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The style of Nina Dobrev

Star Styles at Check: Nina Dobrev

Short and sweet - that's how the outfits of Nina Dobrev must be! In addition to her trained shoulders, the actress also likes to show leg.

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No wonder she cuts a fine figure on the red carpet. We take a look at her looks.

Most of them know Nina Dobrev from the vampire series "Vampire Diaries". The dark-haired beauty has been in front of the camera for some time. Prior to her role as Elena, she drew attention already as a model and with appearances in commercials attention.

In 2006, she starred in the Canadian drama "By Her Side." Funny were their appearances in the MTV series "The American Mall". For example, Nina Dobrev jumped around singing in a bikini.

You can see the most beautiful styles of Nina Dobrev in the gallery (20 pictures)!

But only the role of sweet and innocent Elena in "Vampire Diaries" made the actress a hip it-girl. And not only the professional success was Nina so sure - even in love it's been hot since then. She is now together with co-star Ian Somerhalder and, of course, always wants to look really special next to her sweetie.

Nina Dobrev sets cool accents

Feminine cuts mix beauty with casual cool accessories and always looks perfectly styled.

Her favorite piece is the strapless mini dress - no wonder, with her great legs and her beautiful cleavage. For big appearances on the red carpet, the actress likes to show off her extravagant side and spills an extra dose of glamor in over and over sequined dresses. Small details such as flower arrangements or long chains make up their own style.

Privately, however, the actress prefers to be uncomplicated and casual. Shirt, jeans and just no makeup! Thanks to her sweet smile, Nina Dobrev is still irresistible with her make-up.

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