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Naked naked

Robert's latest movie "Little Ashes" Millions of female fans are eagerly awaiting the second part of the "Twilight" saga, in which Robert Pattinson, a sexy vampire, finally gets to bare-chested on the screen. If you want to admire Rob Pat before in a nude scene, we have an excerpt from his latest movie "Little Ashes"

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The 6 funniest Instagram videos of the stars

Funny Instagram videos Whether in bikini, evening dress on the red carpet or unadorned in bed: The stars love to present themselves on Instagram. The fact that this not only perfectly staged images come out, but also extremely funny videos, prove these 6 celebrities. Funny stars Photo: @chrissyteigen on Instagram, @legelcke on Instagram, @lisa__official on Instagram Laughter is healthy, everyone knows that


John Travolta mourns for his dogs

John Travolta's dogs run over by transporters John Travolta & Kelly Preston John Travolta had to accept the tragic loss of his two beloved four-legged friends on Thursday, May 13th. These were run down at Bangor International Airport in Maine after the Hollywood star asked an employee to walk with the dogs


DIY tip: Make a pretty shabby chic lamp

Photo: deco & style Simply great! With these few and not at all expensive utensils you can quickly create a beautiful lamp in shabby chic style. Get started! You need this for the lamp of lace: Maxi balloon (eg of idea) paste Spitzendeckchen Lamp holder with LED or energy saving lamp Craft wire in silver (craft shop) bowl brush pin scissors And this is how it's done: 1


Helene Fischer nibbles on herbal butter

Joie de vivre is her job: Helene Fischer becomes "Gourmeggle". Photo: Meggle New advertising face The success story of Helene Fischer (28) continues. In keeping with the summer, the pop singer now advertises herbal butter, baguettes & Co. - as a brand ambassador for Meggle, she becomes a "gourmeggle"


"Big Brother" - Zickenzoff with Cosimo and Ingrid

The dispute between Cosimo and Ingrid at "Big Brother" continues Ingrid Ingrid The "Big Brother" container slowly mutates to the Zicken farm. Not only is Cosimo and Ingrid still fighting each other, but in between Lisa gets a howling spasm again and again. She is annoyed by her constant wailing, but apparently can not help it


Kristen Stewart shows the world annoyed both middle finger

Kristen Stewart rested on meeting the paparazzi Kristen Stewart / © Kristen Stewart is completely exhausted following the breakup with Robert Pattinson and could no longer control himself when the paparazzi hit her. For days Kristen Stewart did not leave the house after Robert Pattinson had left her from one moment to the next.


Football Party: Single Place Football Jersey

fabric napkin Partypicker with Germany flag Iron 1. Spread out napkin. Right side is down. 2. Fold the upper and lower edges to the middle. Turn napkin 90 degrees. 3. Unfold the two upper corners at an angle (for the shirt sleeves). 4. Lower the lower edge about 2 cm (for the collar). 5. Fold the lower, outer corners diagonally to the corner


Beer magic

Ball round and bright red, pearl-sized and pale pink: When nature brushes her fall dress and adorn bushes and trees with fruit, we can tie wonderful bouquets and arrangements. Autumnal lantern: When the evenings get longer, the lantern is used - in the seasonally appropriate berry look. Photo: Living idea Less is sometimes more: Two decorative branches of Wildrose Rosa Multiflora suffice as an ornament on a table or sideboard


live: iron furniture

iron furniture

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Life: Amy Winehouse gets sect fever

Amy Winehouse gets sect fever

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Healthy: Sport against cancer: Disease prevention through exercise

Sport against cancer: Disease prevention through exercise