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Instructions for a practical shoulder bag

The practical shoulder bag fits everything that women need
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The perfect companion

Towel, bathing suit, favorite book - in the practical shoulder bag is room for everything we need this summer, when we are on the go.

Size: 35 x 33 cm (pocket bag without handle)

Material: Schachenmayr Catania, 300 g cinnamon Fb 00383.1 Milward crochet hook 3 mm, wool embroidery needle without lace.

Pocket bottom : according to crochet script 1 in lap work.

Basic pattern: according to crochet script 2 in lap work. Number of stitches divisible by 4. The 1.-4. Repeat round.

Pocket handles : according to crochet 3 in series.

Knit stitch : 25 stitches and 14 rows = 10 x 10 cm, crocheted in basic pattern.


Pocket bottom: Cast on 72 pieces of air and crochet 3 pieces of air as a substitute for the 1st stick, then continue according to crochet instruction 1. For the first round as drawn, work the rods for rounding into the first air mesh, then crochet the pattern set 7 times = 70 sticks, working 6 sticks for rounding into the 72nd air mesh. Now put the 70 sticks into the underside of the air chain work and finish the round with a slit stitch in the top initial air mesh. Work the 2nd + 3rd round according to crochet chart 1.

Pocket bag: work in the basic pattern according to crochet 2. In the first round, crochet 1 stitch in each piece of the preliminary round = 176 stitches. The 1st-4th Round 10 x work and the 1st -2. Round one more work. Cut the thread.

Pocket handles: work according to crochet 3. NOTE: Work pocket knobs separately on both sides and sew together later. Leave the middle 30 stitches uncoated on the front and back. For the left pocket handle, tie the thread in the 60th stitch of the front piece (counting from right to left) and work over 58 stitches as per crochet pattern 3, while doing the repeat in the 1st row in the middle in total 14 times.The 1.-8. Series 5 x work = 40 rows. The bag handle now has 19 stitches. The 41st-44th 4x series work. After a total of 54 rows = 39 cm cut the thread. Work the second pocket handle on the right pocket side the same.

Completion: sew the threads. Close the pocket handle with overstitching stitches on the open sides. Now crochet the open edges with picots as follows: * 1 strong stitch, 1 picot (3 stitches, 1 stitch in the first stitch), 2 stitches, repeat from *. Crochet the fixed stitch on each of the side edges into the edge stitch of the rows with the fixed stitches. The Picot bow runs evenly over the edge stitches of the rods.

The complete knitting instructions for the bag can be downloaded here.