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Out of HollywoodHappy in retirement: What is Cameron Diaz doing today?

Granted, we were not really surprised by Cameron Diaz's secret pension. But what is the cult blonde doing now? On the lazy skin are hardly so! Photo: Tibrina Hobson / Contributor / Getty Images content Secretly retired - really now? Retired Cameron Diaz: Because of sweet idleness! What makes Cameron so happy


Summer knittingKnitting pattern for a poncho with lace pattern and fringes

We left the winter behind with our winter clothes. As a substitute, for example, we would have to offer this poncho in suncolors! With its yellow color, the poncho is perfect for the summer. Photo: DROPS Design A / S Size: S / M - L / XL - XXL / XXXL You need this for the poncho: DROPS MELODY from Garnstudio (belongs to yarn group D) 250-300-350 g color 14, vanilla DROPS ESKIMO from Garnstudio (belongs to yarn group E) 50-100-100 g color 01, natural DROPS ROUND NEEDLE (40 or 60 and 80 cm) No


20% discount in the Wunderweib ShopThe Glow Mystery of the Geishas

What do old books have to do with beauty? The ancient beauty formulas of the geishas of 1800 have long been forgotten - until they rediscovered a foundress and modernized it. You also want the glow of geishas? Shop now our absolute insider tip: the high-quality cream and to the face care coordinated Jaderoller Tozaime


Get rid of skin problems Why chemistry has nothing to look for in my facial care

Why I no longer feel like chemistry in my cosmetics and what pimples, dryness and wrinkles have to do with your care routine, I tell you now. Photo: Acaraa / Franziska Arendt Three pillars of a beautiful skin: nutrition, water and good skincare Whether wrinkles, pimples, dryness or dark circles, a beautiful skin depends on three main factors: your diet, much water (you know the game) and your skin care


Activated carbon pimples? You can do that to get pure, fine-pored skin!

Your skin tends to pimples from time to time? That does not have to be! We'll tell you how to effectively cleanse your facial skin - without irritating it unnecessarily! Your skin tends to blemishes? We'll tell you, we'll take care of you! Photo: Vizerskaya / iStock Impurities, such as blackheads or small pimples, can have a number of causes: stress, one-sided nutrition and improper care can bring our skin out of balance


Healthy tanYou need to do that to become healthy and crispy brown

In summer we wish a sun-kissed complexion - but please healthy and sustainable! To make your tan so natural this summer, we'll tell you what to do before you sunbathe. We all wish that to us: a healthy and long-lasting tan. Photo: jeffbergen / iStock To keep our tan ultra-long and natural this summer, we boost our body's own melatonin production


New skin care trend CBD oil: What can the new miracle cure for wrinkles and acne?

CBD oil is not only on everyone's lips, but now also in our face. Why? It is THE new miracle cure for wrinkles and pimples. Photo: iStock / Tinnakorn Jorruang Food, wellness and beauty - right now you just can not get past the ingredient of marijuana. Especially dermatologists and dermatologists swear by the innovative skincare - especially for inflammatory skin diseases such as rosacea and acne, it achieves sensational treatment results


Beauty myths: what's right and what's just a rumor?

For the perfect skin and shiny hair, we know a variety of tricks, but which really help? Beauty tricks in the test Photo: unsplash / sarah comeau We picked seven beauty myths and checked exactly what was behind them. 1. Toothpaste helps against pimples A big pimple has formed directly on your forehead


Daily Hygiene3 Things Intimate Wash Lotion Can Do For You!

Simply use shower gel? Please do not! That's why an intimate wash lotion is important to us. Intimate wash lotion - let's talk about it! Photo: iStock / oleg66 content This care helps That's why we swear on intimate wash lotion And you can also use these products wonderfully for care in the home area: Half the day we are busy with the care of our body


Clean clear pores - this is how it works effectively and simply

Secretly, we wish you radiant, rosy and super smooth skin. What we do not need at all: enlarged pores. We'll tell you how and with what products you can cleanse your pores. Clean pores: Step by step to clear skin Photo: Sasha_Suzi / iStock Probably all Sex and the City fans can remember the scene when Charlotte York reports from her SSB (for those who did not watch the show: Secret Single Behavior )


Hand care for the whole yearSpecial hand cream 2018: slug and caviar?

Do you already have a really good and special hand cream ? These are our four favorites for 2018 - and they're in the Wunderweib Shop! Hand cream - our daily companion! Photo: iStock / iprogressman Hand cream . Of course, you always have it with you. Thanks to regular care, the problem with dry hands can be dealt with relatively quickly


Getting rid of or getting used to it - that way you can remove stretch marks if they bother you

Stretch marks mean mental stress for many women and men. We'll show you three ways to remove the scars. Stretch marks are completely natural. Nevertheless, we would sometimes feel more self-conscious without them Photo: iStock / Delmaine Donson Our skin tells a story. Our scars and moles - they are all milestones of life and associated with the one or the other story that we sometimes even tell our closest friends


Never again itching.This is the best shampoo for dry scalp

Which shampoo for dry scalp is actually the best? We introduce you to our three favorites, so you can choose the one that suits you best. A dry scalp shampoo finally puts an end to itching Photo: iStock / The best shampoo for dry scalp Can you feel it too? Yes? This slight tingling ? Or is it even an intrusive itching that you can not ignore anymore


Facial cleansing with impurities That is why the Black Head Mask is our beauty favorite

Black Head masks work their way through to the last pore and thoroughly cleanse our skin of blackheads. We will tell you our three favorites here! A black head mask is the perfect complement to daily facial cleansing - and we totally love it! Photo: iStock / Jacob Ammentorp Lund The daily cleansing of our skin is at least as important as the daily brushing


Healthy and beautiful hair Why we swear on deep cleansing shampoo

Deep Cleansing Shampoo removes debris, prevents hair loss and makes your mane shine - provided you have the right one for your type! Deep cleansing shampoo: At least as important as the toothpaste. But which one do you fit your hair type? Photo: iStock / MihailUlianikov To help our hairs fit perfectly , we usually use a lot of products to keep them in shape


Face CreamFour years of protection: These creams are the answer to UV radiation

UV radiation is harmful to the skin - even in winter! With these sun creams for the face you protect yourself and prevent skin aging. Sunscreen for the face is not only important in beach holidays! Photo: iStock / Wavebreakmedia While we take refuge in the shadows in the middle of summer to escape their rays, we miss them all the more as soon as the cold months are back: the sun


Combing hair properlyMore order on the head: The right hairbrush for every type

The right hairbrush not only makes us look good, it also cares for our hair and scalp. But which is suitable for your hair type? Straight hair or curls? That's the right brush for you! Photo: iStock / vadimguzhva Bad Hair Day - the epitome of a nightmare - well, or at least something very ugly. You have the most important date of your life - a promising job interview or the long-awaited date with your maybe dream partner - and your hair just does not want to lie right


Combat celluliteWith these means you hide dents in your skin

Cellulite is not bad, but somehow annoying. You're the same? Then we have three great anti-orange peel remedies for you! Fighting cellulite made easy: With these miracle remedies finally succeed Photo: iStock / PetrePlesea Orange peel puts millions of women - whether slim or curvy - before the supposedly biggest challenge of their lives: How can I finally get rid of the unsightly dents on the buttocks and thighs


The right facial cleansing3 Reasons why micellar water is easy to care for the face

Micellar water is our absolute favorite for make-up removal and removal of dirt! Therefore, you should immediately change the facial tissue and Co against the miracle cure. Micellar water is the secret of facial cleansing and should not be missed in daily care Photo: iStock / robertprzybysz content What is micellar water


Long eyelashes make-up The best mascara for more volume

Are you still looking for the best mascara for more volume, more length or extra care? We tested mascaras and these are our top 3! The best mascara is different for each type. Here you can find out which mascara suits you Photo: iStock / Sharlotta Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not spread the Tolle-Eyelash-Gene evenly: too short eyelashes, too light eyelashes, too few eyelashes - many know that


Less is more3 Professional tips for a natural make-up

A natural make-up is sometimes harder to make up than a strong party look. But it does not have to be that way! It's easy with these professional tips. A natural make-up emphasizes your personality rather than painting it Photo: iStock / misuma Some women just have it out. They always look perfect, have a flawless complexion and always bright eyes


Perfumes to dream into the distanceGood Note: These women's fragrances never end the summer

From fresh to flowery: These summery women's fragrances put an end to the everyday blues! So that not only on the beach summer feelings arise: These are the best women's fragrances 2018. Photo: iStock / LightFieldStudios We would like to have summers personally all year long. Stare somewhere without stress on the sea and watch the sun glittering, experiencing this light and carefree existence and drinking a glass of sparkling rosé.

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