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Combine accessoriesWhich earrings match which dress?

Your favorite dress is already ready, but you still missing the matching earrings? How to combine the accessory to match your style!

Not every pair of earrings fits every dress. With this guide, nothing can go wrong when styling!
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  1. 1. Fancy earrings for simple dresses
  2. 2. Simple earrings and stud earrings for extravagant dresses
  3. 3. Earrings for strapless dresses: Glittering hangers

You stand in front of the mirror in your new favorite dress and just do not know what's missing. The shoes fit, your handbag is color-matched perfectly ... but a small detail is still causing you stomach ache: the missing earrings . These would make your outfit perfect. You do not have the right one at hand? And what would that be? Especially with accessories it is a fine line between "overloaded" and "just right" . We'll help you choose your favorite new earrings and show you which style suits which dress best.

1. Fancy earrings for simple dresses

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You like it simple, you like monochrome clothes, but you do not want to look boring? To loosen up your classic style, great bohemian earrings are particularly suitable. With their eye-catching shapes and colors, they become the absolute highlight of your outfit and focus on your face. The earrings are also very trendy and give you a stylish hippie touch . Combined with a white dress, for example, you have the perfect summer look.

2. Simple earrings and stud earrings for extravagant dresses

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If your dress taste is a bit more extravagant, you can be a little more reserved when choosing your earrings . After all, you do not want an accessory to steal your show. Especially with ruffles, especially playful patterns and colorful details, simple stud earrings offer, which do not overload your look. Because of their small size they can be cleverly combined and add a dash of elegance to your style.

Johanna Gauder designs simple but unimaginative earrings. As a product designer and goldsmith, she processes classic, unique forms in handcrafted, high-quality jewelery .


3. Earrings for strapless dresses: Glittering hangers

If you prefer to show a little shoulder, you still have room for a pair of pretty pendant earrings above your dress. With every other outfit the hangers are getting tangled in the fabric, but they have enough space to dangle and shine. If you're still wearing your hair tied up or have a short hairstyle anyway, the glittering jewels over your free shoulders will look great.

The label Sabrina Dehoff sets the topic "earrings" on unusual material combinations and playful details:


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