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Organizational talentN hanleitung for a memo board

There's a mountain called Notitzen, here randomly flying pencil - but that's over. Thanks to this memo board, you can soon see the chaos on your desk again. With our sewing instructions you are guaranteed to succeed! Finally, there is order in your workplace. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS That's what you need for the memo board: Solid linen fabric eyelets Paper for the templates Cloth remnants with floral pattern Tape measure / ruler French chalk fabric scissors pins sewing machine And this is how it's done: 1


It's so sad Drama in the Hambach Forest - This woman makes everyone cry!

It's a video that brings the Internet community to tears: An activist demonstrating against his clearing in the Hambach Forest explains what it's all about. The Hambach Forest is being torn down - an activist explains in an emotional speech what environmentalists are all about. Photo: iStock A darkly dressed activist stands in the woods, surrounded by two policemen who are just waiting to take her


Natural sleep aid sleep problems? That could be the solution

Counting sheep, opening windows, turning around again, running televisions, closing windows again - if you have problems sleeping, you probably know that. There are many tips to help you fall asleep, but really, nothing really wants to do it - or ?! Finally sleep well again - that could be the solution


PeriodNo desire for chemistry in the tampon? These alternatives are there!

Funnel-shaped, soft and supereasy to use: the menstrual cup. More and more women swear by it and are excited. We reveal why they are a real alternative to tampons and pads. Silicone cups are becoming more popular and we'll tell you why. Photo: PeopleImages / iStock Instead of regular tampons and bandages today more and more women use a so-called menstrual cup for their menstrual period


#WonderbarECHTDiagnose ulcerative colitis: How Mara lives with an artificial intestinal exit

Mara was diagnosed with the chronic intestinal disease ulcerative colitis in 2016. As part of our #WonderbarECHT campaign, we talked to Mara about her life with an artificial gut outlet and how she managed to accept her body as it is. How does it live with an artificial intestinal outlet? Mara tells us


Soon on the market? Birth control pills for men: Contraceptive method passes test

The contraceptive pill for the man would be a dream? It could soon become reality, with US researchers tapping into a drug for the male pill. The first test phase has already passed - but when can we expect the pill for the man? Photo: iStock Two years ago, the 'Valsagel' became known to the man who was successfully tested on monkeys


Hemp HypeCBD as Superfood? Whereas hemp should help

Secretly and quietly, the hemp has moved into the shelves of German drugstores and pharmacies: CBD oil is considered a new superfood and can be bought legally. What's wrong with hemp hype? We reveal why more and more stars swear by cannabidiol and CBD is supposed to help. CBD is considered a new superfood


Brave new worldHow Crohn's disease saved my life

Hello, my name is Esther and I have Crohn's disease. - I could have said that if I had ever gone to a Crohn's Crohns aid group. But I'm not. To be honest, I have to be somewhat grateful for my illness. But I'll start from the beginning ... Photo: iStock content the initial situation The diagnosis Liquid, mushy or shaped


Help on four pawsWhat is an assistance dog? - All important information about the animal helper

We mostly know assistance dogs only as supporters for blind people, but did you know that they can also help with other physical and even mental illnesses? In cooperation with assistant Bea Schultes, we have put together all the important information about the animal helper. The dog is marked with a blanket as an assistance dog


Breast Cancer Screening "Touch Your Tits": Dare daring video tutorial to the chest

Behind the provocative title "Touch Your Tits" hides no instructions for masturbation, but to the chest feel. In the beautifully staged video you will learn how to scan your breast correctly to detect breast cancer early. In the video, "Touch Your Tits, " you'll see how you can scan your chest to detect breast cancer early


Make yourself healthy and refine with TeeTee

Tea can be refined with the right ingredients Photo: Fotolia content Mint tea and ginger for the stomach Green tea and cranberry protect against colds Chamomile tea and orange calms the nerves Black tea and cinnamon for the belly Hibiscus tea and coconut regulate blood pressure It's so easy to pimp your tea blends at home


Only 50 people affected worldwidePOMC deficiency: Hannah from Berlin is always hungry!

The 23-year-old Berliner Hannah suffers from a so-called POMC deficiency. The extremely rare genetic defect causes the young woman is always hungry. Photo: iStock Hannah is one of only 50 patients worldwide with the condition POMC deficiency. It lacks the appetite-suppressing hormone proopiomelanocortin (POMC)


2018 - my best yearYour big health planner

Do you feel it too? The desire to restart at the beginning of the year, to re-invent oneself, so to speak? Then this bella action is just right! 1 to 2 cups of coffee or green tea daily protect the body from cell damage. Photo: Shutterstock The bella campaign will make 2018 the best year of your life


Healthy NutritionProbier's vegetable: 5 reasons why soy should end up on your plate more often

More and more people are refraining from animal products and are increasingly feeding on the plant. Soy is a good alternative and worth eating on our plates and in our glasses. Five reasons for soy! Eat more soy - your wellbeing thanks you. Photo: iStock: naito8 The planet thanks you - for a good conscience With our consumption and eating habits, we consume the resources of our earth 1


Time of change. Changeover years: When the hormones get out of balance

Are you already in the menopause? For some women, this question is not easy to answer, because the first signs of menopause occur earlier than you think. So you interpret the signs correctly. Take the first signs of menopause seriously! Photo: iStock As a younger woman, you like to push the topic away from yourself


That comes up to you! Will the health insurance card be abolished?

The federal government had big plans with the health card. So much should be better for the patient. But the innovative health insurance card is about to fail. Photo: BauerXcelMedia Already in 2006, the conversion of the normal insurance card to the so-called health card took place. It should electronically exchange data for physicians and pharmacists, an emergency record should be stored and a patient's medication plan should be available so that there are no more deaths due to interactions


Team sport trend sports that are really fun this summer only with friends

Longboarding, Crossfit and HIIT. These sports are something of 2016. In 2017, of course, there are new, crazy sports that we have to try. Photo: iStock // Leonardo Patrizi Crunning This sport, which comes from Australia, is about moving like an animal on all fours. Crunning is composed of the words "crawl" and "run"


Breathing fresh airSports in the fresh air: What are the advantages of the body

With the summer, the season for sports of all kinds is reopened in the open air. That's good, because outdoor sports have many benefits for the body. Outdoor fitness is not only good for your health, but also a lot of fun in a team. Photo: iStock // svetikd Invigorating body and mind Anyone who does outdoor sports outdoors knows the invigorating and liberating feeling of the fresh air


Editing testOn the line, get set, go: My first time slacklining

Slacklining: the new trend sport for the balanced. How the first time feels on the shaky string and whether it is really fun, our editor has found out for you. Photo: iStock // O_Lypa "In the beginning, nothing is easy." This wisdom fits the Slacklining, like the fist in the eye, because it is really really demanding


RatgeberSchwache Blase: What is behind it?

Millions of women suffer from involuntary urine loss. However, most do not know much about the problem that directly affects them, although that would make things easier for those affected. Involuntary loss of urine is especially in the public very uncomfortable for those affected. Photo: iStock // Tharakorn There are many different types of incontinence and various causes of the problem


Wissen10 Facts about the bubble

The bubble is something like our inner balloon. When empty, it is flat, like a disc, but as soon as urine enters, it expands and becomes a sphere. This is just one of the ten facts about the bubble that we would like to introduce to you. Photo: iStock // janulla 1. The bladder is a reservoir for around one liter of water


DeftigK ser sti with herbal cream

Photo: Thomas Först ingredients for 4 persons 100 g double-cream cheese with herbs 100 g of sour cream 200 g lamb's lettuce 4 red and green mini peppers 4 tsp balsamic vinegar 4 tsp pumpkin seed oil salt pepper 4 pinch of sugar 1200 g of hard-boiling potatoes 80 g of grated Emmentaler cheese 4 eggs nutmeg 4 tbsp oil chopped parsley grated Emmentaler cheese Preparation, about 30 minutes Stir cream cheese and sour cream.

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