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PeriodNo desire for chemistry in the tampon? These alternatives are there!

Funnel-shaped, soft and supereasy to use: the menstrual cup. More and more women swear by it and are excited. We reveal why they are a real alternative to tampons and pads.

Silicone cups are becoming more popular and we'll tell you why.
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Instead of regular tampons and bandages today more and more women use a so-called menstrual cup for their menstrual period. Of course, every woman decides for herself which hygiene tool she feels most comfortable with. Nevertheless, tampons without OEKO-TEX certification are not always free of chemicals and a menstrual cup is therefore a real alternative for many. We took a closer look at the silicone cups:

Safe, hygienic and guaranteed for up to 12 hours without chemicals

The soft, funnel-shaped silicone cup is easy to put in your vagina and you can safely wear it - depending on the strength of your bleeding - eight to 12 hours - whether in the water, during sports or during sleep. What we really love is that the silicone cups are guaranteed to be free of chemicals. So if you are looking for a sustainable, biologically flawless alternative to tampons and pads, you should take a closer look at the menstrual cup.

So you get 10% discount on OrganiCup including OrganiWipes and OrganiWash

The OrganiCup menstruation cup is great because it is 100% hypoallergenic certified, 100% vegan and even available in two different sizes. Size A is for women who have not yet delivered vaginally and size B for women after childbirth.

That's why we've worked hard to come up with a complete set consisting of an OrganiCup, OrganiWipes and OrganiWash with a 10% discount . Until 02.06 you order the set to get to know directly and safely about our Wunderweib shop.

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Order in the Wunderweib Shop on invoice

By the way, no matter if you order a menstrual cup or some nice new earrings: In our Wunderweib-Shop you order all products comfortably on account.

What advantages the OrganiCup offers

  1. It is 100 percent made from medical grade silicone and is absolutely hygienic
  2. The OrganiCup can last up to 15 years and is therefore much cheaper than tampons and pads
  3. The cup supports our vaginal flora and protects it with its silicone surface from dryness
  4. We do not have to constantly change tampons and let the OrganiCup up to 12 hours in our vagina
  5. Compared to tampons and sanitary napkins we do not produce trash with it
  6. The OrganiCup is 100 percent vegan
  7. Depending on whether you have already given birth, or not, there is the right size for everyone
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The OrganiCup in a set

In our OrganiCup set, where you get 10 percent off until the 2.06, you will find:

  • Your individual OrganiCup (available in two different sizes upon request)
  • The OrganiWash, a detergent that gently cleanses your silicone cup under running water
  • And a pack of OrganiWipes - organic, perfume-free disinfectant wipes that you use for quick cleaning in between
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How to use the OrganiCup - How it works:

Do you remember the moment you used a tampon for the first time? Unheard of, but after some time of practice, you had the bow out quickly. It's the same with your first attempt with a menstrual cup - new and unfamiliar, but soon you'll use it, of course.

  1. Very important: Before using the cup for the first time, you should sterilize it in boiling water for three to five minutes - the cup should not touch the bottom of the pot
  2. Before inserting, wash yourselves and also the cup with lukewarm water and a mild soap
  3. The fold: Either you fold the soft cup like a C or after the punch-down fold (as shown in the video)
  4. Now it says: RELAX - only in the relaxed state, you introduce the cup completely into the vagina and then unfolds by itself
  5. A soft sucking sound tells you that you have placed it in the right place
  6. Now you can leave it in your vagina for up to 12 hours. Their capacity corresponds to up to three supertampons

These helpers we also find great:

You just do not want to part with your favorite tampons and play it safe? No problem! Then pay attention to the OEKO-TEX certification and look at the eco-test results.

We found tampons made of 100% organic cotton and therefore 100% free of allergenic substances. Or you try for the ideal cleaning of your vagina once a Intimwaschlotion? You can find more great beauty ideas in our Wunderweib-Shop.

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