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Lanterns with lavender

3 drinking glasses with wide opening 3 small candle bowls (eg from IKEA) Dried lavender flowers (drugstore / health food store, bag about 4.- €) 3 tender yellow pillar candles in matching size 1. Fill the glasses at different heights with the lavender flowers and put in the small bowls. 2. put candles in the glass bowls and as an arrangement z.


Touching photo project 'Rainbow Babies': The story behind this photo shoot brings tears to our eyes

The story behind these colorful mum photos with their 'Rainbow Babies'? All women suffered a miscarriage before their mother's happiness. 'Rainbow Baybs': These six women all had a miscarriage before becoming moms Photo: These photos make goose bumps


Knitting PatternMantel Knitting: How to Make a Stylish Coatigan

How to knit a knit coat for the winter? We tell you with this guide. In the knit coat, we feel good immediately! Photo: Deco & Style Look fashionable in the winter and do not feel cold? This can be a real challenge. Quite simply it goes against our instructions for a fashionable knit coat with sequins


Brilliant! Metallic fashion & how to wear it

Burberry Prorsum has trench coats and accessories in rainbow colors Photo: Getty Images A fashion trend with a shine effect The fashion sends us elegance and good humor: with outfits and accessories in a metallic look that get trendy combination support from the runway and from the street. Metallic shine is a statement


Glitter Nail Polish: Party Time for the Nails!

Style icon Alexa Chung wears glitter nail polish. We also! The most beautiful sparkling vials are available after the CLICK ... Photo: Getty Images How that glitters! These finger games make party mood As if hundreds of sequins were immersed! The new glitter paints shine brilliantly to the festive season with sparkle effects


Emma Watson: UN speech against discrimination against women

Emma Watson's charity Two months after assuming the post of UN Special Envoy for Equality and Women's Rights in July 2014, Emma Watson made a moving speech against global discrimination against women and men. The message: Gender equality is far from reached, men and women are now fighting for them together


Bucket-List: 50 things that women should have done in life

Photo: Corbis Have you checked all the points? Carousel driving, doing something forbidden, falling in love immortal ... There are a few things that every woman MUST do in life In our list you will find a few inspirations for your bucket list ... A bucket-list a kind of to-do list for life. Of course it is an individual thing that makes us happy


Common misconception diarrhea: Diet with cola and pretzel sticks does not help

A Cola or pretzel sticks are not a solution to diarrhea. Photo: Fotolia content Why cola and pretzel sticks are not suitable for diarrhea Tips for mild diarrhea Severe diarrhea: see a doctor Diet with cola and pretzel sticks is widely used as a cure for diarrhea . However, this is a mistake, as nutrition experts emphasize


Life: Selena Gomez angry at Ashley Benson over James Franco's love affair

Selena Gomez angry at Ashley Benson over James Franco's love affair

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live: For connoisseurs

For connoisseurs

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Healthy: Golden Milk: The tastiest panacea in the world!

Golden Milk: The tastiest panacea in the world!