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Identical twins: a portrait, two people!

Photo: The second self: Looks like a human, but two! Same eyes, same nose, same hair - no question: Identical twins are eye catchers. How similar they really are is now impressively illustrated by a photo project. A total of 1.6 million twins are in Germany . Ascending trend. One quarter of them are one

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Brain basket yourself

Unpacked and off you go! Photo: PR Laura Creative Ideas Whether jewelry, spices or seeds - in these small vessels everything finds its place That's in it The craft kit includes 10 m paper jute tape, 100 g raffia natural bast and two needles. A detailed manual will show you step by step how to make a cute little basket out of jute and bast in an instant


Fashion, music and mud: offspring for "Rock am Ring

Photo: PR Band Contest for "Rock am Ring" In these clothes you can get really dirty. Jump through puddles, sleep on the floor and get the rockiest live sounds on your ears. A festival collection can handle this. s.Oliver is main sponsor for " Rock am Ring " in 2012, calls together with "CALIGOLA" for the band contest and throws some festival-proven clothes on the market


Type advice: How to combine summer color azure blue

Day at the beach Sweet! This dress is the ideal companion on midsummer days. The top is crocheted. The skirt convinces with batik look and lace on the hem. (about 90 Euro, Cannery Row Vintage about impressions) Photo: Impressions content We reveal which combinations with Azure Blue suit which color type


TutorialOn zig-zag course

Zig-zag patterns are currently in fashion. We'll show you three great tutorials on how to get your home on trend. The geometric pattern gives your home a modern touch without much effort. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS content Homemade coverlet Old chair in a new look Summery zigzag carpet Homemade coverlet You need this: double-sided ironing fleece different colored cotton fabrics Iron ruler French chalk fabric scissors bedspread And this is how it's done: 1


Assorted "Ranunculus Ostrich

One bunch of ranunculus in pink and yellow 1 bunch of parsley candies Glass vase (eg of habitat; about 10 euros) Small glass vase (department store) secateurs knife 1. Free the stems of the flowers from excess green. 2. Combine each color into a small bouquet, making the stems spirally. 3. Shorten bouquets with the scissors on vase length


Swap Party: Swap instead of buy

Trade instead of buy: The swap party trend is becoming increasingly popular. Photo: Lou Cypher / Corbis An alternative to shopping Buy was yesterday. Now it's time to swap instead of shopping! The swap party trend comes from the US and is now also becoming more popular in Germany. "To swap" means nothing else than swap


Iron storage disease

disease Iron Trapping Disease: Definition, Causes and Symptoms In the iron storage disease, the mineral iron is exaggerated. There are several forms of iron storage disease. The most common congenital iron storage disease is called "hemochromatosis". The so-called "primary siderosis" is also an innate iron-storage disease


Muscle breakup due to skinny jeans: fashion that makes you sick

They're skin tight and that's the problem: skinny jeans can make you sick. That's exactly what happened to an Australian now. How dangerous are skinny jeans actually? Photo: Istock The 35-year-old was brought to a clinic with heavily swollen calves. Diagnosis: Muscle resolution due to too tight skinny jeans

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Halloween: Dirty lantern

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Country House Brunch: Candlestick

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Healthy: Herniated disc: natural regeneration instead of surgery

Herniated disc: natural regeneration instead of surgery