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The most expensive dog in the world - That's what a Tibet mastiff looks like for 1.4 million!

Tibetan mastiffs are considered good protectors and are very loyal
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Pet fair in China

Incomprehensible! At a luxury pet fair in the Chinese province of Zhejiang, a young dog has been sold for the equivalent of 1.4 million euros . Thus, the one-year-old golden Tibet Mastiff is by far the most expensive dog in the world .

Why the Chinese broker invested so much money in a dog? The Tibetan Mastiffs, with their thick mane, look like lions and are also very rare. The most expensive dog in the world is 80 centimeters tall and weighs already proud 90 kilos. His dogs have "Löwenblut", says the breeder Zhang Gengyun the absurdly high price.

Dogs as a status symbol

What seems strange to us is not unusual for many rich Chinese people. Instead of bragging about chic cars or big houses, they now hold the huge dogs as status symbols - that drives up the prices! Already in 2011, a red Tibetan mastiff named "Hong Dong" was sold for the equivalent of 1.1 million euros.

However, an industry insider said: "Behind many of the expensive sales are actually breeders who sway each other, and in reality, no money flows." With these agreements, the breeders artificially inflate the value of their dogs.

A funny anecdote at the end: Last year, a Chinese zoo had put a mastiff as a lion double in the empty lion cage - unfortunately without success. Because the pitiful barking let the fraud fly up very quickly.