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Get rid of skin problems Why chemistry has nothing to look for in my facial care

Why I no longer feel like chemistry in my cosmetics and what pimples, dryness and wrinkles have to do with your care routine, I tell you now.

Photo: Acaraa / Franziska Arendt

Three pillars of a beautiful skin: nutrition, water and good skincare

Whether wrinkles, pimples, dryness or dark circles, a beautiful skin depends on three main factors: your diet, much water (you know the game) and your skin care. If you eat a lot of fresh foods, you prevent more toxins from entering your body than necessary, and when you drink enough, you help detoxify your body. However, this inner care will only bring little benefit to your skin if you then smother it with bad cosmetics from the outside.

Toxins can be responsible for problematic skin

I only care for my skin with the power of nature. Yes, this phrase sounds a bit crazy at first, but it is. In the meantime I have no desire for unnecessary chemistry anymore and why, if there are so many high-quality natural cosmetic alternatives? Dark circles, wrinkles, dryness, pimples: All of this can also come from toxins in our body, so why put more artificial stuff on my skin?

I believe that these things are good for my skin

Long Story short: Instead of having the whole bathroom cabinet full of cheap products with bad ingredients, I now choose my jars and vials much more carefully and use them more sparingly. At the moment I am mainly counting on three products from the brand ACARAA:

  • The Natural Face Crème: Provides long-lasting moisture and protects against harmful environmental influences
  • Natural Face Serum: nourishes the skin with natural hyaluronic acid and prevents wrinkles with its anti-aging properties
  • The Vitamin C Eye Serum: Provides a fresh look and tightens the eye area

What I do besides:

  • Eat plenty of unsprayed vegetables and unrefined foods
  • Drink a lot of water (at least three liters)
Meine Erfahrung: Diese Naturkosmetik verwende ich am liebsten
At the moment I prefer to use this natural cosmetics

This is how I take care of my skin in the morning and in the evening

  1. Wash face: Sure, first clean the dirt and pores
  2. Dab face dry: rubbing may otherwise favor wrinkles
  3. The order makes it: Use quality products, always start with the lightest and then work your way to the rich. Means: Massage first eye serum and facial serum and then apply the face cream

My new collection

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I also like these natural cosmetics

But there are many other cool natural cosmetics. So you can replace every single aspect of your beauty routine, in which natural cosmetics is important to you, or just about anything that you use on the face, through high-quality alternatives.

For deep cleansing, once a week, you can try out, for example, the Dead Sea mask of Natura Pur:

My new collection

But not only cleaning and care can be well covered with natural cosmetics, make-up is catching up more and more. Of course, the most important thing here is the foundation, after all, it comes pretty straight to the face. A good, natural foundation and the matching concealer are available, for example, from AND GRETEL:

My new collection

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