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Keyring in house shape

With our great keyring in house form, you will always find your key in your handbag in the future and make it a real eye-catcher.

You need this:

  • thick felt in pink and pink (eg Rayher, craft shop)
  • Textile glue (craft shop)
  • Gemstone glue (craft shop)
  • Gemstones in pink (craft shop)
  • Eyelet in bronze
  • 1 key ring (craft shop)
  • scissors
  • Lochzange
  • Ösenzange

And that is how it works:

1. Cut a little house out of pink felt incl. Window and door and glue it to the pink felt with textile glue.

2. Cut the house out of the pink felt, so that the door and window opening are now pink.

3. Glue the glittering stones in the form of the word "Home" with gemstone glue.

4. Pre-drill a hole with a suitable eyelet size using the pliers and fix an eyelet in it with the pliers.

5. Pull a matching keyring through the opening.