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Crochet Tutorial Crocheted Vase Case

Spring is coming, but flowers are still too cold in the garden? This self-crocheted vase cover is not only a great pastime, but it also looks great! You need this: This great vase case could soon adorn your vase! Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS Anchor Style Creativa (100% cotton, length about 70m / 50g) in color 00108 lilac 100g Crochet hook No

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Mini primroses in the shell

1 flat baking dish or dish (eg from Casa Gent) 1 small palette mini shrimp (from the florist) potting soil 1. Fill half of the shell with soil and place the primroses potted. Fold the earth and press it. 2. Keep the plant slightly damp and cool. Tip: Since there is no permanent planting, maybe instead of soil simply place a piece of Styrofoam in the shell and place the primroses on it, so that the plants stand slightly raised and the flowers look over the edge, Remove plants regularly and dip pots


Which job fits me? Help with the career choice

Who has the (professional) choice is in agony Photo: Tim McGuire / Corbis content "Our child does not know what to do for a living, how can I help?" Get out of the nest Just stay cool The offer is great Start instead of wait Let the professionals run "Our child does not know what to do for a living, how can I help


In the reading fever sewing instructions for a bookend

No matter if books, magazines or notebooks - with this bookcase you can make something on the shelf or on the desk. We'll show you how easy you can look after them. This is how books are skilfully staged. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS That's what you need for the bookend: material solid cardboard rice fiberfill Protractor / ruler pencil scissors Iron sewing machine sewing thread And that's how easy it is: 1


Peter Kloeppel: "My Carol is my sunshine"

He is a heartthrob - but Peter Kloeppel's heart is already taken ... Photo: Getty images What would the RTL news be without him - and he without his wife! Quiet, thorough, thoughtful - you can rely on Peter Kloeppel (53). For 20 years, the TV presenter has been the face of "RTL Aktuell", is considered one of the most popular newsmen on German television


2018 - my best yearFinally slim with the magical 3

All good things come in threes - with ingenious exercises, super delicious recipes and effective guidelines, you and your body will be in top shape permanently. Photo: gradyreese / iStock Many use the start of the year to eat healthier and finally to lose weight. Therefore, the second part of the bella-action 'My best year' is all about how you can effectively and easily lose extra kilos and at the same time recharge more energy


Improve memory with turmeric

Photo: iStock content Turmeric in dementia Turmeric improves memory performance by six hours Turmeric also helps with cancer and depression Turmeric in dementia Just one gram of turmeric for breakfast should improve our memory by six hours. Everything about the miracle spice turmeric. That spices have a special healing power is not new


Big sizes: H & M only wants healthy models!

Plus-size model Jennie Runk in the swimwear campaign for H & M Photo: PR The fashion giant thinks about Role model? Wrong! H & M's CEO Karl-Johann Persson says (38): "Our models were too thin!" That should change now. H & M is one of the most famous labels worldwide. Huge advertising campaigns, almost 3, 000 branches and megastars as testimonials : the textile giant not only has a great influence on the lives of its customers, H & M must also be a role model


Advent coffee table cover: Christmas name tag

Stoffherz boxwood rose hip paper silver wire double Tape Biscuit (here reindeer form) 1. Attach a fabric heart with boxwood and rosehip to a napkin. 2. Label a piece of thick paper with a name. 3. Form a long-end spiral from silver wire and secure it as a support behind the paper with double tape. 4

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