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Children's wedding in Norway: 12-year-old marries 37-year-old man

Thea and her groom greed.
Photo: PR Plan Norge Info

An effective campaign

On October 11, 12-year-old Thea from Norway marries the 25-year-older greed. But the incredible scandal is actually a provocative campaign.

At only 12, Thea is the youngest bride in Norway. However, that does not keep the girl from giving the yes-word to the 37-year-old greed next Saturday. Behind the wedding wishes of Thea, however, there is no scandalous love affair with an older man, but a very sensational and provocative campaign.

In September 2014, the young Thea posted on her blog the entry: "Hey, my name is Thea and I'm 12 years old, in one month I'm getting married." With this post Thea provided throughout Norway for horror, incomprehension and indignation. Almost overnight, the girl's blog became the most read in the country. Some people did not hesitate and alarmed the police and child protection authorities to prevent the children's wedding.

But then the real reason for Thea's wedding was revealed. The wedding of Thea and her 25-year-old groom Gier is in fact part of a provocative campaign against forced marriages of children. Her name: Stop Bryllupet.

The wedding is organized by the organization Plan Norge, which works mainly for the rights of children. The date for the wedding was October 11, as it is the official International Girls' Day of the United Nations. Thea and Gier will have the say in a church in Oslo. Incidentally, marriage is not legal. This prevents the Norwegian law.

This is not the case in many countries. Every day, according to Plan Norge, 39, 000 girls are forcibly married. It is only to be hoped that this ambitious campaign can actually change that.

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