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Mama Blogger VerenaHow to bring my baby to sleep

Mama blogger Verena with her son Leonard.

Verena blogs for about pregnancy, babies and the normal family insanity

Hello, I'm Verena and for 10 months mother of a small sunshine. At the moment I am pregnant with our second angel, whom we can welcome at the end of September.

I am 28 years old and live with my husband, our son Leonard (10 months) and our Australian Shepherd-dog Nala in the beautiful Ruhr area :)

Today I'll tell you how to get my baby to sleep

A small evening routine is helpful to small mice from the beginning, as they learn that the day is coming to an end and it is bedtime.

Small rituals can help a lot to convey this to our baby.

After we had the evening meal, Leonard is bathed or washed. Playing and cuddling a bit will give everyone a lot of fun. Then he is nicely creamed, cleaned the little teeth and very important: He gets his sleeping things . Thus, he now knows that his day is coming to an end.

We then let down the shade together, so that his room is dark and projecting to the nursery ceiling a starry sky, which is integrated into a hippopotamus stuffed animal and after 40 minutes at the latest by itself.

About his mobile sounds a soft sleep song. If you like, you can alternatively take a music box. Depending on how the little prince is on it, he falls asleep in his cot.

At the moment he is very active and prefers to pull himself up by his bedsticks and grins mischievously at me. Thus, he sleeps more on my arm and then I can put him after a certain time in his cot.

Best regards and pleasant nights,

your Verena

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