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10 questions that we would like to ask Diddl once personally

But honestly Diddl ...
Photo: Armelle Duhaupas

These things we would like to ask the Diddl mouse once

Although we all know Diddl for so many years, there are some secrets that have not yet been revealed. We would like to ask Diddl these questions only once.

Question 1: Which shoe size do you have?

This question really burns us a long time. At least we are not surprised that Diddl is mostly found barefoot. Shoes of this size (and especially shape) are likely to be in short supply.

Question 2: Are you really in a bad mood?

Diddl is internationally known for its positive charisma. But this mouse certainly has a bad day, right?

Question 3: What makes you angry?

We would really like to know what topics such a special mouse is really upset about.

Question 4: What is your last name?

Did Diddl have one? If so, why do not we know him?

Question 5: What do you say to the allegations that you are too cheesy?

There are actually only two possibilities with Diddl: Either one hates or loves the mouse. What Diddl would like to say to his opponents ...

Question 6: Are your friends jealous of your success?

Pimboli, Galupy and Co. finally had to settle for the violin.

Question 7: How does one feel at 25?

On 24.08. Diddl celebrated his 25th birthday - a proud age that the mouse has reached. Reason enough to check it out.

Question 8: Where do you see yourself at the age of 50?

The production of Diddl products was discontinued in 2014. In his success Diddl could easily go into early retirement and somewhere relaxed, the sun shine on his stomach. But does he want that at all?

Question 9: What do you think of Mickey Mouse?

Competitor or friend? Maybe even a distant relative? Diddl's relationship is finally huge and diverse.

Question 10: Do you ever want to have children?

Maybe the relationship between Diddl and Diddlina is something serious and for eternity. A few little mini-diddls would be nice there.

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