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How to make this chair the favorite place

You need this: Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS Belt in dark blue (hardware store) tape measure scissors Möbeltacker upholstery nails hammer And this is how it's done: 1) Cut the belt according to the chair width and depth. First staple sections longitudinally close to the chair. Weave the parts in the transverse direction through the other straps, creating a seat without gaps.


How nice is that Nicole: Enchanting family happiness with 54! Now she reveals her sweet secret!

Is it a miracle or just a good lifestyle? Singer Nicole looks really fit at the age of 54 and reveals her "sweet" secret. , Photo: Getty Images / Tristar Media content Your "sweet" secret New album There are no coincidences Singer Nicole (54) has no problem getting older in her own words


To the pots, ready, delicious! "Recipe: Oven pommes with homemade ketchup

The children's cooking show To the pots, ready, delicious! runs every Sunday at 9:55 am on the Disney Channel. Naughty recipe of the second season: Oven pommes with homemade tomato ketchup. Pommes red in healthy form: Homemade it tastes best! Photo: Disney content Homemade fries with ketchup are healthy Ingredients for the oven fries Ingredients for the ketchup Preparation of oven fries Preparation of ketchup Fries with ketchup are unhealthy - and yet she loves (almost) every kid


To the pots, ready, delicious! "Recipe: Quinoa sushi with avocado, cucumber and smoked salmon

The children's cooking show To the pots, ready, delicious! Runs every Sunday at 9:55 am on the Disney Channel. New season two recipe: quinoa sushi with cucumber, avocado and salmon. Sushi with a twist: instead of rice, these sushi porridges are made from quinoa Photo: Disney content Quinoa contains minerals and vitamins Ingredients for quinoa sushi Preparation of quinoa sushi Quinoa are cereal-like seeds (pseudo-cereals) cooked to have a consistency similar to rice


To the pots, ready, delicious! "Children's Recipe: Paprika with lentil and sheep's cheese filling

The children's cooking show To the pots, ready, delicious! runs every Sunday at 9:55 am on the Disney Channel. Tasty second season recipe: stuffed peppers with lentils and feta. The peppers are filled with lentils, spring onions, feta and spices Photo: Disney content Red lentils are full of nutrients Ingredients for 2 stuffed peppers Preparing the filled paprika Legumes are full of fiber


To the pots, ready, delicious! "Children's cooking show recipe: Calzone

The children's cooking show To the pots, ready, delicious! (Disney Channel) runs every Sunday at 9:55. A delicious second season recipe: a calzone. This calzone is filled with cottage cheese, artichoke hearts, beef tomatoes and prosciutto Photo: Disney content Combine unloved artichoke with beloved pizza Ingredients for 4 pieces Calzone Preparation of the calzone The artichoke is considered the queen of vegetables: it contains beta carotene, B vitamins, calcium and iron - so everything that needs such a growing child's body


To the pots, ready, delicious! "Children's cooking show recipe: chicory potato casserole

The children's cooking show To the pots, ready, delicious! (Disney Channel) launches on Sunday, February 18 at 9:55 clock in the second round. A recipe from the second season: the chicory sweet potato casserole. This healthy chicory sweet potato casserole also tastes great with children Photo: Disney content Combine bitter foods with sweeties Ingredients for the chicory sweet potato casserole Preparation of chicory sweet potato casserole Chicory contains a lot of potassium, calcium and vitamins B1, B2 and C - the ideal mix of nutrients for children


For dear guestsDinner for One: The menu of the New Year's Eve classic

Dishes like Miss Sophie in the short film "Dinner for One". With this menu your New Year's Eve dinner will be incomparably good! Have fun cooking. Mulligatawny Soup is the first course of the "Dinner for One". Photo: (c) RFF content Appetizer: Mulligatawny Soup (Indian "Firewater") Main course: Chicken with Champagne (champagne chicken) Intermediate: North Sea Haddock Dessert: Fruit Salad The first broadcast took place on March 8, 1963 on German television and since then the cult classic " Dinner for One " in German households is an integral part of t


Lifehack pouring out of a Tetra Pack - nothing goes the wrong way

Whenever you want to pour milk, juice or whatever else is in Tetra Pak, do you miss something? By contrast, this simple trick helps. Never again does something wrong with this trick Photo: iStock Actually, we have already filed our bib long ago and now quite well out, as it is, with the right table manners


Hearty little balls warm the soul: delicious recipes

meatballs Meatballs can be different too: Three delicious ideas with meatballs! Photo: RFF content Baked meatballs in tomato sauce Hack mushroom risotto with thyme Stuffed meatballs with carrots something different. Whether spicy baked, spicy stuffed or noble in the risotto - they all make happy ... Baked meatballs in tomato sauce Lasagne 2


The Fastest Brownie Recipe - 2 Ingredients!

The secret of this brownie recipe: creamy whipped eggs. Photo: iStock Cake recipes Baking is not your thing, snacking already? Then we have just the thing for you: the fastest brownie recipe in the world. A jar of Nutella and four eggs - nothing else is needed to conjure up this chocolatey cake pleasure


Quick pasta sauce - without cooking

Photo: RFF Pasta recipes Pasta makes you happy. And these very special. Not because the pasta sauce is simmering for hours - on the contrary. Our quick pasta sauce cooks almost by itself. And overnight. From the fridge, to the mouth - this fast noodle sauce is not boiled, but marinated in olive oil overnight


Tomato Sauce for the Pizza: The Pizza Sauce Recipe

Making a tomato sauce for the pizza itself takes no longer than three minutes. Photo: iStock content Tomato sauce for pizza ingredients preparation Tomato sauce for pizza Only with the right tomato sauce is a pizza perfect. Bright red in the color and wonderfully fruity in the taste - this is the taste of sun-ripened pizza


Fast Pizza: pizza davela lightning recipe

The fastest pizza in the world - an Italian-Mexican pizza pizza. Photo: Fotolia Pizza and Quesadilla Today, we are looking forward to this quick pizza treat - an irresistible liaison between Pizza and Quesadilla. Baked in 15 minutes. If it must go fast again ... we serve an irresistibly delicious pizza pizza


Cacio e Pepe - Spaghetti with only 2 ingredients!

Photo: Fotolia Fast pasta Cheese and pepper - nothing else is needed to conjure up the pasta classic Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe. The only prerequisite: a good piece of pecorino cheese and freshly ground black pepper. Here you can taste quality! We love the Italian cuisine. And the simple even more so. Our new favorite dish: Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe - refined with grated pecorino and black pepper


Three ingredient recipe for chili con carne

Photo: iStock Spicy minced meat stew This recipe for chili con carne is prepared in no time. A fool-proof recipe closer to the original Chili con Carne than you think. A chili con carne of three ingredients can not taste? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! The original recipe for Chili con Carne provides even fewer ingredients


Marzipan cake - made from only two ingredients

Almonds or amaretto? Nothing like that! This marzipan cake is made of marzipan and eggs. Photo: RFF Marzipan cake is the fastest cake in the world If it needs to go fast again ... this marzipan cake is just the thing. Marzipan and eggs - nothing else is needed to conjure this cake. The simplest cake in the world: a marzipan cake


Slimming RecipesLow Carb Chicken Salad - 2-Ingredient Recipe

An avocado chicken salad - refined with watercress and walnut kernels. Chicken salad with avocado You still have some leftover meat from the previous day? Wonderful! Within minutes, you can conjure up a low carbohydrate chicken salad. What would the summer be without crickets - without summer salads and without meat


For avocado fans Fiesta Mexikana: Recipes with guacamole

Avocados are more popular than ever. Guacamole tastes not only in Mexican cuisine, but also on a sandwich. The original recipe from Mexico! A hard avocado ripens faster if you put it to an apple. Photo: RFF content guacamole Chicken burger with mango salsa and guacamole Hot chicken nuggets with guacamole Puff pastry slices with smoked salmon and rocket White bread with a cream of avocado Enchilada style pancake with chicken and guacamole Chicken slices Mexico in taco bowl Tramezzini with avocado cream The guacamole is certainly not one of the most delicious delicacies on a buffet, but one of th


This smoothie recipe is zest for self-mixing!

Happiness recipes: Smoothies are the daily portion of happiness to drink. Photo: iStock Drink you happy! Smoothies are the daily portion of health and fitness in the glass! And they are really happy. Here's a quick and delicious recipe - ready in 10 minutes. A great power kick for in between! Smoothies are not only really tasty, but also very healthy with the right ingredients


Fast vegan recipes with pictures - that's how easy it is

Our vegan recipes are diverse, creative and varied. Photo: Shutterstock content Vegan diet Just warm food gently Reduce oil consumption Soak nuts and seeds Sweet alternatives The domestic kitchen garden Vegan diet Feeding vegan means giving up for many. A negatively charged word. Anyone who has dealt with vegan nutrition , knows how diverse, creative and varied vegan recipes can be


Oreo in the bacon coat: The craziest Oreo recipe ever

Photo: Fotolia Oreo recipe We all agree: This Oreo recipe is the craziest we've ever seen. Creamy Oreo biscuits, wrapped in a crispy coat of bacon - a special culinary treat! We love Oreo cookies. And because we can not get enough of the little delicacies, we turn them into many delicacies - an Oreo cake, an Oreo Nutella milkshake and an Oreo bacon bite

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