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The Amaryllis enchants our home

We do not want to give up the beautiful Amaryllis in winter Photo: The star of winter returns Imposing and proud - this is how the Amaryllis presents itself. With her graceful shape she creates a homely feeling and is very popular again every year. The Amaryllis, which heralds the Christmas season with its star-shaped flower in this country , finds its origin in very warm climes - in South and Central America as well as in the Caribbean

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Diether Thomas Kuhn takes on Roland Kaiser and Guildo Horn

Dieter Thomas Kuhn goes his own way. Photo: imago / Andreas Weihs "Sing hair dryer" very self-confident Confidently you can call it - or arrogant. Schlageringer Dieter Thomas Kuhn (47) revealed in an interview what he really thinks about the competition - and it did not come off really well



disease Enteritis : Definition, causes and symptoms An intestinal inflammation is a diarrheal disease. In intestinal inflammation, the intestine refuses its work. Normally, the juices in the digestive system split up carbohydrates, fats and proteins so they can be used by the body. In case of an intestinal inflammation this process is suspended


Gift wrap with leaves

Wrapping paper (department store) Gift box (department store) Adhesive tape (eg from Tesa; Department Store) Leaves (from the florist) Cord in Pink (Department Store) ranunculus 1. Wrap a banderole of wrapping paper around the gift box and fix it with adhesive tape on the back. 2. Lay the sheets on the box and fix with the drawstring


Mom Life ": Which mother can not be found here?

The photo project "Mom Life" by Anna Angenend shows the life of a mother Photo: Anna Angenend Photography The photo project "Mom Life" by the photographer Anna Angenend is funny - and somehow true The life as a young mother of a two-year-old daughter can be really exhausting - but also weirdly funny


Carrie Underwood does not care about numbers

Care Bear has no plan of success Carrie Underwood Carrie Underwood / © "I do not care, " says Carrie Underwood when it comes to her sales figures. How her successes look statistically, she has no idea. That was not always the case. In the past, the country pop star admits, she always wanted to know how many albums she sold in a week, what numbers are expected to attend her performances, and so on.


The perfect sports outfit

Contest You need a cool look to get through the winter season? We are giving away a cool sports outfit and training sessions to try out the new clothes directly. Sweepstake tailor Photo: PR Breathable, lightweight yet warming: sports outfits have a lot to do. Meanwhile, the sporty look is no longer just practical, but also very stylish


Beautiful pregnancy photos of a lesbian couple

Two pregnancies the lesbian couple has already lived through. Photo: Instagram Mel Roy The miracle of pregnancy A lesbian couple has united their two pregnancies in a wonderful photo collage. The beautiful pictures now go around the world! When Melanie and Vanessa Iris posted a photo together, they just wanted to share the wonder of pregnancy with their friends


Sara Kulka: From GNTM model to mom

Sara Kulka What is Sara Kulka doing? After her breakthrough on "Germany's Next Top Model" in 2011, the 24-year-old has experienced a lot and is now the proud mother of a small daughter. Sara Kulka Photo: Sara Kulka / Facebook Whether as a model, as a wild girl or with a pregnancy belly: Sara Kulka (23) always looks great in front of the camera


Healthy: Which yoga suits me?

Which yoga suits me?

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Life: Stéphanie from Monaco on a skiing holiday

Stéphanie from Monaco on a skiing holiday

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Healthy: Using dental floss correctly: That's how it works!

Using dental floss correctly: That's how it works!