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The true story of an incest child

A woman tells her story - the story of an incest child
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  1. If the father is the grandfather
  2. For a long time, the abuse went unnoticed
  3. Her first pregnancy changed everything

If the father is the grandfather

For years, Rexan Jones has talked to very few people about their past and their childhood. But now she breaks her silence publicly.

When Rexan Jones was asked about her parents earlier, she usually replied that she had been adopted. A lie she devised to protect herself and her loved ones. But why?

Rexan's father is her grandfather at the same time. He abused his own daughter, who became pregnant. Her seven aunts and uncles are at the same time her brothers and sisters. Rexan is an incest kid.

For a long time, the abuse went unnoticed

For many years, Rexan's mother endured the abuse. In an interview with Marie Claire, who published her story, Rexan himself said, "My mother let the abuse pass because she had an agreement with my father: do whatever you want with me, but leave my siblings alone . " Only after the birth of her own daughter was she to find out that her father had never kept to this agreement.

This prompted Rexan's then 18-year-old mother to leave her family and finally report the abuse. So far, the family could always escape the authorities. They lived in different hotels and kept away from society.

When a blood test proved that Rexan was the result of incestuous abuse, it finally took action against the father. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Today he is free again. His whereabouts can, however, be checked because he is registered as a sex offender. Rexan does this regularly to never have to meet him again.

However, with the arrest of her father, the abuse did not end. Rexan's mother became addicted to drugs and continued the tragic history of abuse. She took her own life when her daughter was less than five years old. Rexan now had to live with her grandmother, for whom she was a "child of Satan." Her teenage years were filled with anger and hatred. Drugs and alcohol became her constant companions. Until Rexan became pregnant at 16.

Her first pregnancy changed everything

Your child became the center of her life. She swore off drugs and alcohol. It was clear to Rexan right now that she wanted to give her child a better life. Her own life changed again when she was adopted at 17 by the social worker, who had already helped her mother.

For the first time, Rexan had an almost normal life. She graduated from high school and married the father of her first son. The couple got another child shortly thereafter. However, her past never left Rexan behind. They were accompanied by depression and panic attacks. After a suicide attempt, Rexan was treated in a psychiatric hospital. Here she not only began to tell her story, but also to write down her story.

Today, Rexan says, "I spent enough of my life being angry, I was angry at my past, at my family and at people's ability to be so angry, I'm done with it."

Her two sons give her support and motivate her to live and be happy. From her husband Rexan divorced. Dates are tough on her, but she tries. As an incest child , physical and emotional closeness is quite a challenge for Rexan. Her health is also a problem. Since her joints are not properly developed, she is already suffering from arthritis. Already twice she fought against cervical cancer. For Rexan, the likelihood of hereditary diseases occurring in her parents' family is above average.

Nevertheless, she does not give up. She has started a support group for people who have experienced similar things and wants to build a community of survivors. A therapy dog ​​helps her deal with her panic attacks.

"I have made my peace with the past and today I want to talk about the present and the future - my career, my animals, my hope for love and my great, wonderful sons."