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Original unpacked: Supermarket without packaging

So chic can a plastic-free supermarket look like!
Photo: Drafts NAU Architects Berlin (Michael Brown)

Precycling: the future of shopping

Who buys in the supermarket, drags next to food usually a lot of packaging waste home. To change that, Sara Wolf and Milena Glimbovski founded the crowdfunding company "Original Unverpackt".

Still in late summer they want to open in Berlin-Kreuzberg, near the Görlitzer station, the first supermarket in Germany, which works according to the system of "Precycling", so almost without packaging.

The customer brings containers and fills as much of everything as he needs - whether peas or shower gel. "Our idea is to make sustainable consumption sexy, " says Sara. You can support the project at . The crowdfunding goal of 45, 000 euros was far exceeded! Just under 115, 000 euros could be collected for the original unpacked . Congratulation!

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