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Get rid of cracked skin Get rid of dry hands - that's how it works

Dry hands are not beautiful and can put a strain on our well-being. So you get rid of your cracked skin quickly!

Your dry hands will become beautiful again
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A tear in our favorite cup we get glued together again with some glue and craftsmanship. A tear in our heart can be mended with enough time and chocolate again. And cracks in our skin ? Right, the cure with the right creams for dry hands .

In the daily stress that our skin is exposed to through external influences, the handling of objects and physical stress, it requires a care that makes our skin supple again quickly. And one that fits in our handbag, because we prefer creaming our hands regularly so that they remain elastic and fresh. We tested three skincare products that promise gentle skin and make dry hands disappear.

Hand creams for dry hands

1. Beneficial hand cream that absorbs quickly

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Our hands are stressed all day and tend to crack. The rich hand cream from Wellmaxx helps here wonders - with Hyaluron and Aquaxyl she spreads dry hands throughout the day moisture and elasticity, preventing new cracks. And because the cream is absorbed quickly, it does not feel like a greasy shield that will not allow you to open a water bottle anymore.

On the contrary, it covers your skin like a natural nursing glove. To make your dry hands feel supple again, the cream was also supplemented with a care cocktail of avocado oil, almond oil and vitamin E. So she fulfills our second condition: she has to smell good !


2. Care in dry hands with great peach fragrance

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Much helps a lot? Not with hand cream. The South Korean label Tony Moly mixes peach and apricot extracts with shea butter and thus conjures dry hands and cuticles again buttery soft - and that from a tiny cup in fruit shape. Because of this hand cream you need only very little for a lot of effect.

In addition to the effect of Peach hand cream, the look is absolutely worth mentioning. The pot looks like a small, sweet peach, of course smells like that and has the perfect size for your handbag .


3. Natural care in dry hands

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One of our favorite labels is Belle & Fleurelle from Munich. They have developed their products especially for pregnant women and kids and therefore attach great importance to ensuring that their care is natural and free from artificial additives . Of course, the Organic Care range is also something for non-pregnant women who care about natural cosmetics.

The hand cream helps especially in heavily used hands, which need intensive care. With sesame oil and witch hazel dry hands are calmed and provided with shea butter, avocado and jojoba oil with sufficient moisture.

The velvety feeling we owe apricot kernel oil and cocoa butter . It is important to use the cream regularly - just put a small amount on the hand and massage. It absorbs quickly and is not too greasy.

By the way, we particularly like the packaging of the hand cream. The packaging is not only very colorful, but also free of unnecessary plastic . See for yourself:

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