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Our big nod to carnival

Not everything is allowed in carnival!
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For all newbies!

Wondering what's going on in carnival and what's not? In our great anniversary to carnival we clarify you about Dos and Dont's in the carnival!

"Clumsy startups, alcohol and sex" - that is the image of what many outsiders have from the carnival . But that's just one side of the carnival.

Most people just enjoy celebrating and leaving all problems behind once a year.

After all, in one of the best-known Carnival songs, the Cologne cult band "Die Höhner" does not say in vain: "Kumm, los mer fiere, nit lamentiere jet Fun and Freud, dat does not have any Minsch jeschad."

Old women ring the time of the street carnival year after year: Thousands then storm pubs, town halls and marketplaces.

Especially in the Rhineland, old women, Weiberfastnacht or Wieverfastelovend has almost become an unofficial holiday, because at most schools and workplaces is no longer working at noon (from 11:11 clock).

The carnival season has an incredibly high flirt and erotic factor. Sexy nurses or sailors meet muscular construction workers or good-looking pilots - no wonder Carnival rules are overridden.

It is jebützt, yankees and gefliret what the stuff holds. Some people like to forget that he is already in solid hands. But beware: Even in carnival, not everything is allowed for a long time yet.

In the foolish days, as a novice carnival one should observe certain rules, which we put together in our Knigge of the Dos and Dont's in the carnival.

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