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Unbelievable: Jennifer Bricker does not have legs!

Jennifer supports the action #besomebody, which introduces special people and their passion. Photo: youtube / besomebody. Acrobatics with handicap Jennifer Bricker was born without legs. Nevertheless, she is a successful gymnast, as well as her big sister, which she has finally found after years. It swings through the air as if it were the lightest in the world

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Energy JewelryThese are the pendants on the chakra bracelet

Chakras are energy centers. But what is a chakra bracelet? You will find out here. We also provide you with nice examples for shopping. A chakra bracelet is a true energy supplier - that means it exactly The chakra bracelet and its meaning A nice example of what a chakra bracelet can look like, we have here for you


Name lettering on napkin

white cloth napkins Posy of branches little red balls red flower wire Place a bunch of twigs on white cloth napkins, "hang" them with little balls and attach a wire name lettering to them: write the name of each guest out of red floral wire. Shorten with long names! Tip: Try the lettering in advance with pen on paper - write without stopping


Karl Lagerfeld in Doku "Fashion as Religion

Karl Lagerfeld in Vox documentary "Fashion as Religion" Photo: VOX / Karl Lagerfeld TV-Tip Karl Lagerfeld is fashion pope - and invites to the prime-time audience in the TV documentary "Karl Lagerfeld - Fashion as Religion" . "When my mother was pregnant, she met a fortune-teller who said, " You're pregnant, you're going to have a boy, and you're going to become a bishop " : a sentence that fortunately did not come to fruition


We love the new song by Justin Bieber!

The acoustic song by Justin Bieber is making a splash on the internet. Photo: Justin Bieber What do you mean? in the Acoustic version is beautiful Justin Bieber is really too young for us. And we certainly do not like all his songs. But what do you mean? in the Acoustic version is just beautiful. Okay, it's possible that you think we're crazy now


Facebook changes its name after protesting Drag Queens

Photo: THOMAS HODEL / Reuters / Corbis In the future, artist names will also be valid In order to give Facebook spammers and wrong accounts no chance, it is mandatory to use its official name. So far, this rule also included people with pseudonyms - especially drag queens. From the drag scene, there were some protests against Facebook's full name , since they had made short work of pseudonyms and artist names: The account in question were simply deleted from the social network


Video: Miley Cyrus gets spanked by her mom

Embarrassing wardrobe scene between Miley and her mother Miley Cyrus SE


DIY tip: instructions for a mountain pillow

Photo: deco & style Summer on the mountain pasture So that you do not lack cosiness on alpine pastures, you can simply sew this cute mountain cushion. A high on the coziness! Make yourself the perfect pillow for your summery hut magic. That's how it's done!


Robert Pattinson: "I cried a lot!"

Star interview with Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson made a second attempt with Kristen Stewart. In JOY he talks about big disappointments, children and his girlfriend only about the Fremdgehaff re he does not say a word. Star Interview RObert Pattinson Photo: Getty Images JOY: You owe "Twilight" your big breakthrough

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Life: Venice: In the footsteps of the locals

Venice: In the footsteps of the locals

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live: Upholstered chair in gray-Lemon

Upholstered chair in gray-Lemon

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Healthy: ASMR: What does tingling in the head mean?

ASMR: What does tingling in the head mean?