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Jan Smit: After the birth of the third child is over

Jan Smit and his wife Liza are expecting the birth of the third child.
Photo: Jan Smit / Private
  1. "I want to hold the hand of my wife at birth"
  2. "Change diapers? No problem!"
  3. After baby number 3 is over

"I want to hold the hand of my wife at birth"

It does not take long anymore. The sweet baby belly of his wife Liza (31) is growing and growing. Pop star Jan Smit (27) is looking forward to the third child. In September it should be ready. The expectant dad can not wait any more: "I'm still in the middle of August with my album 'Ich bin da' on the way and then I drive to my wife. Then our mini-Jan can come. "

The couple already have two daughters: little Emma (2), and Fem (5), who brought Liza into the marriage from a previous relationship. Now follows a sweet boy. "We do not have a name yet, but fortunately Liza and I have the same taste, and we agreed with Emma immediately. And we still have a bit of time, "says Jan, his eyes sparkling with pride. Finally he gets male support.

"Change diapers? No problem!"

Everything is ready for the arrival of the little one. "We want a normal birth, not a c-section. All very natural. I will be there and hold the hand of my wife. It's going to be a very special moment. "

Jan Smit is a father with heart and soul. Even if the little man is home, the singer supports his sweetheart wherever he can. "The diapers do not change me. Also give vials - no problem for me. I like doing that, "he says.

From autumn Jan Smit will be on the way again. In Holland begins his great theater tour. Liza stays with the three children in the family home near Amsterdam. "Everything works very well. My wife is a great mother and has everything under control - even without me. "

After baby number 3 is over

A nanny does not have the couple. "We do not need that. Liza is at home and cares wonderfully for the little ones. Our kids are also very good. They do not do that much work. "Nevertheless, there should not be more junior staff. "With our son, the family is then complete, " says Jan. And adds laughing: "Then the kitchen is closed."

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