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Oktoberfest: garland

various fabric remnants in the blue pattern mix 2 m pre-folded bias binding in blue (haberdashery) Sewing thread in blue Gift ribbon in blue Mini salt pretzels (supermarket) Iron sewing machine scissors pins 1. Cut 2 triangles out of the fabric scraps, 10 cm wide and 12 cm high. 2. Put triangles of the same fabric right side together, sew them together on the long sides and turn them over


Brutal Education Father drags daughter by the hair through the supermarket and no one steps in

Terrible scenes in a supermarket in Texas: A father dragging his little daughter by the hair through the supermarket. She cries, squirms, and tries to get away. But for the little one there is no escape from the strong hands of her father. Erika Burch and her husband Robert shot this photo in a Walmart in Cleveland when they were shopping


Sport alternativesThe probably most beautiful sport in the world

Sport is murder? There are also sensible sports alternatives that are guaranteed to be fun. Patric Heizmann reveals more about this. Photo: nd3000 / iStock N / A? What is the most beautiful sport in the world? It's not the delicious Ritter Sport. Nourishing and fitness professional Patric Heizmann says: No


Table decoration in autumn

colored tracing paper Dekokordel dahlias Zierkürbis 1. Put the pumpkin on a plate. 2. Write a name on colored tracing paper and attach to pumpkin with a decorative cord. 3. Decorate the center of the table with dahlias, gourds and glasses.


Adam Sandler with star

Walk Of Fame New entry on the Walk Of Fame in Hollywood: actor Adam Sandler has been honored with a star. We show more stars and their stars. adam_sandler Photo: Getty Images A star bearing your name: For Adam Sandler, this dream came true. The actor and comedian was released on February 1, 2011 in Los Angeles star no


Making iced coffee yourself: Cool coffee enjoyment

Dessert or coffee? A homemade iced coffee always goes. Photo: Fotolia iced coffee Our favorite drink in summer: a homemade iced coffee. Gorgeous creamy and wonderfully aromatic - our favorite seduction on hot days. Anyone can do iced coffee themselves. We breathe new life into the summer classic and refine it with a very special delicacy, a popsicle


Jay-Z announces contract with Sugababes

Keisha replaces Sugababes with Jay-Z Sugababes Sugababes / © Jay-Z has had enough of the Sugababes. Only last year, the rapper took the girl band under contract. The girls should produce three albums. But now he obviously has enough of the Britons. At least on the website of his label Roc A-Fella the trio can not be found in the member directory.


Alicia Silverstone negotiates new role

Alicia Silverstone is in the negotiations for a role in 'Butter' Alicia Silverstone Alicia Silverstone / © The comedy, directed by Jim Field Smith, tells the story of an adopted girl in Iowa who discovers his butter-carving talent. Finally, in a local competition, it must face a very ambitious lady.


Fashion: So I tie a winding knot

So I tie a winding knot

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Kristen Stewart spends intimate New Year's Eve with Robert Pattinson

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