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Cool losers: why the cool kids often end up as losers later on

Photo: Photolyric / iStock A study proves: the last will be the first The popular, cool kids from school often end up as losers. Many suspected this for a long time - a new study proves it now. She was the first of the girls who came to school make-up. She looked great (so grown up by the make-up) and also had a boyfriend very early

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My 15 minutes of fame "exposed Jennifer Knapp Wilkinson puts an end to prejudice

People around the world have already laughed at Jennifer Knapp Wilkinson for dropping off a scooter in a supermarket. But she does away with the prejudices. So many people have laughed about Jennifer Knapp Wilkinson, but she has a strong message for her. Photo: Jennifer Knapp Wilkinson / Quota If you look at Jennifer Knapp Wilkinson's picture for the first time, you probably only realize that an overweight woman has slid off an electric vehicle


That reveals your favorite ice cream about your character

That reveals your favorite ice cream about your character. Photo: thinkstock Vanilla Longweiler or Chocolate Optimist? Summer, sun, sunshine - there comes a ball of ice just right. Whether you are a vanilla bored or a chocolate optimist, the look in our ice cream card tells you. Who can resist this temptation


This old clothes finder is something very special

Stuffed into some bag and thrown away carelessly - that's how it is with most old clothes. Cheap bought and little worn: Many owners are no longer hanging on the old parts. Things went quite differently for a bridal gown, which employees of an English clinic found in their clothing donations. This wedding dress has a touching message Photo: Facebook Almost the little note that a loving husband had attached to the dress was lost, and with it also his moving message: "I wish the woman who wears this dress a happy life with her sweetheart, just like me for 56 happy years, I was blessed to


So you wear shorts, even if you do not have 38

Plus size girls can look good in shorts Photo: tracdelight / content Plus size and still shorts: Yes, why not? Even with shorts you can do a bit of tricking The A and O at plus size shorts You might like these shorts: Plus size and still shorts: Yes, why not? Even with shorts you can do a bit of tricking Many women have shorts in the wardrobe, but NEVER wear them


Red roses every year

Happy as ever: Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and his lady of the heart Maria Teresa Photo: Getty Images Palace whispers On Valentine's Day, the ghosts part. Some of them are enthusiastic and give flowers, sweets or expensive ones to others, others ignore the date unperturbed because they think they are doing business after this day of remembrance


Who will be the new Miss Do-it-yourself?

At the "Miss Do-it-yourself" competition, we will send a reader for the WOHNIDEE and the "Laura WOHNEN kreativ" to the race. Best home improvement Germany wanted - apply now! If you prefer to shop in hardware stores and craft shops, than in shoe shops and know how to deal with paint roller, jigsaw and cordless screwdriver, you should now apply for the title Miss Do-it-yourself


Lavender table decoration: flowers and lights

Glass basket or low bottle basket Different high glasses lanterns small bouquets single flowers Put a glass basket or a low bottle basket with glasses of different heights and use them partly as vases or lanterns.


The trend comeback of the Adilette

This is Jane Wayne blogger Nike van Dinther, of course, has long recognized the Adiletten trend - and carries the classic to the blue-white summer outfit. Photo: instagram / nikejane Now there are even designer flip-flops She has always been practical, but now she is even hip! The Adilette is back, following the trend follow-up to the Birkenstock revival and even inspires Dior designer Raf Simons for himself


Life: Ship your Enemies Glitter: glitter letters for the dearest enemies

Ship your Enemies Glitter: glitter letters for the dearest enemies

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Life: Mindfulness: breathe, go, feel me ...

Mindfulness: breathe, go, feel me ...

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Healthy: Gastrointestinal InfluenzaWhat helps against Norovirus now?

Gastrointestinal InfluenzaWhat helps against Norovirus now?