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Nicole Scherzinger helps children with Down syndrome

Nicole Scherzinger wants to launch a music camp for disabled people Nicole Scherzinger Nicole Scherzinger / © The frontwoman of the Pussycat Dolls was inspired by her down syndrome aunt aunt and wants to reach the project people who also suffer from the known as trisomy 21 gene mutation. Scharzinger (31) told 'Talk Radio' in Los Angeles: " I grew up with my aunt who is even younger than me because my grandmother got her when she was older, she has Down syndrome, she has a very special place in my heart and is such a wonderful part of ours I used to tell the girls from the

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Win a Meet & Greet with Ross Antony

He is the fun gun on German television: Ross Antony. Get to know the friendly Englishman at an exciting meet & greet . Meet the entertainer Ross Antony Photo: © Telamo All you have to do is take part in the raffle on the occasion of the big SKL Million Show. At the SKL million show on April 29th, the dream of winning the million for one in 20 candidates becomes reality.


Rapist gets himself to feel violence

"Go fuck yourself" she hurled at him as he tried to rape her Photo: iStock "Go fuck yourself" - and then she struck back A rapist gets on with the wrong guy. He will not soon forget this attack, not only because of the court verdict ... A court just found him guilty: Mark Willis, a 39-year-old man from Gloucester, has been shown to try to rape a woman


Ian Somerhalder makes his love for Nina Dobrev official

Another pair of vampires: After a year Ian Somerhalder is standing by his girlfriend Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev / © It seems that vampires are irresistible even in real life, because obviously the actors of all the famous bloodsucker films really fall in love with each other during the filming.


Are liver spots actually contagious?

Some people have quite a few of them, others hardly have them. Birthmarks or liver spots can be congenital or develop over time. How do moles actually multiply? Photo: Istock Many people get liver spots even when they are old. Why is this and are birthmarks really contagious? We got to the bottom of it


Get The Party Started: Your favorite bloggers love the cool C & A photo campaign

Your blogger darlings keep your fingers crossed! Photo: Instagram With C & A you can now win up to € 15, 000 for the prom of your school! Win up to 15, 000 euros for the prom: What a brilliant action! That's what your favorite bloggers thought as well and as a little inspiration for you posted some cool styles for the big evening on their social media channels.


Mother's Day: Monika Droste wins the journey with her mum in the south

Photo contest for mothers and daughters What a success: Hundreds of daughters have sent a photo of themselves with their mom and written why they are the best mother-daughter team. Of course, most of you thanked your mom for Mother's Day on May 9, 2010 with beautiful words - thank you, dear daughters, for the great participation in our Mother's Day action


Bouquet of different lilacs

4 stalks of lilac in purple 6-8 stalks of lilac in white 2-3 stems snowball vase secateurs knife 1. Free the stems of the flowers from excess green. Boil stalks for longer shelf life. 2. Assemble flowers to a mixed bouquet, making the stems spirally. 3. Shorten the bouquet to the vase length with the rose scissors


Psychology: What does my Doodle mean?

What's behind all the by-works? A few squares in the diary, a flower meadow on the notepad ... In meetings or on the phone, we often decorate entire pages without thinking too much about it. What the side- scribble reveals about us - and why it makes sense. Cozy we sit on the sofa and call our best friend


Fashion: Cheap eye-catcher: Accessories under 50 euros

Cheap eye-catcher: Accessories under 50 euros

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Life: Moving video: Cancer sick man marries his big love

Moving video: Cancer sick man marries his big love

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Healthy: Tick ​​bite can trigger meat allergy

Tick ​​bite can trigger meat allergy