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Hemp HypeCBD as Superfood? Whereas hemp should help

Secretly and quietly, the hemp has moved into the shelves of German drugstores and pharmacies: CBD oil is considered a new superfood and can be bought legally. What's wrong with hemp hype? We reveal why more and more stars swear by cannabidiol and CBD is supposed to help. CBD is considered a new superfood


Crochet crochet tablecloths with hemstitch look and carobordure

These homemade placemats make every breakfast bar even more comfortable. We'll show you how to easily crochet them yourself with two different patterns. You need this: The next breakfast can come with these great placemats. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS Anchor Style Creativa (100% cotton, length about 70m / 50g) in color 01309 Eggplant (about 100g) Crochet Hook No


"Mom dances without pants" Why my mother is my role model

To appoint the mother as her own example is easy to say. But what really makes the person who gave birth to me? Mother's Day is the time to look after the woman who has taken care of herself all her life. A letter to my mom: Mom and I dance - with pants. Photo: private My mother is my role model


Letter to my mom "Do not let me get down, be naughty and wild and wonderful!"

Dear mum, These days, sayings on mugs, t-shirts, and even jute bags are completely inflationary that mommies are superheroes. But, you know what? That's what you are for me: a superheroine. Without a cape and almost always without applause, but always with all my heart. Photo: iStock "He who is strong must be good too


Pregnancy Trisomy: blood test for pregnant women soon for free?

There are many trisomies, but thanks to a blood test, it is no longer necessary to make amniocentesis for a diagnosis. What trisomies are and everything about the blood test, you will find out here. Trisomies can be diagnosed by means of a blood test. Photo: iStock / Topalov content How does the blood test work


The 7 best TippsKita: farewell without tears

The child clings to the leg of the mom, thick tears roll: The farewell in the morning in the daycare is often difficult, these tips make it easier. Photo: iStock content Trust in the educator Solid farewell rituals Something familiar at the side Dad takes over To say goodbye Before the rush hour Make your child feel like kindergarten With the tears of giving in the crib, the kindergarten or the childminder come the doubts


MothersThus you carry a baby carrier without burdening your back

Mothers of small babies often like to carry their child around in a baby carrier. In order not to damage your back, you should take care to wear the shell properly. Anyone who puts their back on the baby's seat incorrectly can quickly experience pain Photo: iStock A baby carrier is actually intended for the car , but even so you can babys carry around in it excellent


Mama's Blog Funny questions from children: Mommy, explain the world to me

Mom blogger Timea talks about all the fun kids' questions children ask their parents a hole in their guts and some of their answers. Answering all the funny questions from their children can be a real challenge for parents. Photo: iStock They exist, these things that are difficult to explain. Every day my daughter gets older, she wants to discover and understand more and more things


Pets She now regrets having advised her pregnant sister of a dog

An expectant aunt tried to prevent her pregnant sister from buying a Labrador puppy, thus saving her from the imminent responsibility and burden. Soon she admits to regret this advice. Growing up together: girl and labrador puppy Photo: imgur / Adderly For many it just takes a little baby to stay up to date and work every minute


Mama BlogHow you can make your child with giant soap bubbles a huge pleasure

Why children love giant soap bubbles, where you can buy good accessories and what you have to look out for in giant soap bubbles, is lost here by mom blogger Timea. Why kids love soap bubbles so much Surely you have all been blowing soap bubbles before, for example in the bathtub. Giant soap bubbles are his very nice job for children - and their parents too


Pram Test Test: These prams are carcinogenic

These prams are defective: Stiftung Warentest tested baby strollers again in 2017 and the results are not encouraging. Many strollers got a bad mark from Stiftung Warentest Photo: Istock content The loser Safety mangle for the Knorr baby The test winner The best cheap model Carcinogenic: That is certainly a term that no parent wants to hear about the newly purchased stroller


Mama BlogWhat helps mothers when their child is ill

Is your child ill? What helps you as a mother to stay healthy, when your children are sick and need your help, describes here Mama blogger Anja, mother of two daughters. That helps mothers stay healthy when their child is sick. Photo: iStock content What mom helps when the child is ill Not so much stress despite teething I remember taking care of myself too What mom helps when the child is ill It's time again: flu time and one of my girls is flat


Mama BlogHow much responsibility do I have as a mother?

Mama blogger Anja explains why she does not like being able to always make the decisions for her entire family. As a mother, women have to make many decisions for the whole family. That can become a burden. Photo: iStock content I already have enough responsibility to carry! Why do I have to decide everything


Birth tool obstetrics: Mechanic develops aids for births

Car mechanic Jorge Odón developed a tool that can help ease births and save lives. At the moment, the WHO is examining its invention. A cork in a bottle gave the mechanic the idea Photo: Istock He came up with the idea when colleagues showed him a Youtube video in which a cork should be freed from a fake without destroying the bottle.


Everyday life of a mother Mother love: Today my son just needed me

Every mother knows this moment when the kindergarten or school calls and informs that the child is ill and has to be picked up. Besides caring for the child always a stupid situation when you're at work ... Mother love knows no bounds - even if one is annoyed Photo: Istock Kara Lawler knows this feeling: on Facebook, she shared open and emotional words about what it means to get a mother out of the job when the child is sick


Mama BlogHow much toys needs a child to be happy?

Mama blogger Timea from Munich writes for about her new life as the mom of a 1-year-old daughter. Every week she learns something new, she wonders, laughs and cries. How much toys does a child need, asks our mom blogger Timea. Photo: Timea star head content Less is sometimes more Timber tension vs


Papa is surprisedThis mama announces her baby news so sweetly

This photo story is just too cute! Brianne Dove is pregnant, but her husband Brandon does not know about his luck. To capture the wonderful moment by announcing the beautiful news, Brainne organizes a photoshoot. And of course the camera lasts on it in the most beautiful moments. Together with the photographer Samatha Boos, Brianna thought about luring her husband into the sweet trap


HeimgeburtWonderbar affectionate: The water birth of Lemma Maria

A birth is always a fascinating experience and it is wonderful that there are mums who would like to share their special birthing with other women in this world. In this video we can marvel at the water birth of little Lemma Maria, who was born by her mom Amy at home in a pool of water. This video shows the loving water birth of a little girl


Mama Blogger VerenaHow to bring my baby to sleep

Mama blogger Verena with her son Leonard. Photo: Verena blogs for about pregnancy, babies and the normal family insanity Hello, I'm Verena and for 10 months mother of a small sunshine. At the moment I am pregnant with our second angel, whom we can welcome at the end of September


The best trick to calm a crying baby

Every mother knows the situation if her child just does not want to stop crying. In this video, this woman shows us how quickly and easily she can calm her screaming baby. Calming a crying baby is not always easy. Photo: iStock Children are very sensitive. They feel differently than we do and are sometimes taken by surprise


This mother is really not to be envied "44 completely rational reasons why my three-year-old today had tantrums

Mom tears open the cereal bar wrap too much, sits on the fancy friend, cuts the sandwich into triangles ... This funny list for howling reasons in just ONE day is funnily funny! Photo: Elena Stepanova / Fotolia The life of Jenna Gallina's three-year-old daughter is really hard. Mama is always doing everything wrong


How childproof is your home really? 5 Understated things in your home that can seriously harm your child

500, 000 boys and girls are killed every year in apartments. Because: The younger they are, the greater their curiosity and thirst for knowledge. It can quickly become dangerous for your child. Photo: Nadezhda1906 / iStock When children die, it's almost always where their parents believe them most: in their own homes

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