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Big Brother - Valencia alias Florian St hr fears for her flo

"Big Brother" tranny Valencia Vintage is jealous

Valencia and Florian

Valencia and Florian

Valencia Vintage is back! No, Val is not back in the "Big Brother" house, but in the headlines. Although the luxury diva enjoys her life outside of the container, but a small fly in the ointment remains. Her lover, Flo, is still in the clutches of "Big Brother". So far that was okay - it was about the fact that the good Flo should claw the profit and thus a lot of coal. But the plan is obsolete, because there are two new residents who Val are a thorn in the eye. Benny Kieckhäben and Leon the choreographer. Both are gay and both are seen by Diva Val as a potential competitor to Flo. Without fighting, Val does not give up her Flo! The stylish tranny suffers from the breakup and now comes the jealousy. Finally, Valencia wants to remain the sole heart lady of Flo. A diva does not go without a fight. And since Val can not get into the container, Flo should now come out. There is only one way out for the tranny: "Either Florian moves out or I draw other consequences!" Val will not do any stupid things, there are supposed to be plans We find that it's all too early, Flo is in the garden with the other Big Brother candidates while the newcomers are in the house, and there are still no outside flier opportunities! Containers continues to provide Val with a lot of excitement!