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Birth tool obstetrics: Mechanic develops aids for births

Car mechanic Jorge Odón developed a tool that can help ease births and save lives. At the moment, the WHO is examining its invention.

A cork in a bottle gave the mechanic the idea
Photo: Istock

He came up with the idea when colleagues showed him a Youtube video in which a cork should be freed from a fake without destroying the bottle. In this video, a man pushed a plastic bag into the bottle and blew it open slightly. When he pulled out the bag, the cork came out with it.

The glorious idea came to the Argentine but not immediately. One night he realized that this technique could be used to get children stuck in the birth canal. In developing countries, the rate of births with complications is over 30 percent.

With things from the kitchen and parts from the workshop, he tried his idea to implement and see if his idea could really work. With the help of a friendly doctor and the World Health Organization (WHO), Odón continued to develop.

The result is something that actually looks like a small plastic bag . With a slider, this is led into the birth canal. Then he is led over the head of the child and inflated. The baby is not breathing at this time. It is therefore not endangered. With the hose, the baby is then slowly pulled out of the birth canal.

Jorge Odón erklärt seine Erfindung
Jorge Odón explains his invention
Photo: youtube

Once the baby has arrived in the birth canal, a caesarean section is no longer possible. The suction cup or forceps are used. But these instruments often hurt the baby. The mothers are often injured. Urinary and fecal incontinence are the result.

Thanks to good precautionary measures in Germany, the number of children who need to be fetched with aids is very low. In developing countries, however, this looks very different. And here comes Odón's invention quite right.

At the moment the device is being tested by the WHO. Should it pass the test, the instrument will be sold to developing countries at cost price . Thus, the birth rate should be significantly reduced.