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Beautiful living ideas for the spring

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Bonjour, spring!

The Lenz moves in with us and we are well prepared ...

Please enter if it is not winter!

A chirping bird, a delicate butterfly in fresh pastel colors or a kitchen accessory in bright d├ęcor - these are the first signs of the start of spring!

After a long hibernation is now over with the long months of dark days, and you should see that in your own home. Be well prepared before spring knocks on your door and give it a proper welcome.

This is how it works: this season likes to have bright and colorful ! We would like to introduce you to some fresh and cheerful living ideas, with which you can laugh in the face of spring . There is something special for every room - things that you want to give a gentle spring kiss when you look ...

Spring will thank you if it is so majestically received!

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