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Inner pictures: That's how the power of our thoughts helps us

Inner pictures make us strong. An inner picture of the sea, for example, helps to let go of old habits. Photo: Corbis content Happy and strong - through inner pictures Backpack = throw off ballast Sea = let go of habits Place of relaxation = reduce stress Crossing = making decisions consciously Light = recharge your batteries Happy and strong - through inner pictures Only with the power of our thoughts can we manage to deal better with conflicts and stress - through inner pictures

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Fascinating: This is how a make-up artist can change women

Photo: Everyone can look like a star The Russian make-up artist Vadim Andreev manages to transform every woman into a photo model - and only with make-up and brush! Pure skin, bigger eyes, a slimmer face - Vadim Andreev can make every woman's (and every man's) desire come true


8 reasons for a new Norwegian pullover

Loose pullover made of coarse knit wool. From Nümph on, about 80 euros. Photo: Manufacturer Crazy for knits & colors The cuddly trend pendant to the summery striped shirt is definitely the Norwegian pullover. Here are eight particularly beautiful specimens from the online shops for pure cuddling and well-being.


Simplify for Easter: Simple craft ideas for Easter

Brown and pink is a pretty color combination. Photo: deco & style Easter can come Easter is fast approaching and we have a few pretty crafting ideas for her in the color combination of brown and pink. Simply fantastic! You need this for paper eggs: a sheet of paper 3 different boards / papers Sewing machine and yarn pencil scissors And that's how easy it is: 1


Saving tips for the summer: So your account does not work up a sweat

The piggy bank is looking forward to it: we will show you seven summer saving tips Photo: Peter Atkins - Fotolia content Tested for you 1. Cool with pots 2. Dry a clever wash 3. Heat in the car 4. Buy books 5. Travel smart 6. Refresh tasty 7. Shopping favorably Tested for you Do not sweat with these summer savings tips


One hundred years old knits sweaters for injured penguins

Photo: Penguin Foundation How cute is that? The 109-year-old Australian Alfred Date knits pullovers for defenseless penguins! This is not a fashion statement In 2013, the animal welfare organization Victoria's Phillip Island Penguin Foundation asked for volunteers who knit sweaters for injured penguins


Do good, bear good

Fashion against AIDS Stars like Tokio Hotel, Dita von Teese and Katy Perry have designed T-shirts against AIDS. Watch the campaign video here. "Girls just wanna have safe sex


Incredible video: siblings see each other for the first time

The siblings see each other here for the very first time! Photo: Screenshot / CBS NEWS Siblings united after years This story is incredible: After years, two people find out that they have siblings. Now see you for the first time! It certainly is not easy to have an unknown background. Regardless of how loving a foster family is, many adoptive children in the course of their lives ask who they really are and where they come from


The most beautiful fashion trends for autumn 2013

Photo: Anja Poulsen Ten trend favorites Create space in the closet very quickly, the fall of 2013 has cool new fashion ideas ready! We have already selected our ten favorite fashion trends : XXL coats , wool white, gloss & gloria , animal print, pastel , plaid , pinstripe, masculine / feminine , punk and black and white


Life: 10 reasons to listen to your stomach

10 reasons to listen to your stomach

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Life: Couple retire at age 30: traveling instead of working

Couple retire at age 30: traveling instead of working

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Healthy: Being alone - power source for the soul

Being alone - power source for the soul