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Pram Test Test: These prams are carcinogenic

These prams are defective: Stiftung Warentest tested baby strollers again in 2017 and the results are not encouraging.

Many strollers got a bad mark from Stiftung Warentest
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  1. The loser
  2. Safety mangle for the Knorr baby
  3. The test winner
  4. The best cheap model

Carcinogenic: That is certainly a term that no parent wants to hear about the newly purchased stroller. And yet: A stroller in the test fell through because he receives a carcinogenic substance in push handle. But there is also good news: One of the tested stroller contains no pollutants and costs even less than most models.

A total of twelve models were tested. Only three of them got a "good". Two were awarded "satisfactory", three were awarded "sufficient". Particularly shocking: Four models were given only a "defect" due to safety deficiencies and pollutants.

The loser

Since October 2016, the standard models of the Bugaboo have a leather carry handle, which is also accessible to the child. It looks fancy, but exceeds the allowable limit for tris-dichloropropyl phosphate (TDCPP) many times over. The substance is suspected to be carcinogenic. The testers are based on the limit, which also applies to children's toys, as the child can reach the handle of the Bugaboo with his mouth.

The Bugaboo therefore cuts in the test only with a grade of 4.6 and gets a defect. In other categories, the car performed better. At a price of around 1000 euros still a poor performance.

Safety defects with the Knorr baby

Especially with the Knorr-Baby stroller (around 600 euros), major safety flaws have been noticed. Actually, the seat should be fixed with four pins . Here were only two, so that the seat could tip over even after snapping and the child can hurt himself so . The car of Knorr was rated with only 5.0.

The test winner

The Britax Go Big by Römer is the test winner among all cars. With a complete price (with tub, shell and Buggyfunktion) of around 1200 euros, he is also one of the expensive models. However, unlike other models, it is worth its price. The positive: The Britax can be used until children are three and a half. Above all, the proportions of the seat convince. Good handling and low pollutant loading are also included.

The best cheap model

The ABC design for around 600 euros also performs well in the test. Based on the design of expensive prams such as Bugaboo and Joolz the car could convince despite the cheapest price. As recently as 2013 Ökotest had reprimanded the manufacturer because pollutants were discovered. In the meantime, he seems to have come to terms with this problem.

Also, the Joolz Geo Earth got a "good" in the test. Here, too, liked the length of the carrying bag, so that a child has enough space even when lying down. In addition, the Joolz also handled well and folded easily.

The only car in which no pollutants were found is the car of Naturkind. He convinces with the price of around 600 euros.