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Dehydrated: parents sacrifice themselves for nine-year-old son

It is the greatest sacrifice that parents can make for their child. A couple from France died in the White Sands desert in the US because they let their 9-year-old son drink more than they did themselves. He was found by park guards beside his dead father. Ornella and David Steiner loved to travel Photo: dpa Although well over 30 degrees, Ornella and David Steiner wanted to hike with his son Enzo in the desert

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How to make your garden winterproof

Indian summer. The garden shines in warm reds, the sloping sun casts long shadows, first leaves fall. Photo: Werner Dieterich / Westend61 / Corbis Now it is time to winterize the garden and prepare for the cold days. Good cold protection for plants, furniture and buildings - before the first frost - is an absolute must



Blogger Julia introduces herself Dear Joy readers, My name is Julia and I am a new guest blogger on But before I start to write you regular posts, I introduce myself correctly: I'm 16 years old and I'm from a city in Lower Saxony. I've already done a few blogging experiments, yesterday I opened my new blog, where I'll be blogging daily about fashion, beauty, and my daily routine


Jessica Biel's dog is sleeping in the flower pot

Stars and their dogs: Jessica Biel Well, can not Jessica Biel afford a reasonable dog bed for her pit bull Tina? On, the actress posted pictures of her bitch's preferred sleeping place. Jessica Biel's dog Tina Photo: Getty Images, Jessica Biel / Whosay We reveal where else Tina likes to take a nap and show more dog crazy stars


Bright neon lingerie is trendy

Lingerie F / S 2012: Neon Juhuuu, the eighties are back! Fashion in highlighter colors conquers our cabinets and does not stop at the laundry shelf. Lingerie in neon colors Photo: PR We show the coolest lingerie in flashy shades for those who love underwear with luminosity. But now it's banging right - over and under: Neon pushes with all their might in the fashion world and shows up on pants, shoes, bags, dresses and jewelry


Funny Video: Toddler in Sweet Minion Costume

Photo: YouTube / America's Funniest Home Videos The best Halloween costume for kids This funny video of a young child in his favorite costume takes only a few seconds, but makes us laugh for minutes. The little sweet yellow Minions from the successful animated film 'Me - Simply Incorrigible' should be familiar to most people


Line Tattoos Tattoos for lovers of minimalism

Minimalist tattoos are not a new trend. For many years, tattoo fans enjoy the simple but expressive look. Here come new ideas. The tattoo artist Mo Ganji at work Photo: Instagram @moganji Thanks to Mo Ganji, however, there is something brand new from this corner, because the tattoo artist from Berlin is revolutionizing the simple black-and-white design with just one consistent line


Lily Allen: Nippleblitzer in silver jumpsuit

Lily Allen topless But Lily Allen is also unlucky. Already for the second time in a short time a dress failed her and gave the view of her bared breasts free. Lily Allen Photo: Getty Images A real Nippelblitzer! More involuntary than voluntary must be said. That was probably backfiring! Lily Allen wanted to perform in a silver jumpsuit at V Festival in Chelmsford, England on August 17, 2014


Sick 9-year-old meets Jesus at near-death experience

Sick 9-year-old meets Jesus at near-death experience Photo: RYAN JOHNSON / HANDOUT After that she was healed. Nine-year Annabel Beam falls off a tree and faints for hours. During this time, she is experiencing something downright incredible. At the age of five, Annabell Beam detects two very rare and lethal digestive diseases


live: A day by the sea: make your own beach decoration

A day by the sea: make your own beach decoration

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Fashion: Tips for laminating: This knit dress is mine!

Tips for laminating: This knit dress is mine!

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Healthy: Pyelonephritis: Now bed rest and antibiotics help

Pyelonephritis: Now bed rest and antibiotics help