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Felt bowl from balloon

  • Wash + felt it! Felt wool in pink or pink (z.

      From Anchor; Craft shop or handicraft shop)
    • Wash + felt-it balloon set with label (eg from Anchor, craft shop or handicraft shop)
    • laundry stiffness
    • scissors

    1. Inflate the balloon so that it fits in a washing machine. Wrap around wildly with felt wool. Make sure that the intersections are evenly distributed over the entire balloon. For a straight edge of the shell 2 windings lead parallel, here the cut is attached later.

    2. Now carefully pull the nylon tube over the balloon and close with knots on both sides.

    3. Wash the balloon at 60 degrees with mild detergent in the washing machine. After the first wash, remove the nylon tube and balloon and immediately inflate the next balloon in the felt so that there is room for around 2 cm. Repeat the wash without nylon tubing to allow the felt to shrink. If necessary, repeat the process a third time.

    4. After washing, remove the balloon and swirl the ball in about 1 liter of water and laundry stiffness bath, squeeze lightly. Inflate a balloon in it and let it dry.

    5. After drying, remove the balloon and cut the ball apart in the middle along the parallel winding.

    6. Possibly sew on the label.