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Crochet Tutorial: How to crochet a fashionable bracelet

Crochet bracelets: We show you in our guide how you crochet fashionable bracelets for the summer.

You can crochet this bracelet yourself.
Photo: Lana Grossa

We loved her at school back then: friendship bracelets that we exchanged with our best friends. Even today we can not get enough of the pretty, delicate ribbons . In our guide, we show you how to crochet fashionable bracelets for the summer.


Size : One Size, incl closure, 20 cm circumference. The circumference can be varied by a group of sticks in 1.5 cm increments.
Material: Lana Grossa Cotone (100% cotton, running length 125 m / 50 g), less than 10 g per bracelet. Here was violet (Fb 31), beige (Fb 26) and old rose (Fb 57) used crochet hook No. 3.0 mm. 1 magnetic clasp 14 mm gold plated, art. 2224389 by Rico.
Basic pattern: Ribbon ribbon, see crochet script, back and forth R are drawn. The 1st - 5th R 1x arb, then the 4th and 5th R wdh.
Start: Leave the initial thread hanging, make an initial loop (see Magic Ring), crochet 3 ch and work 3 tr in the ring, 1 ch and another tr. Turn to work. 2nd row: 3 cm high, to make the round of 3 rows, 1 ch, 1 tr, work. 3rd row: Crochet like the 2nd row. Continue work after crochet writing until a total of 14 Rs were crocheted. Cut off, finish work, remove thread long.

Finishing: Attach the magnetic fastener with the start or end thread, sew the thread firmly and firmly.

Click here to download the manual.

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