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Wine glasses with photo and candles

15 minutes

  • photos
  • white photocard
  • All-purpose glue (eg from Tesa)
  • Pattern scissors (craft shop)
  • wine glass
  • Bird sand (drugstore)
  • small thin candles (eg
      from Ikea)
    • narrow golden gift ribbon (department store)
    • small christmas balls
    • scissors

    1. Stick photos on white cardboard.

    2. Cut a frame with the pattern scissors.

    3. Put a photo in the glass, press on the edge and fill up the glass with bird's sand.

    4. Put candles in the sand.

    5. Decorate glass with ribbons and small Christmas balls.

    Do not allow candles to burn unattended and avoid drafts. Keep the burning bowl clean. If the candle smokes, wick shorten something. Only burn the candle on an incombustible base.