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Slimming RecipesLow Carb Chicken Salad - 2-Ingredient Recipe

An avocado chicken salad - refined with watercress and walnut kernels.

Chicken salad with avocado

You still have some leftover meat from the previous day? Wonderful! Within minutes, you can conjure up a low carbohydrate chicken salad.

What would the summer be without crickets - without summer salads and without meat? A pity only when the grilled delights in the evening in the bin. And that's exactly why we are preparing an irresistibly delicious chicken salad from our grill leftovers.

Two ingredients - nothing else is needed to prepare our chicken salad. A crispy roasted chicken breast in duet with an aromatic avocado - that's how the fast form of haute cuisine tastes. And if you like it more elaborate, refine your chicken salad with everything you want - with fruity tomatoes, fine mango pieces, crisp cashews and a sparkling lime.

The best part: Our chicken salad does not need any carbohydrates. But the avocado ... Yes, exactly - the avocado: polyunsaturated fatty acids that regulate the metabolism and ensure that our pads are broken down on the thighs and abdomen. Fat does not make you fat!

Quick chicken salad - that's how it works

  • Halve an avocado, remove the core, remove the pulp from the skin and cut into small cubes.
  • Mix with the chicken from the previous day.
  • Season with salt and pepper and refine as desired.

A little tip: Our avocado chicken salad tastes particularly delicious on a bagel or baguette and as a spread on a sandwich. Grill fun - the second!

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