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How childproof is your home really? 5 Understated things in your home that can seriously harm your child

500, 000 boys and girls are killed every year in apartments. Because: The younger they are, the greater their curiosity and thirst for knowledge. It can quickly become dangerous for your child.

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When children die, it's almost always where their parents believe them most: in their own homes.

You should never underestimate your child. It is just discovering the world, does not yet know how dangerous some things are - but it wants to know a lot and, above all, try it out. That's nice, but soon a chair is pushed to the stove ...

Unfortunately, there are always underestimated sources of danger in apartments .

The 5 most-underrated things in your home that can seriously harm your child:

1. Headache and dietary supplements

To complete the medicine cabinet, every mother should be clear. But many do not completely exclude some seemingly harmless remedies for them.

Headache tablets such as acetaminophen are clearly one of them. Even though it is more convenient to keep them in the upstairs cupboard in the kitchen, your child will come too easily. Too much acetaminophen can cause serious liver damage in young children.

Iron tablets may be good for adults with iron deficiency, but they can be dangerous for children. For children there are special iron tablets, which are also dosed accordingly. When children approach the adult tablets, the dosage is far too high.

Side effects such as loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation can occur if iron is overdosed.

2. Water

But you do not have a pool or a pond? That's not what it's all about, because everyone has to be sure that they have to be secured (no matter how low). Even a bucket of water is enough to be dangerous for a small person!

There must be only 10 to 20 inches of water in the bucket. If your child falls head over heels and does not come out by itself, it can have dire consequences.

Make sure that your child is always supervised near the water and that there are any buckets or similar. always empty.

3. cords and cords

You should have no blinds or curtains with cords, the risk of strangulation is really very high. A death by suffocation is a quick and quiet death ...

But not only on curtains, your child can strangle. There have also been cases where children have been injured by dangling cables from electrical appliances (toasters, microwave ovens, etc.).

4. Grapes and berries

How can grapes be dangerous for small children? For two reasons:

On the one hand, children often swallow grapes and berries. The small fruits are just the size to easily swallow as a child.

On the other hand, grapes are very heavily treated with chemicals because of their often distant origin. We usually peel other fruits, but not grapes. Adults do not mind that, but a small child's body can struggle with many pesticides.

5. Hand sanitizer

As it is part of daily hand hygiene for many, especially in the cold period, many people have open hand disinfectants around - and we know how little children like to taste bottles.

But this can be really dangerous for your child, even if it just "nibbles" for a short while (especially when the hand cleaner has some smell or sweet taste added to it). Many of the hand cleaners contain isopropyl alcohol, which can cause serious damage.

Do hand sanitizer well away!