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DIY idea: Cushion cover with peony of fabric

The pillow with the peonies can be made in many different colors. Photo: deco & style Happy spring messengers Flower magic on the home sofa: With just a few simple steps, you can also refine your cushion covers with the peonies made of fabric. You need this for the cushion cover: white and pink silk (eg from Karstadt / Stoffwaren) Sewing needle and white yarn pillowcase tape measure French chalk fabric scissors And that's how easy it is: 1



30 minutes photos White paper Motivschere (craft shop) Glue stick (eg from Pritt) cabinet 1. If necessary, copy photos smaller or larger and paste onto white paper. 2. Cut a small border with the motivic scissors. 3. Stick with glue stick on a cupboard.


Vases covered with paper

RICO home decoration Issue No. 46 (ISBN: 978-935763-06-8; 5.95 euros; craft shop or bookstore) 3 sheets double-sided scrapbook paper in mint, gray and lilac (z. By RICO Design; Sheet about 1 Euro; Craft store) 3 straight glass vases in different sizes (eg from the depot) Cutter and cutting mat Steel ruler for cutting Punching tool and hammer (craft shop) Transparent paper roll (craft shop, about 4 euros) Double-sided adhesive tape (eg from Tesa, department store) Some tulips, milk stars and pussy willow or alternatively some stalks of Bouvardia scissors 1


Edie Campbell: That's why the model ran half naked for Louis Vuitton

Fashion-Nackedei: Model Edie Campbell will think twice about her next mojito. Photo: Getty Images Bodypainting appearance was a crazy idea It was Marc Jacobs' last show as head designer for Louis Vuitton. Not surprisingly so, that he said goodbye with a little scandal ... More or less involuntary accomplice in the process: Model Edie Campbell , whom he sent across the catwalk last October for Louis Vuitton's spring / summer show 2014 - wearing only a glittering tanga and a bit of color on the body


Pull apart bread: Plucked cake luck

Photo: RFF pull apart bread Today we happily pluck ourselves. And with this irresistibly delicious pull apart bread. A plucked cake happiness as an eye-catcher on the coffee table. Piece by piece luckily. Fruity redcurrants, enveloped in a light and airy yeast dough - a pull apart bread is the modern version of the classic yeasty dough


Recipe steak and fried egg with fried potatoes

Diet Special: Recipes from the 12-second diet ingredients (for four portions) 1/2 onion 1 green pepper 2 tbsp smooth parsley 2 teaspoons olive oil 2 cups (about 230 ml) cooked potato cubes salt pepper Cooking spray or rapeseed oil 4 fillet steaks à 120 g (without fat) 4 big eggs 4 medium sized oranges preparation Peel off the onion and chop.


Lung cancer early detection Lung cancer: symptoms

Attention! Coughing is often overlooked as a lung cancer symptom. If he stays longer than four weeks, be sure to call a doctor. Photo: iStock cancer Cancer - before this diagnosis, we Germans fear the most according to surveys. But the sooner a tumor is discovered, the greater the chance of recovery


Bad skin? Sometimes a hyperacidity is to blame!

An even skin texture has a lot to do with healthy nutrition! Photo: panthermedia content If creams & Co. are not enough for a radiant skin, the body is usually out of balance Which skin problems indicate an oversupply? Why does the acid-base balance affect the condition of the skin? What helps the skin in a Übersuerung?


Life: Incredible video: siblings see each other for the first time

Incredible video: siblings see each other for the first time

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