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Wide pants: fashion tips for the new trend parts

Photo: Getty content How do I combine loose pants? 7/8-pleat culotte pleated pants pajama pants Very wide leg How do I combine loose pants? The beloved skinny jeans gets serious competition. With pants you look now the distance. Here are styling ideas for the new cuts. 7/8-pleat It is cut like a Marlene trousers, with a flat waistband and crease, but the wide trousers have this flood length

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She can do this with eggplant: effect and preparation

Eggplant contains virtually no calories - if cooked properly. However, the fruit is not for everyone. We introduce you to your preferences. The eggplant Photo: Thinkstock At the eggplant, the tastes are different: Either you love or you hate them. Only very few people are indifferent to this nightshade plant, which landed in the German pots about 20 years ago


The 25 best ways to flirt

With these snacks you will melt every heart. Photo: dashek / iStockphoto Great compliments Intensive eye contact, an embarrassed smile and sweaty hands: often the beginning of a little flirtation. But sometimes it just does not work out anymore. Because too often lacking the courage to simply address the other person


Forbes selects Hollywood's highest paid actors

Tom Cruise and Taylor Lautner the highest paid actor in Hollywood Taylor Lautner A clear case of bad luck in love - happiness in the job. Although there is a dirty divorce mud fight with Still Wife Katie Holmes before, a small consolation there is still: The actor was named the US-paid "Forbes" magazine's highest paid actor


Free knitting instructions for Monkey Anton

You can find even more knitting instructions in the book "The Mama-Strickbuch" Photo: Dorling Kindersley Verlag content Great knick-special material Knitting instructions for monkey Anton Great knick-special Babies and toddlers love soft cuddly toys. Monkey Anton is the ideal companion for the first years of life


Romantic decoration ideaEasy sewing instructions for a cushion cover with herbal motif

You need that for the cushion cover: Kr uterkissen with a difference: We'll close these pretty pillow cases immediately. Photo: Deco & Style Experts Herbal cotton "Aromatique" (45 x 110 cm),, 25, 95 € / m matching sewing thread (department store) Inner cushion tape measure Cloth scissors (department store) pins sewing machine And that's how easy it is: 1.


Bellis-Gl ser wrapped in tulip leaves

2 small drinking glasses double-sided adhesive tape (eg from Tesa) some tulip leaves 2 bunch of bellis in white and pink Satin ribbon in pink with gingham and floral ornament scissors knife 1. Glue the glasses over with double-sided tape and attach the tulip leaves to them. Cut off the supernatant at the bottom


Oha, kidnapped by aliens? Here you will be helped!

You were kidnapped by aliens, but you have no one to trust you with? Also in this particular case, there is a self-help group. Extraterrestrials are usually known only from TV series such as "Doctor Who". Nevertheless, some people describe an alien abduction. Photo: Istock Many are ashamed in public It is often not easy for those affected to talk about it


Ina Müller is coming back!

Ina M ller Photo: Sandra Ludewig Ina Müller brings new episodes of "Ina's Night" I beg your pardon? But she wanted to take a break for two years! And yet: soon new episodes "Ina's Night" with the cult presenter Ina Müller. Some love them, others hate them. Somehow there is hardly anything in between.


Life: Heidi Klum: How good that her mother is here

Heidi Klum: How good that her mother is here

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Life: From socks and salami toppings

From socks and salami toppings

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