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Baby number two comes: Robbie Williams dances in the delivery room

Robbie Williams: Second Baby Birth The time has come: Robbie Williams becomes a father for the second time and could not hide his pleasure. After the dance through the contractions is now also known as the baby of Robbie and Ayda! Robbie Willams baby name Photo: Screenshot / Youtube content Update October 30, 10:30 am: Robbie misses out on how family growth is Update October 29, 2014, 12 noon: Live from the birth canal - the name of the baby is revealed Update October 30, 10:30 am: Robbie reveals what the family growth means Robbie Williams baby show via Twitter is not over yet


Madeleine & Chris: They say thank you!

Prince William is solo again. Photo: WireImage Maps and Facebook Anyone who used to write to the royals for weddings, birthdays, birthdays or anniversaries and provided a "small" gift, could be sure to find a personal thank you, printed on handmade paper and decorated with a crown, in the mailbox


Seven ways to mindfulness

Head and body in harmony Whatever you do, do it with 100 percent! The new magic word in psychology is called "mindfulness". Become happier by mindfulness Photo: Thinkstock The method of concentrating on the moment in every situation and thus reconciling the mind and body makes you more relaxed, more effective and happier


Body CrazeShe was a fitness model, but in reality she was just lonely

A photo posted by Madelyn Moon (@madelynmoon) on Jan 26, 2016 at 4:17 pm She is beautiful, fit and has what many women want. Nevertheless, fitness model Madelyn is unhappy with her life. "I have not got my period, lost all friends and had the worst bloating of my life, " is how Madelyn from Colorado describes her career as a fitness model


Queen Elizabeth: Your guard got the scabies in Germany

The Guard of the Queen has the scabies ... Photo: picture alliance / Photoshot / epa-Bildfunk Crawling souvenir Since the Queen (86) should be more than "not amused". More than a hundred of their Coldstream guardsmen are said to have infected themselves in Germany with scabies . The Coldstream Guard is one of Queen Elizabeth's personal regiments guarding Windsor Castle


Knit Knitting Bag: The homemade knitting bag is our new favorite piece!

Knitting bag yourself: With our instructions, you can knit this fashionable bag yourself. You can easily knit this bag yourself Photo: Lana Grossa NEEDLES & OTHERS 1 Milward circular needle size 3.5 mm, length 40 cm 35 x 50 cm lining material (Free Spirit Classics, QGP7000-0ICEE) 31 x 50 cm iron-on nonwoven line (eg saddle pad S520 from Freudenberg Interlining SE & Co


Lea Michele loves her full breasts

Lea Michele likes to let her bosom public Lea Michele / Twitter May we expect nude photos of Lea Michele soon? The "Glee" actress seems to be so proud of her breasts that she likes to show it. In a TV interview, she at least confirmed that everything was beautiful nature with her: "These are all mine


Désirée Nosbusch: Why can not she keep her luck?

Désirée Nosbusch is a confident, purposeful woman. Photo: Getty Images After the separation Beautiful, clever and successful she is, only with love there are problems ... Just three months ago, Désirée Nosbusch (48) admitted in the talk show by Markus Lanz: Yes, she was in love. And the moderator revealed in whom: "We talk about Dieter Zetsche.&qu


Life: Kristen Stewart's terrifying slimming tricks for Breaking Dawn

Kristen Stewart's terrifying slimming tricks for Breaking Dawn

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Life: Sophia Thomalla loves a Rammstein rocker

Sophia Thomalla loves a Rammstein rocker

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Healthy: Nicotine or additives: what makes a cigarette deadly?

Nicotine or additives: what makes a cigarette deadly?