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Andrea Berg: Your social commitment

The singer is a great support to many.
Photo: Schneider Press


If everyone had such a big heart as Andrea Berg (46), the world would be a little better. For her social commitment, the singer was awarded the "Honorary Prize" of the "Bauer Media Group". "There are three things in my life that fulfill me: to help my family, my music and others, " she says after the award ceremony. That proves it every day anew.

One example is her Krefeld hospice "Am Blumenplatz". Here, on her last journey, she gives hope back to dying patients, listens to them, talks to them, holds her hands. But even the smallest are the mother of a daughter at heart. "They need our protection, " says Andrea Berg . As patron of the "Wiege e. V. "is why she campaigns in Krefeld for sick children and their relatives, wants to build an integrative house for them.

Your social commitment also crosses national borders. For the Siamese twins Mercy and Goodness from Nigeria (Africa), Andrea Berg financed the vital surgery. Where does her desire to help others come from? "I'm a trained nurse, I had to see a lot of suffering. That's why I know there are more important things in life than success and fame, "she says. A woman whose example one should follow!