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Max Irons: "I always listen to my gut feeling"

Max Irons in an interview Newcomer Max Irons faces the big breakthrough la Robert Pattinson - and the Brit sees this with mixed feelings. The intimate interview! Max Irons Photo: Getty Images Max Irons will be 28 in October, but still looks like a tall, somewhat reserved boy. Everyone soon gets to know him through the starring role in the sci-fi romance "Souls", whose book is written by the "Twilight" successor Stephenie Meyer

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The worst outfits in 2009

Worst Dressed 2009 Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry - never before have we been able to admire so many weird dresses as this year. We were not spared bosom and popo flashers either thanks to Amy Winehouse or Pamela Anderson. Although Amy Winehouse does not have any big hits anymore, she has big breasts thanks to a beauty surgery


Master Cleanse: Heidi Klum swears by this diet

Heidi Klum's body secret: the "Master Cleanse" fasting cure. But experts warn against the strict Radikaldi t. Photo: Getty Images Radical diet with many risks Heidi Klum swears by " Master Cleanse ", a drink made of water, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and maple syrup. During the fasting, the GNTM presenter refrains from eating solid food


Drinking glass lid and saucer made of modeling clay

Modeling clay (eg Flexplast from efco; Craft store; 50 g about 4, 80 €) 1 small lace doily (about 12 cm in diameter) 1 Tortelettförmchen with removable bottom, 10 cm diameter (household goods, about 6.50 €) Dough roll or alternatively large, smooth bottle knife 1. Roll out modeling clay approx. 0.5 cm


How much does Verona Pooth's little son have to suffer now?

At her wedding: Verona and Franjo Pooth with their son Diego Photo: Getty Images After the scandals of the last weeks They are both prominent, they both like to be in the limelight - but it has become a rather dubious fame ... In recent weeks, TV star Verona Pooth (42) and her husband Franjo (41) have been particularly talked about by scandals


Instructions flowers pyramid

You need this: Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS 2 differently sized clay bowls and pots weather-resistant spray paint Geschenkband double-sided adhesive tape Hot glue gun potted flowers Pfanzenerde And this is how it's done: 1) Dye containers with spray paint, allow to dry. Attach gift ribbon with double-sided adhesive tape


Andreas Gabalier: Interview about love

Easy going and charming. Andreas Gabalier enjoys the day in Hamburg. Photo: Christian Langbehn exclusively for NEW POST "There is still a lot of space in my heart ..." Women worship him. But the right one was not there yet ... His haircut is perfect when we greet Andreas Gabalier (27). The singer ("So liab i di di") visited us in Hamburg and raves: "I think this city is fantastic


War of tights

Echo 2011 Jeanette Biedermann's shiny tights, Lena Meyer-Landrut's white legs, Kim Debrowski's fishnet tights and a few stylish bright spots: we have the fashionable tops and flops from Echo 2011. For some, the echo is the greatest, for the others only one more compulsory event. echo 2011 Photo: Getty Images While Lena Meyer-Landrut described the music prize, which was presented in Berlin on March 24, 2011, as "something very big", the old showbiz hare Robbie Williams of Take That was in a hurry to come back to his hotel: " Staying home is the new day out, "he sa


Man slips out in the supermarket - now he is in jail

This cheeky supermarket customer can not hope for pity You do not make fun of someone who has a bad luck. Usually. But this video is unlikely to pity most people. Location: A Lidl branch in Bradford, England. A customer of the supermarket slips out on a brown paper bag and crashes to the floor. Ouch

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Delicious fish dishes for feasting

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Life: Andreas Gabalier and his grandmother Maria: An inspiring double interview

Andreas Gabalier and his grandmother Maria: An inspiring double interview

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Editing testOn the line, get set, go: My first time slacklining