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The widest hips in the world

The widest hides in the world belong to Mikel Ruffinelli.
Photo: Screenshot / nollygrionews

This woman is proud to have the widest hips in the world

Mikel Ruffinelli has the widest hips in the world! She calls herself "diva hips" and is incredibly proud of her character.

240 centimeters. That's the size of the hip of a lucky mother from California. Mikel Raffinelli is 39 years old, has four children and clearly the widest hips in the world.

But while others fear bacon, Mikel is anything but ashamed. She is incredibly proud of her unique figure! From their attitude, some women can cut off a slice. Far too few people accept their bodies the way they are.

Mikel has no choice but to love her hip. The width stems from a lipoedema, which is colloquially called Reiterhosen syndrome and means an atypical accumulation of fatty tissue on the hips, thighs and arms. But Mikel handles the disease impressively: it makes her unique.

Her wide hips do not mean that Mikel is not athletic. She keeps herself fit with water aerobics.

Her hip circumference of almost two and a half meters is bigger than Mikel herself. She is dedicated to the challenges of everyday life - if a restaurant does not have a suitable stool, it will bring its own. She takes the title of the woman with the widest hips as a compliment. Mikel wants to help other people become more self-confident.