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Decision for cars and against children

In the city, the roads are often too narrow for children and cars to have space at the same time
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"Temporary play street" in Berlin in court

A local resident does not want their street closed to cars once a week for a few hours for children to play. What the court says ...

Actually, one knows the Prenzlauer Berg exactly the other way round: The district of Berlin is considered particularly rich in children and friendly. For example, the term "latte-macchiato-mom", which allegedly spends the day only in a café with a stroller, has its origin here. But now the quite controversial, but popular part of Berlin suddenly shows its unfriendly side. The kids should go, the street is there for cars!

It's about Gudvanger Street. Since the end of May, once a week it has been closed to cars, so that the children of the residents have a little more space to play and not, as urban children so often the case, only in the apartment grow up. It was also repeatedly pointed out that there are few playgrounds in the area . Every Tuesday between 10 and 18 o'clock it said therefore: Stop all cars, now it's the children's turn! Cars should not drive through or park.

This restriction of her freedom of movement on one of seven days a week disturbed a resident so much that she wanted to ban the so-called "temporary play street" by a court.

And indeed: The judges are now stopping the children and giving the cars priority. They justify their urgent decision with the fact that a game road is not an "event" - only then would the blocking be legal. Unlike a street party, a gaming street has neither program nor content. Children and their well-being do not seem to be an argument against the bureaucratic rules.

Even if the whole project was in any case before the summer break and was limited to October: Pity!

That's the way it is in the city: in a small space many people live with very different needs . It works best when everyone is willing to compromise and give valuable space. And in this case, it was even a place only once a week. A parking lot.

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