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The Bergdoktor can really be proud of that! Hans Sigl: 3 months - Now the 50-year-old is bursting the bomb!

Hans Sigl inspires millions of fans as a mountain doctor, but behind the camera, the popular actor provides great news. Photo: Getty Images A man practices renunciation: The actor has not consumed carbohydrates, sugar or alcohol for weeks. His scales are smiling. The television actor Hans Sig l (50) has slimmed down according to own data 20 kilograms


Summer knittingKnitting pattern for a halter top

Knitting works, too, when it's really hot! So maybe try this neckholder top? Thanks to pure alpaca, it is also very comfortable. Airy and light: this top is perfect in the heat. Photo: DROPS Design A / S Size: S (M / L / XL) That's what you need for the top: Lamana Piura (100% alpaca, LL approx


Running Column sports addiction? How running affects my mood

I have always smiled at the so-called sports addiction. That is impossible. Well, there are. Now my environment and I realize how much running really influences my mood - positive, but also negative. Is there a sports addiction? How running can affect the mood. Photo: iStock / lzf content Pregnant or jogger


Quick test What diet suits me? This test tells you!

The question "Which diet suits me?" have you already asked yourself? Then you are right here. Because we have a test for you, which shows you the answer. Which diet suits me? The answer to this question comes from a simple test. Photo: iStock / AJ_Watt Not every diet is suitable for every person


DietFood after sport: You should pay attention to this

After the workout often comes the hunger. But what should I consider when eating after sports? We tell you. After training it depends on the right diet: We show which food is ideal after exercise. Photo: iStock Who does not know it? As you sweat for hours on the elliptical machine to get rid of the Fettpölsterchen until the holiday - and hardly one is at home chasing a food cravings the next.


Living slim with Patric HeizmannEasy to have the right thing at home

Full fridge, full of enjoyment! Patric Heizmann reveals which foods are a good basis for delicious slim-line recipes. Disclaimer looks different! Photo: tina content 5 shopping tips from the nutritionist Basic equipment for your fridge: And for the storage cabinet: 5 shopping tips from the nutritionist Think through your week: What do you want to eat for breakfast


Free Online-SeminarPatrick Heizmann: How to reach your desired figure diet-free in 7 steps

Photo: Healthmedia Nutrition coach & bestselling author Patric Heizmann invites you to a free online seminar. Patric Heizmann already helps many thousands of women with his unique and uncomplicated method to successfully lose weight. Patric Heizmann personally reveals which principles are behind this in a free online seminar that he offers on some dates over the next few days


2018 - my best yearFinally slim with the magical 3

All good things come in threes - with ingenious exercises, super delicious recipes and effective guidelines, you and your body will be in top shape permanently. Photo: gradyreese / iStock Many use the start of the year to eat healthier and finally to lose weight. Therefore, the second part of the bella-action 'My best year' is all about how you can effectively and easily lose extra kilos and at the same time recharge more energy


Losing weight with Patric Heizmann "Everything feels so easy now

To be ever roundish? Sonja G wein did not want to accept that. With fresh courage and new ideas, she changed her diet and lost 30 kilos - without pressure and pressure! Photo: tina content The online coaching 'Easier Than You Think' by Patric Heizmann Sonja's best picks: Sonja helps others lose weight "Obesity - lose at least 10 pounds


The billingWhy we should not save on food: The wallet as a weapon!

There is a price war at the discounters. For some days it's about the sausage. And for the meat. A pound of minced meat that costs less than a can of cat food. Can that work out? Photo: FooTToo / iStock Nutrition specialist Patric Heizmann makes the problem of our food clear: Only 13% of the income we invest in our food


Avoid snacking Why grease a handful of gummy bears?

Over the top? No, rather far-sighted. Because snacking every day can have much worse character sequences than eating fast food every few days. Let us calculate ... Photo: Ratstuben / iStock Nutrition expert Patric Heizmann says: Who has his weight under control, absorbs on average as many calories as he consumes


Fast and effectiveThe 6 + 1 plan: the fast bikini figure - also for men!

You want to get rid of a few pounds just before the holidays? With this emergency program you can lose weight very quickly. Photo: jhorrocks / iStock There are two scenarios that make people's beads of sweat on their foreheads: the summer or a beach holiday in the winter time. And no, the sweat has nothing to do with the temperatures


Good foodGood food: True beauty comes from within

Who wants to be beautiful must suffer, it is said. It is so much more enjoyable: who eats the right, also does something for his appearance. Photo: a_namenko / iStock True beauty comes from within On landab side is painted, painted, graved, powdered, painted, laminated, packaged, hidden, stressed, crushed and padded


Better take offTaste tricks: Why you do not need a balance

Muscles are heavier than fat - which is why a scale does not provide reliable values. Patric Heizmann reveals what you should pay attention to. Photo: ereidveto / iStock Commonly the common scale does not differentiate between fat and muscle mass. So it can happen that you first build muscle through sport, before they get hungry about the contents of the fat cells


Consciously snackingNo say: The simplest sports program in the world

Saying no to many is difficult, especially with sweets. You do not have to do without snacking. As you know, we betray here. Photo: blanaru / iStock You may not believe it, but Patric Heizmann says sport does not require much effort. It is a simple and very effective movement: Turn the head once to the left, then back to the starting position


Fructose Fructose - the secret sickness and fadder

No question, fruit is healthy. But too much fructose provides, inter alia, for increased blood lipid levels. What you should pay attention to, knows Patric Heizmann. Photo: ivandzyuba / iStock Fructose. He is still considered "very healthy". Because it sounds so natural and occurs in healthy fruit


Sport alternativesThe probably most beautiful sport in the world

Sport is murder? There are also sensible sports alternatives that are guaranteed to be fun. Patric Heizmann reveals more about this. Photo: nd3000 / iStock N / A? What is the most beautiful sport in the world? It's not the delicious Ritter Sport. Nourishing and fitness professional Patric Heizmann says: No


Cheap luck Why bad food makes you dependent

Those with little in their pockets often carry a lot with them. Not only heartache and anxiety, but also too much weight. Because the statistics shows: The less income, the more is paid into the "Bauch-Sparkasse". And that has consequences. But there is a way out ... Nutritionist and author Patric Heizmann reveals the problem behind fast food and a few tips for the solution


Beer and CaloriesIs Beer Healthy? When hops and malt are lost

Is beer healthy? The rumor persists, but rather has an outdated origin. Nutrition expert Patric Heizmann knows when you can call beer something like "healthy". Photo: brown54486 / iStock The man's favorite drink. Many hundred years of brewing art are in the golden yellow juice. In the past even children drank beer and that was good then


Off the beaten track PapeSlim in his sleep? How it really works!

You can actually lose weight in your sleep - you just have to pay attention to a little thing. Fitness and nutrition professional Patric Heizmann reveals which is that! Photo: vadimguzhva / iStock One third of our life we ​​spend in bed. Anyone who believes that hardly any fat can be burned here with little movement is mistaken. Be


Fit in "age" With 30's going downhill! Is that correct?

Is it really true that the body only breaks down at 30? Nutritionist and fitness expert Patric Heizmann says it all depends ... Photo: Portra / iStock At 30, it goes downhill. Bad, who crosses this magical age limit and got this crushing belief set innumerable times for years. Like me. I have heard this saying again and again at the tender age of 23, 25, 27


Butter or margarine, do not let the butter on the bread!

Butter or margarine? What is healthier? Nutritionist and fitness expert Patric Heimann tells you what you should look out for. Photo: webphotographeer / iStock "Margarine is healthy!". That's how the margarine industry sounds. For example, prayer mills use the same argument that, in direct comparison with butter, it is good for cholesterol levels