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New Image for KiK: End With Cheap?

The image of the fashion chain KiK is not exactly the best. This should now change a PR campaign. Photo: Getty Images PR campaign is to give cheap fashion chain new reputation The image of the cheap fashion chain KiK is bad. This should now change a large-scale PR campaign. What this should do and what that means for KiK

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Nick Hornby a multi-talent?

Megalomania with Nick Hornby? Nick Hornby Nick Hornby / © Nick Hornby is famous for his books and screenplays. He was even nominated for an Academy Award for "An Education". But apparently that's not enough for the writer. He would like to work in the music industry. He wanted to work on as many things as he could, Hornby admitted.


Yvonne Catterfeld and Oliver Wnuk got a son

Yvonne Catterfeld and Oliver Wnuk Baby The Easter Bunny brought him - wrote Yvonne Catterfeld on Facebook. Together with Oliver Wnuk the singer got a son on Easter Saturday. Yvonne Catterfeld Oliver Wnuk son Photo: Getty Images The couple unpretentiously betrayed directly the name, which caused some confusion


Original gift wrap for coffee

For many, morning coffee is easy and exquisite coffee is one of the most popular gifts. How to pack it nicely, we show you here. You need this: 1 pack of coffee blue wrapping paper (department store) a little blue plaid fabric double-sided adhesive tape (eg from Tesa) Doll dishes (eg from IKEA) possibly a color matching ribbon small mocha beans (confectionery department) scissors That's how it's done: 1


Mobile Furniture: Flexible multi-talent for pushing

Photo: Impressions content Comfort meets cosiness Mobile furniture: Ripe for the island insularity sliding partition all-rounder Sofa tables for every budget 1. Twofold 2. Puristically 3. Nested Comfort meets cosiness Fully movable and changeable: Modern furniture only wants our best. We show what flexible multi-talented people can do and how they benefit from it


Andreas Gabalier: Can he still save folk music?

"I sing a song for you" Dismantling the image that involves heroes in scandals or putting them into forced retirement - the supposedly perfect world of folk music is in a serious crisis. Where a few years ago still 15 million enthusiastic fans mitschunkelten, turn off ARD and ZDF today Marianne and Michael the light, the separation of Stefan Mross and Stefanie Hertel shook the already battered Schunkel industry even more


Johannes Heesters (106): His Ten Secrets for a Long Life

Photo: Getty Images Wife Simone Rethel unveiled He can no longer see, and his hearing is no longer with him - but his will to live is still unbroken at 106 years. "At 93, my husband said for the first time that he feels old. With 93! ", Says his wife Simone Rethel (60). She has now written a book on aging ("Never say you're too old, " Westend)


With this trick you need less paper towels

Photo: iStock The trick is called "shaking and folding" ... One would think that a paper towel can not be misused. But! There's a trick, so we'll have to use a lot less kitchen paper and paper towels. After we have washed our hands in a public toilet, of course we dry them off, mostly with paper towels


18 healthy rice dishes: small grains, very big!

Our rice dishes are more than healthy - they make you slim and beautiful. Photo: RFF Rice recipes May we serve: rice. A healthy and low-calorie satiety. From the oven or pan - 18 quick recipes for colorful rice dishes. Risotto from Italy, Paella from Spain - all over the world you love the crispy, small grains

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Life: Does Harry Style hunt for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber's mothers?

Does Harry Style hunt for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber's mothers?

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Life: For skydiving: Woman takes 90 kilos

For skydiving: Woman takes 90 kilos

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Healthy: Keratitis