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Test: How old is your brain really?

Photo: iStock Now middle Is your brain as old as the rest of your body? Find out now with this test and get tips on what else you can do to stay fit. Am I a bit slower in my head than I should be? Or is my brain much younger than my own body? Researchers have now found that some factors can affect the age of the brain

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New Year's Eve party: clover-shaped glass coaster

white paper in DIN A4 green felt sheet (craft shop) Transparent paper (craft shop) double-sided adhesive tape (eg from Tesa) white Sticktwist (eg from Anchor, haberdashery) and needle pencil fabric scissors scissors 1. Draw a shamrock on white paper. The size can best be determined with the diameter of a champagne glass


Take respiratory distress seriously!

You always get out of breath right away? Take breathlessness seriously! Photo: iStock Signs of heart failure Are you tired and out of breath? Even the smallest movement strains you? Take breathlessness seriously. Not infrequently there is a heart failure behind it. Only a few people know that respiratory distress has nothing to do with the lungs


Invitation cards for the garden party

Cardboard in different colors Glue scissors 1. Cut out different stylized cardboard berries. Assemble fence from white cardboard strips and glue both on a card.


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds: Baby is here!

Blake Lively pregnant Blake Lively is mom! Shortly after New Year's Eve, the time had come, and given their lately huge baby bump it was no surprise. Blake Lively is pregnant Photo: Getty Images What did it become and what does the offspring mean? The proud parents are still silent, but now name and sex of Blake Livelys and Ryan Reynolds baby has become known: The "New York Post" reported it was a girl who now hears the enchanting name Violet


YouNow: A danger to children?

Too much of his environment shown on YouNow - and users already know where to find one Photo: biglike / iStock The video platform is currently THE trend among children and adolescents - and a danger YouNow offers real-time self-expression - and is used primarily by children and adolescents. More and more data and youth protection officers warn


Fernbusse: How to travel well and cheaply by bus

Photo: Bryngelzon / iStock content More and more long-distance buses drive between the cities - and offer a cheap alternative to the train The long distance bus market leader compared Where can I find the cheapest tickets? Your right as a passenger How safe are long-distance buses? More and more long-distance buses drive between the cities - and offer a cheap alternative to the train The offer for long-distance coach travel is getting bigger and more attractive


For men

Photo: deco & style Funny ties A creative packaging is sometimes almost as beautiful as the gift itself. Editorial tip for DIY: Put rolled-up ties in the glasses and stuff with straws, umbrellas, text strips or similar. adorn.


Kim Kardashian borrows bikini from Kylie Jenner

Two women, one bikini: Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner Welcome to a special edition of "Two women, one dress"! Kim Kardashian was probably so in love with her little half-sister Kylie Jenner's bikini that she borrowed it and nudged her more than a few curves. Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner in the same bikini Photo: Kim Kardashian / Instagram, Kylie Jenner / Instagram The comparison pictures are shown here


live: Photo album for Valentine's Day

Photo album for Valentine's Day

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Life: Logic puzzles: how many clothespins do you need?

Logic puzzles: how many clothespins do you need?

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Healthy: Athlete's foot home remedies: lavender oil helps!

Athlete's foot home remedies: lavender oil helps!