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Free tutorial for a long cardigan

This long cardigan is just the right nights out on the beach
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Step by step

A long cardigan made of comfortable wool can accompany you throughout the year. We show you in this guide how to knit a jacket like this yourself.

Size: XS, S to M and L

The values ​​for the individual sizes are separated one after the other by slashes from the smallest to the largest size. If there is only one specification, this applies to all sizes.

Material: Schachenmayr Merino Extrafine Cotton 120 (50% cotton, 50% pure new wool, running length approx. 120 m / 50 g). 800/850/900 g Fb 00510 cappucchino. Milward Knitting Needle 3.5 to 4 and 1 Pigtail.5 Buttons (Art. 250749, Fb 15, 20 mm) from Dill (Dill, World of buttons, Beierfeld 5, D-95671 Bärnau).

Rib pattern: 4 sts left, 4 sts right alternating, see also knitting under the dashed line.

Smooth left: In Hinr left, in Rückr right str. for the aperture as before str. The cable pattern in1. Divide R as follows: 10 sts before repeat, 5x / 6x / 7x repeat 8 sts 10 sts after repeat. For the V-neck skew, remove 1 st at 48 cm on the left side edge. Work in the following row until 10 sts at the end of row, knit 2 sts left, remaining sts as they appear. Decrease 10x in each other. Repeat R and 17x in every 4th row. At the same time for the armholes at the right side edge after 60/58/56 cm from the stop 14/17/17 sts as in the back piece and at the right side edge sts 4/1/1 Mglatt left st. Knit the rest of the sts in the same way as before. After 80 cm from the shoulder for the shoulder bevel, bind off at the right side edge 7/8/10 sts and every other row 2x 7/9/12 sts. For the remaining 6 sts still 10 cm 1 st on right, 1 st in left st, at the beginning of 1st row take 1 edge = 7 sts. Bind off sts.

Right front piece: The same as with 5 buttonhole sts and in 1st row = right edge, repeat 4 sts right, 4 sts left, from 6x / 7x / 8x, then 6 sts to the right and 1 faceplate for the visor, 1 sts right, 1 st left, 1 st right, 1 st left, st marg In 10 cm height continue 6 sts for the panel, 2 smoother left, 60/68/76 sts in the pattern as in the left front and the rand st. For the first buttonhole after 12 cm from the stop, then knit 4 times after every 9 cm in one round the edge st and 1 sts st, 2 sts left, work 1 sts, rest sts. Turn the envelope in the following R left st.

Cable pattern: In Hinr after knitting str. In reverse, the sts as they appear. Attention! For increases and decreases please note that the M can only be crossed if there are enough M available; until then knit the M to the right or left according to the pattern. Repeat the 1st to the 16th of R always.

Stitch: In the cable pattern: 28 M and 29 R = 10 x 10 cm.


Back: Cast on 126/142/158 sts and work in rib pattern. Start with a spine and repeat the edge sts, then "4 sts right, 4 sts left alternating st, off", end with 4 sts to the right, edge sts. After 10 cm from stoppers continue in the pigtail st. Begin with a front and the edge, 10 M before the repeat, 13x / 15x / 17x the repeat of 8 sts, then 10 sts after the repeat and the edge sts. For the armholes after 60/58/56 cm stoppers on both sides 4 sts, then cast off 1 st in each 2nd row 1x4 sts, 1x3 sts and 3x / 6x / 6x = 98/108/124 sts and then edge sts 4/1/1 sts in stocking sts, 11x / 13x / 15xs repeat sts of 8 sts, Cast off 4/1/1 sts in stockinette st, at the edge sts. After approx. 80 cm from the shoulder for shoulder bevels, bind off on both sides 7/8/10 sts and every other r2x 7/9/12 sts. When piece measures 82 cm, bind off the remaining 56 sts for the back neckline.

Left front: Cast on 69/77/85 sts. Start with 1 back and over the first 6 sts for edge, 1 st left, 1 st right, 1 st left, 1 st right, 1 st left, then 6 sts M right, repeat «4 sts left, 4 sts right, off« 6x / 7x / 8x, sts. In the following rows, the mstr as they appear. After 10 cm from the stop on the right side edge begin with a beg and edge, 60/68/76 sts in the cable pattern, 2 sts left and 6 sts. After the last decrease for the shoulder bevel For the panel at the beginning of the 1st row increase 1 edge st and work another 10 cm, then bind off the sts.

Sleeve: Cast on 58/66/66 sts. Start with 1 reverse and repeat the edge st, 2 sts left, 4 sts right, 4 sts left str 5x / 6x / 6x, 4 sts right, 2 sts left and the edge sts. Continue after 6 cm from the stop in the cable pattern knit, while in 1. first the Randm, 4 sts before the repeat, 6x / 7x / 7x the repeat of 8 sts, 4 sts after the repeat and the rand sts. for the sleeve slants on both sides in 5 sts from then stop 0x / Inc on every 4th row R and20x / 12x / 0x in every 6th row = 1 sts = 100/116/128 sts. Adjust the increases according to the cable pattern. After 51 cm from the stop for the arm ball on both sides 4 sts, then in each 2. R 1x 4 sts, 1x 3 sts, 14x / 10x / 8x sts, 3x / 7x / 9x 2 sts, 2x 3 sts and cast off the remaining 26/34/42 sts. Total height 66 cm. Both sleeves work the same way.

Finishing work: Stretch the parts, moisten and allow to dry. Close shoulder seams. Sew on the sleeves, close the sleeve and side seams. Sew together the short trim on the inside and sew the trim on the back neckline. Sew on the buttons.

The instructions for the long cardigan can be downloaded here.

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