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Who is wearing the pants here?

Photo: Anoushka Matus for MAXI

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Author Marlene Sørensen clarifies questions of good taste. Of course, extremely subjective. This time it's about: the fashionable man

Everything I have to know about the relationship of men to fashion, I have learned from my father: Jeans are available in blue, T-shirts in a pack of three, you look not at the brand, but the washing instructions (60 degrees), one Go shopping twice a year and visit exactly one store. Alone. I think so.

Who wants to go shopping with a man who does not appreciate shopping?

My husband, on the other hand, loves to shop. And that's until he finds the right one.

An example. He needs a suit for a wedding. In the first shop, the light gray suit is too light gray, in the second shop the sand-colored suit is not sand-colored enough, in the third shop there is neither light gray nor sand color, only beige, which is why he lets go of a slander on Italian gentleman tailor, which would bring Armani in shortness of breath. It's like that my friend has a very good taste. Perfectly. He thinks. And unfortunately he is right about that.

He finds, for example, that only mobile phone salesmen wear beige suits.

He does not wear anything that is too tight or too long or too old, he disgusts himself with weatherproof anoraks and comfortable crocs, for which he would be put on a waiting list for a pair of midnight blue havaianas and spend 50 euros on a white t-shirt,

Amazing, but he never acts like a dude, not even when he strokes the store over a pile of fine wool sweater and "gorgeous!" whispers (he is also English, but later).

What he wears must be perfect and fit perfectly.

This has certain advantages. For example, a well-dressed man is very ornamental to the woman (most people really think that only a woman can be responsible for a well-dressed man.) Should they.)

But it also has its drawbacks, usually when we shop for myself. Like last time, when I came in a gray jeans to the pink top of the locker room. He did not say anything, so I said, "Gray to pink is just very chic." And I swear, he said, "This is not pink, it's coral, you're too pale for that."

I thought: He studied design, he can not help it. I thought: Better an honest man, than one who finds everything "yes, uh, pretty". I'm reluctant to improve. But from my friend? In fashion questions? I decided to accept the challenge.

When he bought Seersucker-Bermuda, I bought a Borsalino.

When he bought leather boots, I bought platform sandals. When he thought about a pocket handkerchief, I tied a silk scarf around my neck. Although I looked stunning, I have not kept up the fashion arms race for a long time. When he came home with a chunky cardigan, I finally gave up. For the first time I wished for a man whose favorite part is a corduroy pants. A man with corduroy trousers has mistakes. A man with mistakes should not say anything, if you prefer to wear a parka from 1998. My husband just steals the show.

Last week he finally bought a suit, today the shoes. He has chosen light brown leather trimmers with lace pattern. Shoes that only an Englishman likes. They are awful. "Fine, " I said to him in the shop, "take her!"

Somehow I think he did it on purpose.

Never do it: take his criticism too seriously. Men just do not understand the beauty of harem pants.

Make sure: The fashionable man is influenced. As often as possible, drop the phrase "The Steve McQueen look is so hip".

Remember, there is one area where you will always be superior. The area of ​​lingerie.