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Selena Gomez reacts to cyberbullying attack

Bullying against Selena Gomez

Stars must have a thick skin, as far as comments on their social media profiles are concerned. Haters say they could easily post anything on the internet without any punishment.

Selena Gomez Internet bullying reaction
Photo: @selenagomez on Instagram
Especially Selena Gomez has to put off a lot of hatred, but now publicly resisted a nasty bullying attack.

Selena Gomez has a gigantic fan base on Instagram (@selenagomez on Instagram) with over one million followers, but also a similar number of haters. First she had conquered the heart of Justin Bieber, then allegedly broken it. Especially fanatical Belieber from all over the world chalk on both.

The Twitter and Instagram pictures of the stars shows the gallery:

A Userin really went too far and commented on a photo of Selena Gomez with the words: She should "burn with cancer in hell". However, she did not get away with this detestable statement. Her Instagram profile was suspended, followed by a personal message from the singer.

Selena Gomez responded in horror, but also very professionally to the verbal attack and wrote: "The cancer comment you made here was absurd. How tasteless is that of a young woman? I went through this fight with fans and family members. It's okay not to like someone, but to wish someone something that could happen to you or your family is completely inappropriate, sweetie. That way you will not win anyone's heart, believe me. Inform yourself a little better. God bless you, my love. Be an admirable woman. You are beautiful. "Respect for this reaction! What would you have answered?

Selena Gomez also got a shitstorm for her new tattoo!