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The right facial cleansing3 Reasons why micellar water is easy to care for the face

Micellar water is our absolute favorite for make-up removal and removal of dirt! Therefore, you should immediately change the facial tissue and Co against the miracle cure.

Micellar water is the secret of facial cleansing and should not be missed in daily care
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  1. What is micellar water?
  2. 1. Micellar water removes any kind of deposits
  3. 2. Micellar water is suitable for every skin type
  4. 3. Micellar water shortens the make-up time

You are tired of scrubbing your face for hours and still end up with make-up remnants on your skin ? These attempts of facial cleansing are not particularly gentle - redness and irritation are often the result. Especially if you still have very sensitive skin . The solution for those who want to gently rid their skin of make-up and dirt : Micelle water .

What is micellar water?

Micelles are small groups of molecules that are both fat-loving and water-loving. The great advantage of micellar water is that they can remove residue that is soluble in fat and water-soluble make-up remnants . They attract the dirt like a small magnet - and without much mechanical effort such as pressure or rubbing.

Where usually different products and a lot of time are needed to guarantee the complete removal of the make-up, here is enough for a single miracle cure: Micellar water. Not convinced yet? Then we have three reasons why you should switch to micellar water today and have of course compiled some of our favorites .

1. Micellar water removes any kind of deposits

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In your bathroom, it's just like that in front of pots and bottles? You do not have an overview anymore? Make-up for every single part of your make-up - whether foundation or mascara - requires an amazing amount of space in your bathroom cabinet. That's why you not only save money for a thousand different products, but also space with micellar water .

Gentle make-up removal with micellar water

Because micelles are able to remove all kinds of deposits from your face, neck and décolleté, they are a true all-rounder! Simply put the micellar water on a cotton pad or a cloth, wipe it gently and your complexion will shine back to its former freshness.

One of our care favorites is the label Declare . Their micellar water is a reliable partner in make-up removal and also provides the skin with valuable vitamin E and A.


2. Micellar water is suitable for every skin type

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Finding the right make-up removal product often presents us with a great challenge. Especially because every skin type reacts very differently to the ingredients and an individual care seems to be necessary. That's over now! The great thing about micellar water is that the application is particularly gentle . Since you can cleanse your skin with it without much pressure and eternal scrubbing, because the make-up remains just fly away, it is perfect for every skin type.

Especially sensitive skin can finally breathe again and is not unnecessarily irritated by the gentle cleansing. For example, the micellar water from Wellmaxx is especially friendly to the skin.


3. Micellar water shortens the make-up time

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Who has time to spend hours removing makeup? Of course, it's best to go as fast as possible - especially if you're already half-asleep and actually only want to fulfill the chore, so you do not fall into bed in full make-up kit.

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Whereas in the past you had to work with a wide variety of care products to really remove all make-up layers without residue, Micellar Water is a fast and practical alternative . The excellent and unique effectiveness of the micelles, which remove the dirt easily, you are in the future even faster with the care and can devote yourself to your dreams.

Also very convenient: The 3-1 facial cleansing of sea minerals , algae extract and seawater from La Mer does not even need tap water to thoroughly rinse off your make-up.


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