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Spring bouquet with quince branches and tulips

1 bunch of French tulips 4-5 quince branches tall, white glass vase (eg from the depot) knife secateurs 1. Remove tulips from excess green and cut. 2. Cut the quince twigs with the scissors and place them in a vase filled with water. 3. Loosely add the tulips to the branches in the vase. Tip: If the tulips are too short, extend with flower wire

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Wardrobe with flower glasses

drinking glasses Paketschnur (Decolades) Flowers z. B. Pearl hyacinths, allium, primrose Easter Eggs (eg from her; Dekoladen) knife 1. Hang glasses with string on a wardrobe. 2. Cut off flowers briefly and cut diagonally with the knife. 3. Fill the glasses with water and put in flowers. 4. Hang eggs in between


Christine Neubauer: The dark secret of José Campos

Christine Neubauer and Jos Campos were very much in love at the German Film Ball. Photo: gettyimages Did not she know about it? The gentleman he helps her out of the black sedan, playfully he feeds her with ice, enjoys every single one of her touches. José Campos (46), the new man on the side of actress Christine Neubauer (50), visibly enjoyed his big appearance at the German film ball.


These jeans smell of fruits!

The fragrance jeans with fragrance and very narrow leg are available on for 85 euros. Photo: Manufacturer Do we really need the fragrance jeans? Jeans that smell of strawberries, lemons or apples? Is there really! The Portuguese label Salsa now sells neon-colored fragrance denims in its online shop


DiseasesArthrosis: To relieve joint pain

Photo: Kamil Cwiklewski - health Osteoarthritis develops gradually over years. Many sufferers do not notice it for a long time because they consider the mild joint pain in the knee or hip to be normal after getting up. In fact, these are the first symptoms of the disease. Course and treatment of osteoarthritis There are cartilages in all the joints of our body


Carbohydrates? Yes, but healthy ones please!

Carbohydrates make you fat and sick? Not only. You should only take healthy ones. Photo: © Erickson Photography - Eat better There are so many prejudices about carbohydrates as there are sand on the sea. The most common: they make you fat, addicted and sick. But also in the nutrition it is like in life: First inform, then judge.


Was an 800 year old alien phone found in Austria?

Does an alien phone look like this? Photo: Screenshot YouTube / Paranormal Crucible Conspiracy theorists are sure: this is an alien phone Looks like an old Nokia phone, but NO! Conspiracy theorists are sure: This is an 800 year old alien phone! We are not alone! And conspiracy theorists have a new "proof" for this: resistance is pointless


Impressive video: One-year-old girl is a true snowboard professional

A true exceptional talent: At just one year Ava Marie is already a true snowboard pro. Photo: Screenshot YouTube / Awesome Talents HD Ava Marie's big performance Skillfully, the little girl glides down the piste in her video on her snowboard. The surprising: Snowboarder Ava Marie is only one year old


Bushido flirts with Anna Maria Lagerblom

The ex-girlfriend of Özil sends Bushido love letters Bushido st_text


Life: Bathroom: Here hide the germs

Bathroom: Here hide the germs

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live: Beachparty: DIY instructions for a door wreath

Beachparty: DIY instructions for a door wreath

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Healthy: Is the beauty ideal influenced?

Is the beauty ideal influenced?