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MothersThus you carry a baby carrier without burdening your back

Mothers of small babies often like to carry their child around in a baby carrier. In order not to damage your back, you should take care to wear the shell properly.

Anyone who puts their back on the baby's seat incorrectly can quickly experience pain
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A baby carrier is actually intended for the car, but even so you can babys carry around in it excellent. Especially for short distances where it is not worthwhile to use the stroller, baby carriers are perfect. Wearing calms babies, as they have a basic need for closeness and security, and so at the same time the bond between mother and child is further strengthened. However, if we keep the shell wrong, we can damage our backs .

A Youtuberin therefore shows us how to carry the sounds correctly without weighing ourselves wrong.

Baby bowls are usually carried with a handle, which we clamp under the arm if it is to go fast. The crook of the arm can react with skin irritation and become tense. Also, the back is loaded incorrectly and the spine heavily loaded on one side .

Basically, it is therefore advisable to invest in a baby carrier with shoulder strap . Our video shows how to prevent damage while wearing the baby carrier.

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