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"I found my prince!"

Star interview: Leighton Meester

On the screen, Leighton Meester (26) twisted his head in rows. Privately, she rarely gives her heart away - currently she is dating her ex again.

Leighton Meester in an interview
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Leighton Meester: "Be yourself, then you never lose!"

At first, Leighton Meester looks a bit shy when she appears for the interview. She wears simple-elegant white shorts and a white and blue striped Breton top. At first glance, you would not guess that she's one of Hollywood's hottest young actresses - and certainly not that she's mostly playing cocky bitching as well as in "The Chaos Dad" (see page 36).

But when she looks at you with her big brown eyes, an almost mesmerizing attraction becomes palpable. This woman has power! And is at every moment completely with itself. Everything about her signals that she would never compromise on a role or head headlong into a private relationship.

JOY: Just recently you got married in "Gossip Girl", now you play another bride in "The Chaos Dad". Would you like to have a dream wedding privately? Especially now that you're back with your ex Aaron Himelstein?

Leighton Meester: I used to dream of standing in front of the altar with a prince. Today I would like to marry, but it is not a must. I just want to be with someone I truly love. However, I have to admit: It was a great feeling to wear an engagement ring when shooting The Chaos Dad. The jewel was very good to my ring finger (laughs)!

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Did you have to kiss many frogs to (re) find your prince?

I have not had many friends yet and I'm not the type for it. There is nothing more strenuous than a first date between two strangers and forced small talk. Instead of buying the cat in a poke, I prefer to rely on the familiar: If I can handle a man well, we become friends. Only then do I go out with him.

And when I realize it's crackling, there's more to it. Being in love, of course, is wonderful. So far, however, I have only said to very few men "I love you", because this sentence means a damn lot to me. When I'm really on a wavelength with my sweetheart and the chemistry is right, that does not change, even if the relationship fails. Therefore, a separation does not necessarily have to be final.

Has it never happened to you that you spontaneously have a crush on yourself?

But, as a teenager, but then dates were not so important to me. I did not even go to my prom and I did not have my first boyfriend until I was 18. Other girls of that age were fixated on boys, I preferred reading books or learning an instrument. That brought me more, even if others thought I was a freak.

What do you do today in your free time?

I like to walk in nature or go for a walk with my dog ‚Äč‚ÄčTrudie. In-clubs and trendy places are not my thing. I can not understand how you can have fun with such a show. Most important for me is to spend time with my girlfriends. There are six girls I have spent the last ten years with. They are not party girls either!

What do you like most about your girlfriends?

We understand each other blindly and totally trust each other. That's why we treat each other very openly, we tell each other everything. I love my girls! One of my best friends is my colleague Minka Kelly and I remember exactly how we got to know each other. Minka and I flew to South Africa at 16 for a commercial shoot.

We made friends and at the end of the trip we sat next to each other on a jetty, looked at the sea and I said: "Do you think that we meet at home in New York sometimes?" Funnily, then we have become really good friends and In 2011, they even made the thriller "The Roommate" together.

What do you do with your girlfriends when you are rarely in the nightlife?

Anything, we go for example to eat burgers ...

Burger? Do not you have to pay attention to your figure?

I feel no pressure there. I eat what I feel like!

In recent years, you have become a fashion icon. Do you go shopping a lot?

Relatively often, but I'm not exaggerating. A shopping spree should be fun and not degenerate into stress. That's why I prefer shopping online - that's really relaxing! I have a weakness for designer pieces. If you can put on a Dior dress for a role or event, you feel like you're in a fairy tale. But at home, I like being comfortable and like to walk around in casual yoga pants.

Is it true that you do not make-up in private?

Yes, because when I turn "Gossip Girl", I walk around with up to 17 hours a day with elaborate make-up. When I was 18 years old, I also permanently plastered my face because I was totally insecure. Many young girls do that, even though they do not need it. As you get older, you better learn to feel comfortable in your own skin and a more natural look. I also needed my time for this realization. My motto is: Be yourself, then you never lose!

What beauty tip can you give women?

To live healthy, I find very important. I do not smoke, drink lots of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and take care of my skin, so I do not often go out in the sun!

Unless you go on vacation with your boyfriend and fellow actor, as recently to Rio de Janeiro?

I admit that when I travel I find it hard to completely avoid the sun. But splashing in the sea on a summer's day is also too much fun. In addition, I grew up in native Florida, there almost always the sun shines. But I always have a sunscreen in my luggage (laughs)!

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