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5 incredible tips to beat bargains

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Save money when shopping online

On which day do you buy the cheapest shoes? These and more exciting questions and facts about shopping, we have put together here - with savings guarantee.

We confess: We love to browse through the shops and online shops . Always looking for the next favorite part for the upcoming season. We are also happy to spend a little more. After all, we have been looking for exactly this part for a long time. Crazy, but we are just like that ...

Of course, this is partly neat in the money. So that these monthly sums do not beat so much, there are some surprising shopping tips with which you can really save money. Here are five tips that will make our bargain heart beat faster ... and our wallet relieves relief.

Bargain tips that surprise

On the Internet, prices change daily. What was super cheap yesterday can have become more expensive a day later. This phenomenon is called "Dynamic Pricing". It's annoying, but today it often depends on when you buy something, not just where.

1. According to a study by the price monitoring service "Spottster", you are shopping for shoes on Thursday at the cheapest price. No nonsense. However, the prices in fashion, for example, not so much as in the travel segment. Whoever wants to have the right nail polish for the new shoes will buy it on Friday. According to statistics, beauty products are the cheapest.

2. The super-cheap T-shirt from the online shop is no longer in the right size? Do not worry, because the new favorite bargain is not completely lost. Often the different shops fill up their goods at a certain time of the day. So if you want to hang your head in the evening disappointed, you better wait until the next morning. Maybe the shirt will be available again in your size - and the more expensive alternative does not have to be bought with teeth.

3. If you mainly shop for all your clothes online, be sure to check which medium you use to access the Internet. Incredible: If you order with a smartphone or tablet, you may have to pay more for the product than users who have surfed the online shop via the classic PC. This has been determined by the Consumer Center North Rhine-Westphalia in random samples according to "Focus Money". In addition, some bargain- offers on the specially designed for tablet and smartphone online versions would not be offered. Whether intent or technical mistake, a comparison is well worth it here.

4. Do you already know shopping communities? These are online sites, such as or, which have specialized in providing their services to an exclusive, small group of users. As a rule, higher-quality brand name products are sold by labels who, above all, do not want to get a bargain image. Nevertheless, the goods are partly greatly reduced. To become part of the community, formerly only members could recruit other users. Meanwhile, however, the rules have relaxed here. The offers are often only available for a short period of time. It is worthwhile to stop by.

5. Not surprisingly enough, but useful: Even if it gets annoying and time-consuming, comparing prices is worth it. Even within a company, prices can fluctuate in one day. It actually happens that the goods for the season change online is a bit cheaper than in the shop. This was confirmed at the request of "Focus Online" by a "C & A" spokesman: "At the end of the season, there may be price differences between the online store and the store." The reason? It is mainly because the online retailers can calculate differently with the quantities. Anyone who still tries on the classic in the locker room does not necessarily have to pay more. Instruct the seller on the price fluctuation, often you get the difference refunded out of goodwill.