is similar with yoga jewelry : Here, not only the optics is in focus, because his wearer often has a higher, spiritual goal in mind . The jewel should, for example, help with meditation or remind of self-love.

Especially crystals are often used to purify or strengthen certain chakras as well as to ward off certain energies. The form in which this happens is quite different. As with other jewelry areas, there are also rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings in the yoga jewelry.

There are these variants

1. Malas

Probably the best-known jewelery worn by yogins and yogis alike is Malas. The prayer beads used in Hinduism and Buddhism traditionally consist of 108 beads and a larger accessory bead, often made of wood or stones. More than other yoga jewelry, Malas are primarily intended for meditating on mantras . Pearl by pearl, the mantra is repeated until the meditator returns to the top of the chain.

Malas can be provided with all sorts of stones and symbols and thus serve as a reminder of a project or an inner strength in addition to the traditional use.

Ganesha-Mala brings luck

Diese Bedeutung steckt hinter Yoga-Schmuck
The Ganesha Mala is a particularly strong version of the Mala chain.
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The Ganesha Mala pursues a very clear goal: It is to help their carrier to success and inner happiness . Ganesha stands for a new beginning, he brings wisdom and happiness. Thus, the Ganesha Mala is not only a tool for meditating, but equally a lucky charm .

All facts at a glance:

  • four-color chain
  • 108 polished agate beads, jasper and turquoise amazonite beads
  • silver pendant in the shape of Ganesha
  • Choice: Ganesha in 925 sterling silver or 925 sterling silver rose gold

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2. Chains with symbol pendants

Many chains in yoga jewelry consist of plain leather straps, gold or silver chains. The focus of these yoga chains is on the pendant. It often shows a big, yogatypic symbol . Classic symbol pendants include the Tree of Life, the Lotus and the Om sign . Likewise, the various Hindu gods and Buddha are placed as followers to chains. It depends entirely on your own taste, as well as on the goal, which is pursued with the yogic jewel.

Tree of Life chain for strength and confidence

Diese Bedeutung steckt hinter Yoga-Schmuck
The symbol of the tree stands for grounding and power.
Photo: Happinez

The centerpiece of this Tree of Life necklace by Noomi van Gelder is a beautiful, round pendant with the symbol of the tree of life. The tree is a symbol of grounding and strength alike. The second pendant stands for prosperity, the sky-blue howlite to help preserve peace and serenity and to ground.

All facts at a glance:

  • 50 cm long sterling silver chain
  • Large tree pendant in sterling silver
  • small, conical brass pendant with gold plating
  • blue howlite

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3. Rings and earrings with symbols

Similar to necklaces, the ring and earring range is great for yoga jewelry. If they are not decorated with stones, they are often symbols that can be seen on yoga rings. For example, some yoginis like to wear large symbols such as the Om sign or a lotus on their fingers or ears. Others, especially finger rings, carry whole wisdom or single words engraved in their silver or gold.

Ring of love

Diese Bedeutung steckt hinter Yoga-Schmuck
We can express a lot with the Ring of Love - regardless of whether we wear it ourselves or give it away.
Photo: Happinez

This cute, ornate ring celebrates love. Around the light blue moonstone is written "Diligo ergo sum" : "I love, therefore I am" Based on Descartes' "Cogito ergo sum" ( "I think, therefore I am" ) here heart and feeling become the mind and thoughts prefaced and so - typically yoga - the mindfulness celebrated . The moonstone supports this idea. The little stone should strengthen the intuition and reduce emotional tensions.

All facts at a glance:

  • Ring in sterling silver
  • enclosed moonstone
  • three different sizes

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4. Bracelets

There are also bracelets in the field of yoga jewelry in many different styles and forms. For example, some people like to hang a Buddha bracelet around their wrists so as to carry the enlightened one as a symbol or even their wise words very close to them . Others prefer chakra bracelets, ie ribbons in the individual chakra colors and provided with the special symbol. The idea: If a particular chakra - the human energy centers in yoga teaching - is blocked, special jewelery can help to solve the blockage . The traditional mala is often used as a bracelet or even worn in a shorter - then not traditionally 108 pearls - version. And, as in the case of necklaces, rings and earrings, the bracelet assortment in yoga jewelery also shows various symbols from yoga .

Energy Jewelry That's the meaning of the pendants on the chakra bracelet

Gemstone and crystal jewelry

Also very popular are all sorts of crystals and gems . They are hung on chains or entire chains made of it - sometimes even to whole Malas - worn as a stone on rings or earrings as well as as part of one or even as a whole bracelet around the wrist.

Each individual stone has its own meaning in addition to its own look and promotes certain energies . For example, crystals are popular for their own star sign or those that are assigned to certain chakras and strengthen them.