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In this living room absorbs more heat

Photo: Living idea

Before, afterwards

Earth colors and natural materials make every room comfortable. Nice, if there is also a fireplace: He is the guarantee for comfort.

Whether sheepskin, wool rug or poufs in the finest merino knitwear, this room is dominated by soft materials, warm colors and a soothing atmosphere. The focus is on the sofa, decorated with cuddly pillows and crochet blanket. The windows dress delicately, like mother-of-pearl shimmering voiles with folkloric embroidery.

Floating sideboard

A wall cabinet provides storage space and exhibition space for pretty accessories without taking up much space. So there is room for the stool with leather cover. Like the armchair, it is made of paper and cognac-colored. The model is available in 1000 tones.

Downy velcro head

Heat up the mood with a cuddly plush pillow. You can use the pouf with the homemade Flokatibezug as a side table or as a stool. This is how it works: Cut a rectangle in the height and circumference of the stool and a circle for the seat. Sew together both coarse-grained.

Hibernate comfortably

Who sinks into the pillows, does not get up so quickly. Because of the Rattansofa you have both the TV, which is integrated into the living room wall, as well as the fireplace in the best view (see floor plan). Gentle purple tones harmonize with the natural colors.

Manufacturer: Rattansofa "Manao", two-seater from about 1200 euros: Wohninsel. Armchair "Twentyfi ve Swing": Accente. Venetian blind "Lindholm", 250 x 140 cm, approx. 75 Euro, picture frame "Fanaholm", from approx. 4 Euro: Ikea. Coffee table "Balder", floor lamp "Costanza", about 300 euros, lanterns, from about 13 euros: the laundry. Carpet "Sahara": Vorwerk. Basket bowl "Malte", about 7 euros: The Wohngeschwister. Curtain fabric: ADO. Curtain set "V2A Mini": MHZ. Wall color "E8.10.70": Sikkens. Hanging element "now! no.12 ", 105 cm wide, about 290 euros: Now by Hülsta. Flech stool "Wave", about 490 Euro: Accente. Plaid "Leni", about 35 euros, photo frame "Oak", each about 12 euros: Habitat. Cushion "Minima", about 15 euros, windlight "Hurricane", about 47 euros: The Wohngeschwister. Vase light "Ljusas Ysby", approx. 70 Euro: Ikea. Vase "Fleckdes", about 26 euros: the laundry. Flokati, about 16 euros: Ikea. Metal tray, about 76 euros: scale. Wall color "E8.10.70": Sikkens.