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Why is this bear upright?

Photo: Screenshot YouTube / S Pugs In New Jersey, a bear walks upright through the gardens - why? At first glance, it looks funny how this bear runs upright through the area. But why he does that is not funny at all. For the past year, people in Oak Ridge, New Jersey, have been watching a bear straying upright through their neighborhoods

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"I love me!"

Not perfect, but happy These seven JOY readers have one thing in common: they are not perfect - but happy! They tell us how they managed not to break their weaknesses, but to transform them into strength. "I used to fight for size 36 all the time - today I'm working as a model!" Katharina (23), paralegal and plussize model "Have you been in the gym today


The best styling ideas for the culotte

With patterned and colorful combination partners the culotte becomes an absolute eye-catcher. Photo: Getty Images content The culotte - over-kneeling, wide-cut and mega-sweet Which top part am I wearing for the culotte? Which shoes are ideal for culottes? And what else fits the culotte? The culotte - over knee-length, wide cut and mega-casual The culotte is super-sensitive


Myway Knitting PatternKnitting the bowls yourself: Instructions for decorative bowls

It does not always have to be leather - bags made of cloth are on the rise. And the best part? We can easily knit them ourselves. Here is the free guide to it. So you knit an elegant cup! Photo: Photo: Deco & Style A bag for shopping, for a stroll with your loved one or for a date with your best friend


White dishes in the Asia style

Banana leaves (Asia shop) White dishes (eg from Ikea 365 °) Starter plate (eg from Casagent) Mueslibowl or soup bowl (eg from Ikea 365 °) Napkin (eg Bamboo by PPD) Adhesive strips (eg from Tesa) Chopsticks (Asia shop) Bastband (craft shop) ruler pencil scissors 1. Spread the banana leaves, then place the dinner plate, appetizers and soup bowl on top.


Travel Report: Berlin loves you!

Insider tips from the editor "Fat B, home on the Spree, in the summer you're doing well and in the winter it hurts. Mama Berlin - bricks and gasoline - we love your scent when we go around the houses." This and other songs about Berlin show how contrasting the German capital is. Berlin is as rich in history as hardly any other metropolis


Dizziness, eyelashes, tingling fingers - is that serious?

Suggest symptoms Tingling fingers, sudden twitching, a crack in the knee: Sometimes the body reports strange signals. What's behind it. Do you know that? It's suddenly there. This strange tingling in the arm, the dizziness , the stitches in the stomach or cracking in the knee . Often such symptoms as dizziness are completely harmless and disappear after some time by themselves


The style of Jason Statham

Star Styles at Check: Jason Statham Once upon a time, Jason Statham was number 12 among the best dive-skippers in the world. But after Brad Pitt hit the wall in Snatch, the Briton became an action star. Jason Statham Photo: When, Getty Images On the red carpet, the friend of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is anything but a hooligan


Hollywood's best kisser

Film partners unpack Some actresses have revealed which Hollywood colleagues are the best kissers. So much is betrayed in advance: Robert Pattinson, Jake Gyllenhaal and Justin Bieber are among them! We all show in the gallery. Film kisses are such a thing: on the XXL movie screen they always look maximum passionate, most tender and maximum sexy

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Life: Hartz IV: She wants to become geriatric nurse, but the office does not participate

Hartz IV: She wants to become geriatric nurse, but the office does not participate

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Life: Ulla Meinecke: There lurks the Omaschick in boat form ...

Ulla Meinecke: There lurks the Omaschick in boat form ...

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Healthy: Melissa: Wonderful healing power

Melissa: Wonderful healing power