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Team sport trend sports that are really fun this summer only with friends

Longboarding, Crossfit and HIIT. These sports are something of 2016. In 2017, of course, there are new, crazy sports that we have to try.

Photo: iStock // Leonardo Patrizi


This sport, which comes from Australia, is about moving like an animal on all fours. Crunning is composed of the words "crawl" and "run". This new trend sport should not only burn a lot of calories, but also train all muscle groups. And because the whole thing is probably quite uncool, you should team up with good friends and just crawl away - tears in your eyes and stomach muscle hangover for laughter should be guaranteed.

Trampoline jumping

What we like to do as children is today a very popular sport. Adults now bounce around huge trampolines until they get sick. A huge recreational pleasure, which guarantees that many happy hormones come to life. Jumping the trampoline not only trains endurance, but also tightens the whole body. By jumping into the air, the muscles have to work more and thus become stronger.

Bubble Soccer

Teams set up, purely in the oversized bubbles and the pleasure can start. If it were not for the huge bubbles you're in, it would look like a normal football game. The big advantage: The risk of injury is significantly reduced, because the big bubbles simply intercept everything.

Ultimate Frisbee

By cleverly throwing the Frisbee disc, a team tries to get the disc in the end zone of the opponent and catch there. It should not be run with the disc in his hand. Only one star and one stop step are allowed. Number of players and the size of the playing field are variable. Not only sounds like fun, but it is too.


In PHIIT training, functional endurance training and Pilates are combined. The entire body is stressed muscular and additionally stretched. To practice, in principle, only a simple mat is needed, which is why the workout can be easily carried out while traveling or in the living room.