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We are so sad - reactions to Germanwings crash

The flight number stands on many condolences, which can be found straight on the social networks Reactions to Germanwings crash that speak from the heart It's so hard to find words for this catastrophe. Everyone is talking about the Germanwings crash and many reactions have impressed us. Right in the heart of such sentences In the morning the shock: A plane crashed

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Sweet video: Father plays with baby in the stomach

This dad can not wait to play with the baby in the stomach. Photo: Getty Images Sweet: A cheerful father plays with the exciting baby belly A pregnancy is exciting! This also finds this cute father who plays with his baby when it is still in the stomach! Has something moved there? During pregnancy, there are so many moments when you are tense and waiting for a sign of the new baby


UnderwearDirndl Bra - The best bras for a nice cleavage

More important than the dirndl itself is a seductive neckline. We show you the best Dirndl bras for all cup sizes and reveal why you need these underwear for your dirndl. With the right dirndl bra, you can skillfully stage your décolleté! Photo: PR / Ludwig & Therese Oktoberfest, forest festivals or fairy-tale - soon starts the festival season and without a dirndl goes in southern Germany, nothing is known.


Seal was unfaithful!

The couple does not always look harmonious. Does Heidi have reason to jealousy? Photo: Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd./Corbis Shocking life confession They loved him, they trusted him. But he has disappointed this trust. Over and over again. Cuddle singer Seal (47) and the women - in a shocking biography, the star now confesses his unfaithfulness


Advent coffee: Table decoration in soft pink

Pretty girlish, the table decoration in soft pink Photo: deco & style Table cover you Advent, Advent, a little light is burning. On Advent Sunday, we gather around the coffee table and there may not be missing the right table decoration. Delicate pink, a touch of white combined with pine cones and cinnamon sticks and the perfect table decoration for the Advent coffee


Kellan Lutz gets upset over Teenage Girl

Kellan Lutz can not laugh at animal lovers Kellan Lutz st_text


Helene Fischer: Breakthrough in America?

Giant whirlwind about the USA career of our hit-princess It's incredible! The America career of Helene Fischer (27) is the number one topic of conversation. Is our sweet Schlager-princess about to become a real world star? After the sensational invitation from the famous "Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas" that would be well possible.


Keep your eyes open for permanent sitting Is smoking new?

"Sit down" - a nice gesture, which is anything but friendly for the joints. Sitting does not do the body good. Not only does it start, it can also have negative effects on the cardiovascular system. Long sitting at a desk often gets in the way of the circulation. Photo: iStock // g-stockstudio We sit around 14 hours a day


Ebola: Do we have to worry about Germany?

Ebola is one of the most dangerous diseases worldwide. Photo: corbisIMAGES Deadly virus It is one of the most dangerous diseases worldwide: Ebola. A particularly aggressive virus that is fatal in most cases. 9 out of 10 people die. Experts worry: never before has the deadly virus been as widespread as it is today


Cook: Stuffed kohlrabi

Stuffed kohlrabi

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Beauty: HaartrendBlorange: Finally a trendy hair color that we can really wear

HaartrendBlorange: Finally a trendy hair color that we can really wear

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Healthy: Tampon tax: is the period luxury?

Tampon tax: is the period luxury?