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Folding instructions for an Easter Bunny in 3D

Photo: deco & style Easter table decoration Thanks to this folding instructions, the Easter bunny comes in three dimensions this year and you can easily make this table decoration yourself. That's what you need for the Easter bunny: Computer, printer and paper glue stick Tazetta myrte Wire ring (from the florist) green foam rubber DIN A3 (alternatively PANNÅTischset from IKEA, 2.

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Pearl hyacinths in a glass jar

about 2 pots of perl hyacinths Glass jar (z. From Leonardo; Dekoladen) Easter eggs (deco shop) 1. Remove the onion and roots of the perl hyacinths by rinsing off soil. 2. Place pearl hyacinths in a glass jar. 3. Decorate the glass together with blown eggs on the windowsill.


Apple sour cream cake - late summer love!

Photo: RFF content Apple sour cream cake Ingredients (16 pieces) preparation Apple sour cream cake As the days get shorter and the nights get longer and longer, we do not let the low temperatures chase us down and enjoy the last rays of sunshine - with a hot chocolate in one hand and our apple sour cream cake in the other hand


Pumpkin with name tag

Photo: deco & style It is autumnal So simple and yet so extraordinary, with this name tag you can really trump. You need this: cream-colored solid paper (stationery department, bow from about 40 cents) 1 skewer or spike for pre-drilling the hole 1 small ornamental squash 1 dahlia flower scissors Lochzange Felt pen or fineliner in red It's that easy: 1


Carrie Underwood creams at ACMs

Carrie Underwood has been named the Entertainer of the Year at the Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards Carrie Underwood Carrie Underwood / © The singer made history at the awards ceremony in Las Vegas last night, April 18, after being the first woman to be able to win the venerable prize twice.


Oha! Florian Silbereisen: His brother reveals savory truth!

What broke the love of Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen? What destroyed the great luck? Now his brother is talking. Photo: Getty Images Eight months ago, Helene Fischer (34) and Florian Silbereisen (37) broke up. The reason seemed quite commonplace: the two were just too often separated in ten years of relationship, living apart, their love lost somewhere along the way


Wool autumn ideas How to knit: How to knit this dreamlike cushion cover

One of our favorite hobbies? Sleep! That's why we love pillowcases anyway. But with this one, we still have to shout an extra big cry of joy. Why? Well, because he is pink and also has the most beautiful smock pattern. If you fell in love with the dreamlike cuddly pillow, here is the guide. Have fun


Ian Somerhalder makes his love for Nina Dobrev official

Another pair of vampires: After a year Ian Somerhalder is standing by his girlfriend Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev / © It seems that vampires are irresistible even in real life, because obviously the actors of all the famous bloodsucker films really fall in love with each other during the filming.


My Tropical Islands getaway

Photo: Tropical Islands travelogue If the summer leaves something to be desired, why not visit the world's largest indoor rainforest? WUNDERWEIB editor Jana Andres visited the Tropical Islands. That's how it was at Tropical Islands 26 degrees Celsius, sun, sea noise ... although the Tropical Islands can not serve with the sun (apart from the solarium) it is tropical warm and the water also has a wispy temperature


live: Everything is well attached Crochet Pattern for Bärchen Magnets

Everything is well attached Crochet Pattern for Bärchen Magnets

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Life: New RTL show: Pietro Lombardi and Sarah Engels fight for survival

New RTL show: Pietro Lombardi and Sarah Engels fight for survival

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