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This 24-year-old blogger breaks all records!

Zoe Sugg blogs and blogs as Zoella - and millions watch the Briton, who has just released her first book! Photo: Getty Images Your book sells faster than Harry Potter! Zoe Sugg is what is called an internet phenomenon. As a "Zoella" she thrills a million-dollar fanbase on her blog, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram - and now also clears off the big screen offline

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Deco with roses: It's getting romantic!

Photo: deco & style Royal and proud The queen of flowers shows close to the people and presents herself stylishly and without vanity in our romantic-nostalgic decoration ideas. "For me it's supposed to rain red roses ...", that's how Hildegard Knef sang in 1968 and let fan hearts blossom


In white-cream planted balcony box

white balcony box (eg from OBI) potting soil 3 pots filled Tazetten in white / cream 3 plank primroses in yellow 3-4 primroses in white 4 pots of variegated ivy 2-3 pots of tulips in cream / white 1 small hanging willow tree 1. Fill balcony box halfway with earth. 2. Carefully remove the plants from their pots and place in the balcony box


Anti-feminist Meninists make us angry

The sweaters with the hashtag #Meninist are proudly presented not only by men but also women. We ask ourselves: why only ?! Photo: Meninism: What is this - and why do even women participate? These women show how beautiful they are and their kilos. And are exposed for the Internet


Professional Tips: How do I tell my hairdresser?

With our tips, your hairdresser cuts your hairstyle. Photo: momentimages / Tetra Images / Corbis On the way to desire hairstyle So that there are no misunderstandings on the way to the desired hairstyle, here are 10 professional tips that make communication with the hairdresser easier Do you know that too


House cleaning: 6 tips for more motivation

Photo: iStock Get started instead of postponing We like to push unpleasant things like house cleaning in front of us. We have many excuses. We show you how to motivate yourself. Tomorrow, tomorrow, just not today. Every day we invent enough excuses to keep ourselves busy with house cleaning. But if you stick to these tips, you will soon be more motivated and realize that cleaning can be really fun


Bruce Willis: Daughter Evelyn is breastfed by Mama Emma Heming

Bruce Willis daughter There is breakfast, baby! For the daughter of Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis daughter Photo: @emmahemingwillis on Instagram, Getty Images She is two weeks old and suckles very hungry and hard on the breast of her mother Emma Heming Willis. Who shot the golden photo? Well, that's clear


Right or wrong? Mother nurses the child of her friend

Is it okay to breastfeed another child's child as a mother? Photo: iStock Is it okay to breastfeed a friend's child? Should a mother breastfeed the child of a friend? A woman who does just that causes discussion on the internet. Within days, Jessica Anne Colletti is on everyone's lips - all over the world


Buffalo: Where heels wear fringes

promotion Wearable in everyday life, conspicuous in detail. This shop is considered a trendsetter The question women in Buffalos know: "Were they very expensive?" No, they were not, but in line with the trend. Buffalo maker Photo: PR Just like the current shoe collection, rivets, buckles and fringes are combined with fine leather in classic colors such as black, brown or gray


Healthy: Avoid heart attack: Five questions about the heart

Avoid heart attack: Five questions about the heart

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Healthy: Nicotine: How is an addiction noticeable?

Nicotine: How is an addiction noticeable?

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Healthy: Grtelrose