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Real or fake? This shark selfie shocks the world

Photo: World News Daily Report

A selfie in every situation

This shocking selfie is just around the world. The question that concerns us all: Is it real or just a bad joke?

Shortly before his death, a man should have made this last selfie of himself. The image should have been automatically uploaded to his Facebook page. Especially tragic: The young man had just married. But he only has a few hours left with his newly wedded wife. Because this shark selfie ended fatally.

Really shocking this story, which was published a few days ago on the online portal World News Daily Report. But we can give the all-clear: the story is of the deadly shark selfie is a huge fake!

In the portal, which put the article on the net, it is a satire platform similar to the German portal Der Postillon . The man in the picture is actually a well-known star. Fans may recognize him by his tattoos. It is none other than Pete Wentz, Bassisst of the band Fall Out Boy . The shocking shark selfie was composed of two shots. Once again a good example of what great waves a Photoshop production can beat.