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Harry Styles had an affair with an older woman

Harry Styles and married Lucy Horobin had an affair for three months

Lucy Horobin and Harry Styles / Twitter and If / ©

The star makes no secret that he is on older women. But the relationship with the 15 years older presenter was not the first love affair with a woman who could actually be his mother! As the British news service "The Sun" reported, before Caroline there was another woman in Harry Styles life: the married radio host. With her, the then 17-year-old Harry Styles had an affair in September 2011 for three months. The really explosive: The 14 years older bed history of the "One Direction" -Sänger was married at the time of the Techtelmechtels! Apparently Harry was worth the infidelity, as a friend of the presenter betrayed. Harry Styles had affair with an elderly and married woman "She knows she should not admit it, but the sex was wonderful, " a friend of Lucy Horobin chattered. Harry dredged on the British radio host when "One Direction" was a guest at Lucy's radio show in Manchester. The affair went on for three months and should never have been anything serious. Likewise, when she was married during that time, Lucy Horobin and her husband were living with Harry Styles during their affair, and they are supposedly still a couple. Her husband seems to be quite understanding! The father of Harry also sees his son's bed stories with absolute calm: He told a newspaper that the only advice to his son was not to impregnate a woman. Well, if that's not a casual education! CR